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Cartoon by Matt Bors - Romney's outreach to women voters
  • What's coming up on Sunday Kos ...
  • Pat Robertson explains which parts of science you're allowed to believe, by Hunter
  • Sean Hannity: Americans don't go to bed hungry, because rice and beans are cheap, by Laura Clawson
  • When a Blue Dogs falls in a primary, every Democrat in Congress hears it, by Chris Bowers
  • CISPA and you: how it would work and how it could work better, Joan McCarter
  • Testing-driven education means giant corporate profits and 'pineapples don't have sleeves', by Laura Clawson
  • The anti-family effects of austerity, by Dante Atkins
  • Billion dollar GEO prison-for-profit group abandons its Mississippi “cesspool," by Denise Oliver Velez
  • A preview of military sexual assault survivors' call to DC for truth and justice, by Scott Wooledge
  • 50 scholarships to the Netroots Nation 2012 conference in Providence, R.I., are being offered this year by Democracy for America. The scholarships pay for a pass to all conference activities and hotel accommodations. You can apply for a scholarship, nominate someone else, or vote for your choice of existing nominees here.
  • So Millennials aren't so liberal, after all? A new survey has found that 56 percent of white college-age Millennials say government pays too much attention to the problems of blacks and other minorities. And 58 percent say that “discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.” Meanwhile, 59 percent support marriage equality for gays and lesbians, but 44 percent think sex between people of the same gender is morally wrong.

    When it comes to voting, only 61 percent say they are registered and only 46 percent say they will definitely vote in 2012. Forty-five percent say they are independents, and 33 percent are Democrats. Forty-eight percent say they would like to see Barack Obama win the presidential race, and 41 percent say they would prefer a Republican in the White House. However, when race is taken into account, there are sharper differences. While 92 percent of black Millennials and 61 percent of Latino Millennials would prefer a Democrat for president in 2012, 55 percent of white Millennials want a Republican.

  • The source of the Girls Gone Wild congressional internship hoopla has come forward. Turns out that the supposed summer internship with the office of Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) wasn't a hoax but rather the brainstorm of Los Angeles businessman Chad Brownstein, the son of prominent D.C. lobbyist. He has apologized for any embarrassment he caused.
  • Is this what the Sanford, Fla., Police Department advises everyone to do? George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin, and his wife bought a pair of pistols after being twice threatened by a pit bull and warned by a police officer that the pepper spray they had purchased wouldn't work fast enough to deter the animal and they should "get a gun."
  • Acquainted with any good aptronyms? That applies when somebody's name somehow meshes with his or her profession. Timothy Noah was alerted to one Jesuit priest who has sung praises to the joys and scheduling freedom of celibacy. His name: Father John Hardon. Another I always liked was the Filipino cleric, whose name, though not so ribald, seemed aptronymical: Cardinal Sin.
  • Scenes in journalism. Department of don't blame the tools.
  • Communication towers kill 7 million birds a year. The Cato Institute and other foes of renewable energy sources have long complained that wind turbines kill vast numbers of birds, even though the Audubon Society and statistics don't agree. But the 84,000 communication towers that dot North America do take a big toll, according to USC study. Some of those towers rise as high as 2000 feet. (The Willis (Sears) Tower, the nation's tallest, is 1451.)
    The taller the tower the greater the threat, the study found. The 1,000 or so towers above 900 feet accounted for only 1.6 percent of the total number of towers. Yet these skyscraper towers killed 70 percent of the birds, about 4.5 million a year, [the study's lead author Travis] Longcore said.
  • Public favors keeping energy subsidies but not eager for new nukes:
    Fifty-four percent of respondents opposed doing away with subsidies for oil, gas, coal, nuclear or renewable energy, while 47% favored the idea. Support for building more nuclear power plants has fallen dramatically, to 42% from 61% in 2008.

    The Yale-George Mason University poll [...]  found that 76% of Americans support regulating carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas pollutant and that two-thirds believe the U.S. should pursue policies to reduce its carbon footprint.

  • This glorious little interactive app shows the various scales of things, from the teeniest to the size of our galaxy and beyond. For example, did you know the diameter of Mars is about the size of Asia?
  • Banks are cooperating with each other to track protesters as the Occupy movement's May 1 demonstrations loom. The coordination goes well beyond the United States and is not wholly new.
    Private-security teams in London have become an “incredible army” and “the eyes and ears of the city” thanks to a coordination program called Project Griffin, according to Rachel Briggs, policy director at the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue. The organization develops responses to security challenges.

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