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The inability for Mitt Romney to even mock someone without screwing it up is getting a bit depressing to watch. I mean, please, Mitt:
"His new slogan is: Progress - no, forward. Forward! That's it. Progress would be better," Romney said, according to a pool report. "I must use that one myself, actually. Forward is his new slogan, and it's like, forward, what, over the cliff?"
"Ha ha ha! What a silly word Barack Obama is using! 'Progress!' Oh, I mean 'Forward,' what a ridiculous word! The word 'Progress' is an acceptable word to me. I am a fan of 'Progress.' You might even call me Progress-ive, so to speak, so much do I like momentum in the frontwardish directions. So long as it is called 'Progress,' which is good, and not 'Forward,' which is bad. Do I have that right yet? Yes, I think I have satisfactorily determined the relative value of those two words. Now give me your money."

This fellow is just agonizing to listen to. And he rose to the obvious bait so quickly; he knew that whatever Obama was for, he had to be against, and so if Obama uses a word in an ad, that word now has to be the Worstest Word Ever. So Obama chose "Forward" as a campaign slogan, and Mitt, reflexively, has to oppose it. Grr!

Well, at least he's not calling the word Marxist, which is what the conservative base has been reduced to. And speaking of reduced to, Karl Rove also rose to the bait:

Check out @AmericanXRoads new video "Backward." Four years of Obama moving America backward is enough.
@KarlRove via web

Oh, what a card. You'd think that a guy whose administration screwed up two wars, wrecked the economy, and left historians scratching their heads as to what communicable disease could best be compared to the abomination of the Bush presidency would have the very good sense to shut his pie-hole when the grownups were talking, but I suppose if Bush administration officials were capable of feeling shame or remorse, we'd have heard of it by now.

Here's a question, though: Do you think Karl Rove really thinks Obama has been moving America "backwards," making it worse than it was under the Bush administration? Here's hoping he's just his usual shameless, ridiculous, lying-ass self, because if he really thinks of his old administration as being the better of the two, I can't even imagine what craptitudes he's dreaming a Mitt Romney administration could be goaded into. Simultaneous wars with Iran, India and three of Jupiter's nicer moons, perhaps, coupled with a new program to confiscate the paychecks of every American and toss them in a wood chipper.

Yes, I'm a fan of this new Obama slogan. I've had my differences with this administration, heaven knows, but "Forward" is already driving opponents to distraction. It's not quite as good as my own preferred slogan, "Obama '12: I believe America should not murder children," but I suppose seeing the Mitt Romney and Karl Rove ads objecting to that one might be a little too nauseating even for me. Because you know they'd do it.

Originally posted to Hunter on Thu May 03, 2012 at 12:46 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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