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More proof that the one thing big corporations don't want is a real "Free market", not if "free markets" mean a place where consumers are given exact information on what goes into the products they can choose from. Corporations are not for "free markets", they are for fixed markets, fixed markets where corporations write their own rules and the only rule is "Let the buyer beware."

To whit . . .

. . . But as it turns out, their fears of a lawsuit-happy Monsanto are somewhat justified. According to reports, the biotech behemoth has threatened to sue the state of Vermont if it presses ahead with the signing of the Vermont Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act (H. 722), a bill that would make Vermont the first of the United States to require labeling of genetically engineered food.


According to the bill’s website, Vermont Right to Know GMOs, it’s backed by Vermont representative Kate Webb and would require food sold in Vermont retail outlets to clearly label any food that has even been produced through genetic engineering, and would bar GMO foods from bearing an “all-natural” label.

  You would think if Monsanto had faith in their products they would seek to defend it with and the wonderful benefits of genetically-engineered food in a positive pr campaign or something, but no, instead Monsanto Corporation would rather limit the ability of the people of Vermont to govern themselves. If the people of Vermont vote for a government that chooses to make sure that the citizens of Vermont have the right to know exactly what goes in their food so they can make their market choices according to their own preferences, Monsanto is against that and is willing to sue.

   We Occupy Wall Street protesters have a little saying. That saying is "Fuck Monsanto." Things like this are the reason why.

   More below the fold.

   Mirror, mirror on the wall, who are the slimiest corporate douchenozzles of all? Banksters, health insurers and Monsanto, oh my!

    It seems simple – give consumers the choice and let the market decide what’s important – but it clearly isn’t the kind of act that would make companies trading in in this form of biotechnology very happy. According to news site RT, Monsanto representatives have outright threatened to sue if H. 722 is passed in the Vermont senate and house. What’s more, AlterNet reports that the threat is already having an effect on legislators’ will to move the bill forward . . .

    Yes, by applying pressure to Vermont State lawmakers with their massive corporate influence (money), Monsanto has already managed to slow down the passage of H. 722 through the Vermont State legislature. All because Monsanto badly wants to ensure that Vermont consumers don't know what they are eating.

   And doesn't that sum up our corrupt and duplicitous corporate governance nicely? Corporate governance, where the motto is "Eat shit, the other bio-genetically engineered white meat."

   Yes, a nation where Monsanto writes your laws. you know, when I thought about the future as a child I thought we might have talking animals like the dog Astro from the Jetson's or that weird little white fuzzy talking alien that used to hang out with George Jetson, but I never thought that the weird little white fuzzy talking alien that used to hang out with George Jetson would be part of my "all-natural" Vermont Chef Salad. And aren't the religious social Conservatives who can't stand the thought of gay sex because it ain't natural or stem-cell research, and evolution because it is not God's will, that and  a bunch of other far flung scientific ideas like arithmetic, well arent these guys supposed to be outraged and tearing at their golden waist-coats over this? Instead I hear silence. It's mighty hard dragging the right wing kicking and screaming into the 21st century when they are so dead set on living in 1855 Charleston, South Carolina, do I have to prove that Monsanto's new Frankenfish McRiblet wasn't on Noah's Ark to get you religious retrogrades interested?

   In a truly "free" marketplace consumers need full information to make informed decisions, denying consumers this information deprives the free hand its' mythical ability to do its' thing, if you believe in such nonsense. By restricting the ability of consumers to obtain the information they seek when choosing one product over another Monsanto is acting very un-"free market". They want to rig the market so you don't know what you are buying. In a supply side "free market", if consumers have only a choice between horseshit and GMO's, they will eat horseshit and GMO's.

   But never mind that, the bottom line is this, Monsanto and other huge corporations have an enemy, and they are called "informed people". Yes, a mind is a truly terrible thing to waste, and Monsanto agrees with that sentiment, that is why they are suing Vermont so they can put Bio-engineered lizard brain in your all-natural soy milk without you ever knowing it.

Fuck Monsanto.

Rant off

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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Mon Apr 09, 2012 at 12:25 PM PDT.

Also republished by These Green Mountains, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Progressive Hippie.

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