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Judging by his advisers, expect Romney to strongly embrace Bush's unilateral interventionism (which arguably never ended) and massive military budgets (which definitely haven't ended).

And it only gets worse.

If Romney is elected, we can expect for neocon foreign policy to go on steroids as the members of the Bush/Cheney crime family return with a vengeance.

Ari Berman lays it all out in his latest column for The Nation.

Mitt Romney's Neocon War Cabinet

Of Romney’s forty identified foreign policy advisers, more than 70 percent worked for Bush. Many hail from the neoconservative wing of the party, were enthusiastic backers of the Iraq War and are proponents of a US or Israeli attack on Iran. Christopher Preble, a foreign policy expert at the Cato Institute, says, “Romney’s likely to be in the mold of George W. Bush when it comes to foreign policy if he were elected.” On some key issues, like Iran, Romney and his team are to the right of Bush.
Few advisers personify the pugnacity of Romney’s foreign policy team better than Bolton. He has been a steadfast opponent of international organizations and treaties and seems never to have met a war he didn’t like. Shortly before the invasion of Iraq, he told Israeli officials that Syria, Iran and North Korea would be the next US targets. Over the past few years Bolton has been an outspoken proponent of an Israeli attack on Iran. “Mitt Romney will restore our military, repair relations with our closest allies and ensure that no adversary—including Iran—ever questions American resolve,” Bolton said when endorsing Romney. “John’s wisdom, clarity and courage are qualities that should typify our foreign policy,” Romney responded.
Romney’s team is notable for including Bush aides tarnished by the Iraq fiasco: Robert Joseph, the National Security Council official who inserted the infamous “sixteen words” in Bush’s 2003 State of the Union message claiming that Iraq had tried to buy enriched uranium from Niger; Dan Senor, former spokesman for the hapless Coalition Provisional Authority under Paul Bremer in Iraq; and Eric Edelman, a top official at the Pentagon under Bush. “I can’t name a single Romney foreign policy adviser who believes the Iraq War was a mistake,” says Cato’s Preble.
This is all made possible by Obama, Pelosi and Reid refusing to "look backwards" and their unwillingness to prosecute the Bush/Cheney war criminals. I have my own theory as to why they refused to go after these thugs but you can come to your own conclusions.
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  •  Tip Jar (6+ / 0-)

    "I wish I could tell you, in the midst of all of this, that President Obama was waging the kind of fight against these draconian Republican proposals that the American people would like to see. He is not." -- Senator Bernie Sanders

    by Sagebrush Bob on Thu May 03, 2012 at 05:43:04 PM PDT

  •  I suppose we'd try to take over the world. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Wait, we're trying to do that now.  What's left?

  •  yes he is neocon - I'll golook for more urls (0+ / 0-)


        'I was born a poor black child' -  Swiss Mitt Romney

    'Meh' Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee in November he bought it, he owns it. Mitt Romney "I love America. I'm good friends with the owners of it."
    Ann Romney explains why she allows her husband, unemployed mild-mannered business executive Willard Mitt Romney to run for president 'Mitt has to save the world.'  
    - Video Link
    Ann Romney declared that women she meets across the nation are "concerned about their children’s future, the deficit and the high cost of gas"  proof of how out of touch the Romney’s are.  

    The nation is filled with mothers who have to worry about tomorrow.  They can’t be concerned about the deficit they’re worried about putting dinner on the table and the rent.

    •Leave it to the Republicans to justify their decision to cut Head Start by saying that "women should really be married and home with their kids", thus rendering the program unnecessary.  

    •Leave it to the Republicans “Pay discrimination is a myth driven by liberal is more important to men."

    •Leave it to the Republicans "The federal government has no business tampering in, giving loans to citizens so that they may obtain an education, gain knowledge and improve their economic productivity. That's socialism. "
    Paul Krugman: There is that special Romney touch - the apparent complete inability to put himself in the shoes of someone else to understand that other people don't grow up as the children of of successful business executives.  That's really distinctive. I don't think we have ever seen anything quite that obtuse in a presidential candidate before.  

    What he's not grasping is the sheer extent of the suffering that is going on in this economy and the fact that the policies that he is advocating would make it worse. Mitt Romney's advise: "Borrow money from your parents for your college education."

    The federal government "has no business tampering in" giving loans to citizens so that they may obtain an education, gain knowledge and improve their economic productivity. That's socialism. - Rep. Todd Akin R-MO

    by anyname on Fri May 04, 2012 at 03:56:32 AM PDT

    •  Mitt & the Return of the Neocons (0+ / 0-)

      Romney Picks Notorious Neocon as Lead Foreign Policy Adviser

      GOP front-runner Mitt Romney – who has promised us another century of mass murder and crimes against humanity – has picked a neocon as his new foreign policy adviser.

      Walid Phares is a Lebanese terrorism “expert” who often makes the rounds to denounce enemies of the empire (usually Iran and Syria) and is featured as a speaker by Benador Associates, a public relations outfit promoting the worst of the worst in the neocon constellation.

      Phares is also connected to David Horowitz, the former Marxist magazine publisher who has taken money from CIA operative Richard Mellon Scaife.

      Horowitz, who admits he is a traitor to the United States, runs an extreme neocon and ferociously anti-Muslim website called FrontPage and is often referred to as one of America’s most dangerous hatemongers by his ideological enemies over on the so-called left.

      Phares is a “contributing expert” along with fellow neocons Frank Gaffney and Meyrav Wurmser at the rabidly pro-Israel Ariel Center for Policy Research.

      In the mid-1980s he was the Washington lobbyist for the Lebanese Phalange party.

      It was founded in the 1930s by Pierre Gemayel and inspired by the Nazi Youth Movement in Hitler’s Germany.

      In 1982, the Phalange cooperated with Israel in its invasion of Lebanon and participated in the Sabra and Shatila massacre of Palestinians that same year. Israel’s invasion resulted in 19,085 deaths and 31,915 wounded, overwhelmingly civilians.

      By placing Phares in his campaign, Romney has signaled that he is exactly the same as George W. Bush – a sock puppet for neocons who are determined to keep the war against Islam on track despite the overwhelming desire of the American people to put an end to the decade-long multiple front war in the Middle East and South Asia

      If you liked George Bush, You'll Love Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy -

      Whiff the Bush Jingoism - Mitt The Neocon  

      Mitt Romney is mining the George W. Bush White House for legal talent to advise his presidential campaign — including a key person behind the controversial Justice Department memos authorizing waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

      Mitt Romney Adopts Neocon-Bush Pre-emptive War Doctrine

      Mitt Romney proposed a provocative escalation in the standoff with Iran, calling for the "regular presence" of two aircraft carrier task forces in the waters around Iran, including one in the eastern Mediterranean, amid a hot zone of contentious Middle Eastern nations.

      The speech came on the heels of the announcement of a foreign policy team for Romney that contained many of the same Bush administration officials and aides who were most responsible for pushing that era's controversial policies, from torture and warrant- less wiretapping to the war in Iraq.

      Romney's top advisers on counter - terrorism, for instance, are Michael Chertoff and Michael Hayden, Bush's former homeland security secretary and CIA director, respectively, who together oversaw many of the abuses in the domestic war on terror.

      This Century Must Be An American Century - Mitt Romney Speech Delivered At The Citadel pt.1 ( video scrubbed off youtube)

      This Century Must Be An American Century - Mitt Romney Speech At The Citadel pt.2  ( video scrubbed off youtube )

      Bush Speech Delivered At The Citadel- September 23, 1999: In Campaign Speech, Bush Warns against Terrorism, Calls for Military ‘Transformation’'

      The federal government "has no business tampering in" giving loans to citizens so that they may obtain an education, gain knowledge and improve their economic productivity. That's socialism. - Rep. Todd Akin R-MO

      by anyname on Fri May 04, 2012 at 04:27:21 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Maybe Colin Powell will have a second act (0+ / 0-)
    Yes, a blot, a failure will always be attached to me and my UN presentation. I am mad mostly at myself for not having smelled the problem. My instincts failed me
    A blot?
    I suppose that's his version of Perry's "whoops"

    The social safety net has essentially been replaced by the prison system, with the U.S. “getting rid of the superfluous population through incarceration -- Noam Chomsky

    by Anthony Page aka SecondComing on Fri May 04, 2012 at 06:22:12 AM PDT

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