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I mean, jesus people, just when I thought we had finally gotten over our differences about Pres Obama, the pie wars come roarin' back in a style not seen since Kos got mad and started swinging the banhammer every which way (the Great Purge of '11). I thought we were done casting aspersions at one another, being angry, calling each other names, and generally being nasty to each other about our respective views about the President. I thought we might have finally figured out that fighting so much over one man was pretty meaningless in the context of national politics, put aside our differences, and finally, FINALLY started working on PUSHING POLICIES and not one EATING EACH OTHER ALIVE.

I guess I was wrong.

Because, here we fucking go, once again. Obama critics and supporters in a battle royal. Here we go again, taking verbal swings at one another like its a fucking bar fight and not an intelligent, reasonable, democratic political debate. Are we fucking tired of this yet? I guess not.

Well, believe me, none of this is helping any of you. Obama critics -- how is insulting your fellow community members helping end the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, how is fighting like this helping every american get access to quality health care? How is this childish squabbling helping end Guantanamo Bay, or putting a stop to the drone attacks in the middle east? Its not. All you are doing is insulting your fellow kossack and further sewing division into the ranks here at dkos.

Obama supporters -- how is insulting your fellow community members helping to get Obama elected? Fucking like it or not, your idealist brothers and sisters are part of the fucking coalition that helped elect Obama in the first place. They got out and knocked on doors in the cold and the rain just like you did. They got off their duffs and elected a moderate democrat to the Presidency, not because they wanted to, but because he was the best hope to get progressive policies enacted. So how is insulting a needed contingent of the democratic electorate helping Obama get elected? Its not. At all.

Look, this is a big tent we occupy people. Not everyone is going to agree. One person's success is going to be the next person's failure, and guess what? There is nothing you can do to change that fact. Absolutely nothing. What we should be doing, RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, is uniting under one banner, under one common cause, and fighting like hell to keep Obama in, not because we all love him so much, but because at the end of the day, we CAN make him listen to us. Romney sure ain't gonna listen.

Nor should we be telling those with LEGITIMATE criticisms to sit down and shut up.  We still need to know what shady shit is going down at the upper levels of our government, EVEN THOUGH ITS AN ELECTION YEAR. Just because an election is happening, doesn't mean everything else stops. We have to be able to respond when the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress go TOO FAR (and they do sometimes). The critical view of the democratic party, and of President Obama is NECESSARY to respond quickly and in a well informed manner to overreaches by the democrats.

Long story short: we need each other. We need to be united under one banner. We need to support each other, or we will lose this. And none of us wants that.

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