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Originally Posted this past Sunday which a) Was Easter, b) before Sanitorium dropped out of the race, c) before Romney began his  charm offensive to stop the 19 points he's bleeding on women and latinos, d) before Newt Gingrich's Check Bounced and d) before the Obama Campaign produced this devastating video.

This bears repeating; America can't afford to forget the Ridiculous Insane Pandering Shit Mitt Says.

It's normal in a political campaign for opposing candidates to put forth differing visions on how the country should be run, and where it should be going. It's normal for them to disagree vehemently on that vision.  Sometimes they pander to the electorate and tell them what they want to hear.

And then you have cases like we have in this years election, where one candidate - and in fact his entire party - apparently have an ongoing disagreement with reality

It's not just that Willard claims to like the "Cheesy Grits", "To Fire People", that "Corporations are People (he could fire)", that some of the NASCAR owners are his friends, as some of the NFL Owners too, that he has a elevator for his car, it's that when he talks about his opponent - The President - he speaks nothing but clear unadulterated Steaming BullCrap.

No, President Obama didn't "Apologize" for America, (Just criticized some of Bush's Policies), he hasn't taken a military option against Iran off the table, he's hasn't stopped drilling in the gulf (it's at a record number of wells), he hasn't refused to talk about the debt and deficit.  All of that is wrong. All of those are blatant lies.

But in today's climate it's what Romney has to say to get the support of Republicans because they now live in a world of partisan delusion after years of indoctrinized paranoia from Limbaugh, Talk Radio and Fox News.

When Bush was President they used to say that his opposition had Bush Derangement Syndrome.  That they were obsessed with him.  Problem is that people criticized Bush over things he actually did like ignore Bin Laden, implement a torture regime, invade the wrong damn country, bypassing the FISA court and implementing the surveillance state, and letting Wall Street Enron the Country until the economy tanked - TWICE. It may have seemed like a fever dream nightmare to many of us, but that was all real.

When it comes to the current crop of patients with Obama Derangement Syndrome, they can't seem to criticize what's he actually done - they criticize him for shit that never really happened.  And one of the worst offenders is Willard Mitt Romney.

Although he doesn't yet have all the needed delegates, it's fairly clear that Romney is the most likely nominee and that with his recent statements he is beginning to pivot into the General Election and turning his guns full bore on President Obama.

Yet it now seems that he doesn't think he's running against the President, he's running against Mirror Universe Barack O'Romney who spent too much time at Harvard (two years and one degree less than Mitt has from the same school).

We have a president, who I think is is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps,
Romney thinks Obama has a flip-flopping problem on the issues, that he wants to "End Medicare" (when the Medicare Trustees have said that the ACA actually extends the life of the Medicare Trust Fund for an additional 8 years)!
I’d be willing to consider the President’s plan, but he doesn’t have one. That’s right: In over three years, he has failed to enact or even propose a serious plan to solve our entitlement crisis.
Romney seems to think Running Against Mirror-Mitt will inoculate him from criticism of his own actual positions and history.

He's wrong.  Really wrong.  People are noticing this lame, obvious tactic.

All it takes to counter Romney, is to tell the truth and let him look Fracking Ridiculous with his own words.

Romney has attacked the Chevy Volt when fuel efficient cars are the driving force behind the growth GM.

“I’m not sure America was ready for the Chevy Volt"
Romney has claimed that Obama wants to establish "Seclarism" as the Nations Official Religion.  

Romney: I think there is a desire to establish a religion in this country, known as secularism
Romney claims that Health Care would be more affordable, if people paid more for it Yes, really.
If you’re unfortunate enough to get a very serious condition and you have the insurance most people have. You pay the deductible and then it’s free! And so, you’ll go to a doctor and a hospital. You’d never think of asking about how much it’s going to cost because you don’t pay the bill — the insurance company does. In other countries like Switzerland, they have the patient pay 20 percent of the bill for elective surgeries and of course if it’s an emergency they don’t. But that gives you the chance to shop around….I’m also not naive enough to think that there would be a heck of a lot of problems that would be better run if we got the government out and turned back to the free market.
Romney had the bright idea that we should let all the details of private meetings between our President and Foreign leaders go idea that was so insightful, it brought Romney the endorsement of Iranian President Ahmadinajad.
"As I have not yet met with President Obama—despite his promise to do so during the 2008 campaign—I would very much like to know what types of things are said in these meetings. Mitt Romney's demand for openness and transparency is a wonderful way for me to achieve that goal.
Yeah, but never mind Ahmadinajad or Iran's attempt to go Nuclear - that's no threat -  Romney instead has said that Russia "Is America's Number One Geopolitico Foe"!

Russia? Really? Dr. Strangelove Much Mitt?

Romney called the Ryan Budget plan as "Marvelous", when even Donald Trump - Donald Hair-Flipping Trump thinks it would be a "Suicidal Mistake".

Romney claimed that young people shouldn't vote Democrats because of the deficits they create.

I don’t see how a young American can vote for, well, can vote for a Democrat. Ha ha. I apologize for being so offensive for saying that but I catch your attention but I mean that. In the humor there’s some truth there. And I say this for this reason. That party is focused on providing more and more benefits to my generation and amounting trillion-dollar deficits my generation will never pay for.
The Democratic Party, is the Party that Balanced the budget in 1998 after passing the 1993 budget bill Without a Single Republican Vote, while the budget plan that Romney endorses and calls "Marvelous"  ("Marvelous"? Who talks like that besides Billy Crystal in the 80's?) is the one that would create Trillions In Deficit Spending.

It's like this man has political tourettes - everything he has to say is deranged partisan crap.  

All anyone supporting Obama has to do, is hope he keeps talking. And the sad part is that if he talked reasonably and rationally he'd be tossed out of the Republican Party on his Ear.

No Etch-a-Sketch is going wipe all of this away - you can't turn You-Tube upside-down and shake it.


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