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That's what the Nobel Winner and "shrill one" Paul Krugman said after Carly Fiorina reeled off a string of outright lies about business taxes in the US and the rest of the world and job creation in states with low taxes.  To say it was refreshing is an understatement of great proportions.

This was on a "This Week" panel with representation from "both sides" in a discussion of the economy, with David (Kill social security to save it) Walker; Fiorina and George ("Can I possibly get any more impossibly pompous") Will on the "right" and Krugman, Jennifer Granholm and Eric Schmidt of Google on the "left.".  

The pattern was:

Fiorina says something ridiculous and wrong, like "I was right to oppose the auto bail-out.  Bush and Obama should have gotten 10 Wall. St. CEO's in a room and make them fund an orderly chapter 11 plan."

Krugman and Granholm point out how incredibly successful the auto rescue was and that the banks were in huge trouble themselves.

Walker and Will say Social Security needs drastic reforms and it's outdated because life expectancies are much greater than in the '40s.

Krugman points out that the Trustee's SS report reflects the economy and that longevity has only increased for the top classes.

Schmidt says that he's optimistic something will be done about taxes because there's an election.

Krugman says nothing will be done until the numerous right wing crazies are out.

Thank goodness for Krugman (and Granholm).  Unfortunately most of the time the lies of Will et al. go unrebutted.

Pomposity (Will and Walker) and Stupidity (Fiorina), a fatal combination.

UPDATE:  Video link via Statsone


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