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Although delayed longer than I would have liked, here's the latest installment n the Parade of Stupid from the formerly Grand (Remember Lincoln? T. Roosevelt? Eisenhower?) Old Party...

The War on Alternative Energy:  Rep. Boehner wants more clean energy investigations.  Now that the Solyndra scandal has rocked the administration, leading to multiple criminal convictions and mass resignations...oh, wait.  You say nothing like that has happened?  Well, finding nothing has never stopped today's GOP from demanding more investigation - as we see with Boehner's unyielding obsession about the evils of grants to clean energy companies.
One more time, folks...the GOP's energy policy: tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuel: good.  Tax breaks and grants for wind power, solar power, any alternative energy: bad.  Really, are these guys a bunch of space aliens from Gorn who actually WANT to wreck the Earth's ecosphere?

Stop coddling the rich - cut their taxes!  Inexplicable.  The GOP may be finally catching on that the vast majority of Americans actually consider special favors in the tax codes for the wealthiest Americans to be unfair, and it would be electorally wise to pay attention to this.  Rep. Ryan's plan to respond to this?  Cut tax rates for the rich, of course.
Yes, they really DO think you're that stupid.

The War on Workers:Darrell Issa unbound.  The latest threat to the Republic?  Union political spending.  Probably because that political spending might be directed towards candidates and policies not totally focused on tongueing the hindquarters of the rich.  Really, it should be clear to everyone with a functioning frontal cortex that the sole purpose of today's GOP is to help the 1% at the expesne of the 99%.

A two-for-one helping of crazy: Courtesy of Rep. Steve King.  King first put forth the idea that "Don't Ask, Don"t tell" would still be a great policy...for EVERYONE in the work force.  How to deal with anti-gay employment discrimination?  Why, don't talk about your sexuality.  Which may sound reasonable, at first, until all the implications are considered.  Like: don't put up any family pictures, unlike all your heterosexual co-workers.  When co-workers inquire about your family - or vacation plans - or kids - or ANYTHING, lie about your partner's sex.  Because otherwise you're just being some in-your-face queer activist, you homosexual proeslytizer, you.
     King then launched into confabulation about vegetarianism and his Agricultural Committee hearings.  Apparently he would have you believe that the Agricultural Committee managed to out witnesses from a bunch of animal welfare groups as vegetarians - who clearly therefore have an agenda for our diets - and whose arguments about conditions in slaughterhouses, etc. are clearly invalid.  Except that once somebody thought to check the records of the actual hearing, that's not really what happened at all.

Proof of Reincarnation: Look no further than Rep. Allen West for vindication of the doctrine of karma and rebirth.  How else to explain his perfect rendition of Joe McCarthy, other than the possibility that West is himself McCarthy - or else a talented spirit medium able to channel him at will?  West announced that some 70 or so Democrats in Congress were actually Communists.  The only thing missing was a names list.  But then West helpfully clarified that he was thinking about members of the Progressive Caucus, so I guess we have the names.
     To be fair, this may be merely a matter of semantics.  It is possible that West was using a unique GOP definition of Communist - you know, something along the lines of "anyone who thinks there should be any limits on the behavior of corporations, or who thinks that a billionaire can afford to pay the same tax rate as a secretary, is a Communist."  Or...West is just a demogogic slimeball.  We retort, you deride!

The War on the Environment, Part 1,597:  Now we have Rep. Stephen Fincher, proclaiming that we must "cut the legs off""cut the legs off" of the EPA.  I find myself more and more baffled by the GOP's apparently unlimited hatred of the concepts of clean air, clean water, clean anything.  They supposedly do this because environmental protection costs too much, but even the GOP must realize by now that this is a false dichotomoty and that the economic benefit of environmental protections is many times greater than the cost of actually controlling pollution.  Evil? Stupidity? Ideological blindness?  Another unsolved great mystery...


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