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    Now that whole world sees that Rick Santorum was about to lose his home state and has bowed out of the Presidential race to attend to the dire illness of his 3 year old daughter. Mitt Romney, (unless Jeb Bush changes his mind) - will most likely win by default. However, in order to be successful, Mitt 's team needs to hide the Paul Traub crime spree facts from America. Whereas the Presidential wannabe Romney is continuously benefitting from federal frauds.

     Yesterday, in our saga reporting Diary "More Bain Cover Ups --" - we addressed the issues that Romney/ Bain have dirty little secrets massive. Paul Traub (picutured far right) was a partner of Tom Petters and Marc Dreier (mid right). Bain stole eToys by federal fraud and we forced Paul Traub's law firm to shut down. That is when he partnered with Marc Dreier and continued the crimes.

     Today, we learned that there is a planned RE-Release of a docu-drama about Paul Traub's other fraudster partner Marc Dreier. It was created by attorney as film producer Marc Simon and it is entitled "Unraveled". Poll figures released state that the "Unraveled" documentary garnishes a 33 to 65% sympathy rating for Marc Dreier. This needs to be addressed. Mitt Romney knows that the "Sword of Truth" is both inflexible and immortal. Therefore they need to obfuscate and continue to cover up the issues. Unfortunately, neither the Tom Petters or Marc Dreier films denote the facts apropos; which are being kept from the public's view by the main stream. That is, Romney = Bain = Paul Traub and Mr. Traub was partners with Dreier and Petters. When it comes to connecting the dots direct to criminal acts - you won't find much better.

    An issue, for all our sakes, we are hoping all readers will help to go viral.


    As always, it is prudent to point out that I am a victim of Mitt Romney and Paul Traub's fraudulent habits. They stole my company eToys by violations of the Fair Trade Deceptive Practices standards. Whilst utilizing Perjury, Obstruction, Corruption, Conspiracy, Collusion and Intimidation of Victim/ Witnesses; among many other state, federal and SEC Code & Rule of Law violations.

   So, of course, I want them arrested - the same way anyone here would want someone who broke into their home and stole their life savings and career.

   Unfortunately, my cases are extensively heinous and egregious, because Paul Traub and Mitt Romney's Bain criminal exploits also cost 3000 people their jobs, has corrupted our federal systems of justice and has a surreptitious way of noteworthy people dying in an untimely manner.

    I just hope that it bode's well and true that

                    - the Bigger they are The HARDER the POTUS wannabe will FALL

    As we have told everyone for nearly a decade now, Mitt Romney's Bain is engaged in Organized Criminal activity. Bain has partnered with Goldman Sachs to steal billions from the toy industry and assist Bain monopolize the entire, independent, retail toy industry. Bain owns Toys R Us, that owns Kay Bee Toys, FAO Schwartz and eToys = all through federal frauds by Paul Traub and Bain's other secret law firm MNAT.

   Pictured above, (in the diagram), it shows Romney up top and Bain inseparable. Toys R Us is connected to Bain. Paul Traub and Marc Dreier with Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo (other major crimes for future Diaries). Next (on left side) is pictures of Frank Vennes (Tom Petters partner) and Tom Petters (Traub's partner). Following that is a Ponzi Island picture with Tom Petters and Madoff (yes, Traub is connected there too).

   In the middle, you have Goldman Sachs and below that are pictures of the Department of Justice and Region 3 United States Trustee Roberta DeAngelis. Region 3 US Trustee DeAngelis was replaced removed from the eToys case December 22, 2004 - the very day of our Emergency hearing.

Dept of Justice Corruption Assist Bain's Racketeering


   After we found another $100 million in fraud Deputy Director Friedman Resigned. Speciously DeAngelis was (secretly) promoted to the post of Acting General Counsel of the Executive Office of United States Trustee in Washington DC. This placed her in charge of investigating the incompetence of her office we were reporting.

   No Press release occurred, until after we published the hidden issue in late 2007 - to the DOJ Public Corruption Task Force (see 2008 Press Release (here)).

    Our allegations are all public docket records. Therefore they are undeniable, overwhelming and - sad to say - profuse. It is not, whether or not, any law applies to this case - they have already confessed to federal violations - Intentional - 35 times (see ¶19 & 35). The problem is, due to federal corruption of rogue elements seeking to gain career advance by doing a POTUS wannabe - a solid. Thus, the crimes and confessions are ignored by willfully blind federal agents.


Romney's Bain owned their own United States Attorney in Delaware

     When people ask how Tom Petters or Marc Dreier can get away with their crime spree for a decade or more - the answer is simple - No Police and No Prosecution. As you can see on the right side of the diagram, it has Mitt Romney connected to the Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (MNAT) law firm.  Thus Bain's crime spree is assisted by having a corrupt United States Attorney.

    For seven years (from 2001 to 2008) the Delaware United States Attorney - Colm Connolly - refused to punish, prosecute or even investigate Bain and/or the MNAT & Paul Traub law firms criminal acts.

     What is germane, is the fact that Colm Connolly failed to inform the courts or us, is that he was a partner with Bain/ Goldman Sachs law firm MNAT - in 2001 (to see a larger, clearer picture of Colm Connolly's DOJ archived resume click (here)). The very year the crime spree began.

    A prime example of cronyism (or worse),

          is the fact that Connolly's clerked for 3rd Circuit Justice Walter K Stapleton

                                                                        - who was also a partner at MNAT.

Marc Dreier - Docudrama Movie - Unraveled

      Of course, this is germane, because our country has no previous history of electing a known, organized criminal emperialist, to the White House. Mitt Romney and his nefarious schemers have already (successfully) - rigged and fleeced the GOP nomination  - thus far. Unless we are diligent and successful in getting out these facts - how ruthless and evil Mitt Romney really is - he may well steal the POTUS.

     When you have white collar criminals such as Paul Traub getting away with billions in frauds, in many states, over many years - despite his confessing to some crimes. One has to really wonder if there is such a thing as justice in America. The only thing that gives us hope, is the fact that Madoff, Petters and Dreier were ultimately held culpable.

    Now, we have a RE-Release of Marc Dreier's documentary - "Unraveled". Though I cannot even begin to guess, other than it must be another Newt Gingrich type King of Bain Red Herring; there has to be some explanation as to the reason why. After making my presumption that it was a Red Herring, I did the usual (and prudent) thing of emailing the producer (Marc Simon) - that I am about to lambast him and his work. Especially given the fact that Mr. Simon, was also an attorney in the Dreier LLP Law firm.

Here's the movie's trailer;

Giving the Benefit of Doubt to the Motives of Producer/ Attorney Marc Simon

    My story slant was, originally, one of outrage. Purportedly, the polling of this docu drama states that the public has massive sympathy for Marc Dreier. Being that the American Greed documenatory on Tom Petters was filled with a sales person that worked for Tom Petters - saying over and over - that he did not do it. I was about to rush and slam judgment on "Attorney" Marc Simon.

    However, I was assauged from my righteous indignation and forced to have some reasonable doubt concerning the true nature of Attorney/ Film Producer - Marc Simon. As it turns out, he was a part of a film that is near and dear to me. He worked with the team that produced the documentary on death row inmates exonerated - entitled "After Innocence".

    When I emailed Marc Simon directly - his response was immediate. An associate of his asked me to call them if I so wish (I emailed and asked for a certain time and number) and then provided a public statement by Mr. Simon.

I provide that to you here --


Marc H. Simon

April 28, 2011

When I was a young associate working at the law firm of Dreier LLP, my boss Marc Dreier would rib me, “Simon, you’ll never be me, you’ll never be me!” At the time, I thought Dreier was referencing only his grandiose life as the jet-setting owner of the seemingly super successful law firm he had founded. But, interviewing him as the subject of my documentary, just three days before he faced sentencing for swindling over 740 million dollars, I asked whether his recurring jab was meant to convey a deeper message. Dreier said he had indeed intended the subtle forewarning, but I was unconvinced by his answer.

This uncertainty and the complexity of the man at its center, is the foundation for what I hope makes UNRAVELED a uniquely compelling film. While verité scenes, archival footage, and graphic animation provide both factual and dramatic support, this is Marc Dreier’s story told in his own words and through his own actions. Yet, Dreier’s circumstances must brand him an unreliable narrator. He is a megafraudster -- narcissistic and brilliant -- who has chosen to cooperate in creating his own documentary portrait.

Dreier would argue that I (the filmmaker) have created this portrait of him (see the DVD extras for this passionate exchange). I certainly don’t dispute that filmmakers craft their stories, however, UNRAVELED intentionally presents this fascinating man through his own transparencies and masks. The film does not rely on the opinions and characterizations of others. Rather, it honors the script that Dreier himself has
presented. The audience shall draw its own conclusions and connections. I do not expect uniformity of emotion or opinion.

The challenge of telling a documentary through the voice of only one character – without the crutch of other talking heads is significant. Dreier’s isolation is both a practical and artistic choice. As a practical matter, his victims and former colleagues recognize only harm in further sharing Marc’s spotlight. As an artistic choice, I want Marc’s physical and emotional separation to resonate throughout the film.

Entry into the life of any documentary subject is a privilege. My attitude is unaffected by whether the subject is a hero who perseveres through decades of wrongful imprisonment (such as the subjects of my first film “After Innocence”) or whether he is  a criminal who faces imprisonment for crimes he has confessed. Still, my relationship with Marc Dreier is complicated by its history. For the six years prior to his arrest, Dreier was my boss, one who supported the growth of my law practice, and who endorsed my budding film career. I determined that my concerns about objectivity and the ability to challenge my former mentor were outweighed by the intimate access my relationship afforded.

 Veteran cinematographer Bob Richman and I entered Marc’s apartment with two primary intentions each time we filmed over the course of eight weeks. First, we maintained respect for Marc in allowing us to share and capture moments of his final anxious days. We filmed with him during his preparations for prison, and while spending final moments with his son. Second, we sought to excavate the root causes that motivated Dreier’s criminal path. We realized that Marc might be unwilling to expose these truths or unaware of their existence, but this persistent and respectful push, we believed, would most fully reveal Marc’s character. In the end, we peeled back all the layers Dreier would allow – some remain buried in the complexities of the man.

The tragic irony of filming the downfall of my former mentor was never lost on me.  During one of our interviews, Dreier questioned the role of the documentary filmmaker and the value that this film could serve. He proffered that the film could be analogous to the proverbial car crash – a tragedy that observers gain nothing from witnessing, yet view due to its fascinating spectacle. I hope that UNRAVELED persuasively refutes this characterization, as a film that prompts reflection and dialogue about ethics, values, and decision-making in the current societal landscape. I am also hopeful that it serves as a cautionary tale of the tragic consequences that result when greed and entitlement supplant moral responsibility.

Unraveled won Best Storytelling in a Documentary Film at the Nantucket Film Festival and was an Official Selection at: Hot Docs, Canadian International Documentary Festival; Los Angeles Film Festival; Woodstock Film Festival; Twin Cities Film Festival; Naples International Film Festival; Host Springs Documentarty Film Festival, DOC NYC, New York’s Documentary Festival and International Documentary Film Festival


This Youtube is by Bloomberg Law, interviewing Producer/ Attorney Marc Simon


      Mr. Simon's staff person invited me to review the film in total - and I shall. They also have expressed their desire to have a verbal discussion - and we will. My pursuit here is justice. Mitt Romney/ Bain and Goldman Sachs are adversaries vindictive and powerful. They are also - blatantly and flagrantly - Above the Law. That is an issue which has fostered mendacity and mayhem that has corrupted our federal systems of justice. This not only shocks the conscience, it is also intolerable!

      It is a fact that I went to Mitt Romney's house to have a face to face discussion with him in La Jolla California.  Now that he is the GOP front runner and likely nominee - he has a Secret Service entourage that most like has wacka Laser Haas posters (Hey trasha). Mitt Romney's Presidential hopes DIE - when he is finally face to face with the Paul Traub/ Bain / eToys questions. He is benefitting from their continuous federal frauds.

       Our due diligence - thus far - has closed several law firms and even assisted with making a Deputy Director of the DOJ resign and stopped Colm Connolly from becoming a judge. But that is NOT enough. The crimes still continue and must be stopped at all costs. Paul Traub was involved in Enron, Adelphia, Discala, Rothstein, Petters, Dreier, Okun 1031 Tax Group and eToys. Bain's Toys R Us owns Kay Bee, FAO Schwartz and eToys - all by Federal FRAUDS.

Just think how much damage could have been halted
             if they investigated Paul Traub, Bain and MNAT
                - when they confessed to federal fraud and perjury acts in 2005?

      Too bad I don't have the capabilities of producing a docu drama like Mr. Simon. There's much more truth and evidence in these cases - then there ever was in those who are already in prison.


Do you find it strange - that they are Re Releasing the Marc Dreier docu drama at this time?

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    drawingporno, cacamp, Brian B

    If you desire a better world - be a better person.

    by laserhaas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 at 03:21:03 PM PDT

  •  interesting, but imo you could use an editor (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    laserhaas, Avila

    Your story here is hard to follow and somewhat disjointed but it's intriguing too. An editor or professional writer could pull it all together so an uninformed but interested audience, like me, could better understand your whole story. You ask us to take too many leaps of faith above and you know the story so well you expect us all to know details of it too. A paragraph on each of the players you mention would help since we all might not know who Petters or the others are and what they did.

    Many if not most people here on dkos would love to see Bain and Mitt brought before a court of law for what they did to working people and their pension funds. I would love to see it written out chronologically with the knowledge by the writer that it's for first time readers. Written a journalistic fashion. Evidence needs to be straight to the point and clearly discribed. Each persons involvement, especially Mitts, needs to be told in plain, easily understandable language. Each fraud needs to be explained and documented in a legal manner.

    Anyway, those are my suggestions. Good luck in getting it out there.

    America could have chosen to be the worlds doctor, or grocer. We choose instead to be her policeman. pity

    by cacamp on Tue Apr 10, 2012 at 09:01:35 PM PDT

    •  Hmmm - interesting concept - cacamp. One must (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      first be an "approved" journalist - to qualify for justice.

      Even when the injustice one has suffered is loss of career, life savings, savings of others and being a first hand witness/ victim to federal corruption.

      I'm sure Mitt pitts and Traub concur with you.

      If you desire a better world - be a better person.

      by laserhaas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 at 10:20:24 PM PDT

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      •  if you can't understand this you're in bad shape (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        one must first be an "approved" journalist - to qualify for justice.
        You somehow found this bullshit in what I wrote? I was trying to help you because I thought you had a legitiment complaint. But somehow you came to the above conclusion. That's frankly as strange as your writings. I was on your side... oh well I won't explain further since you obviously can't comprehend.

        But OK, go your own way and be ignored. I couldn't care less now.

        America could have chosen to be the worlds doctor, or grocer. We choose instead to be her policeman. pity

        by cacamp on Wed Apr 11, 2012 at 07:10:55 AM PDT

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