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I'm using the title of an article because there is NO OTHER WAY TO PUT IT.

The terrorists at Operation Rescue claim to  have in their possession the records of approximately  86 women and girls who were treated at an abortion clinic in Kansas City, Kansas in April 2012.

An anti-abortion group claimed Wednesday it is in possession of recent abortion records that it said were improperly discarded by a clinic in Kansas City, Kan.

Operation Rescue said that boxes of documents were delivered to it by a confidential informant and that they include information about 86 women and minors who were treated in April of this year at Central Family Medicine, also known as Aid for Women, 720 Central Ave.

The clinic said Wednesday that a locked trash bin on its property was broken into last week but that there were no improperly discarded records and that patients need not worry.
- Kansas City Star

Clinic attorney Cheryl Pilate and Clinic Manager Jeff Pederson, have stated the patient records are  "kept confidential and are disposed of properly according to standard procedures," and that there would be none in the bin.

Operation Rescue will not say how they obtained the records (beyond the delivery), but are confident that they were "obtained" through legal means.  

Operation Rescue, based in Wichita, posted what it said were images of the records with parts redacted [ patients’ names and other identifying information] on its website and on YouTube. It said the records include patient ages, gestation ages and photocopies of driver’s licenses as well as dates and costs for abortions performed at the clinic.
They have offered the records to Kansas state officials.   Whether these records are real or made up the move from Operation Rescue serves only to terrorize and  intimidate women and girls seeking a legal service.  If real, to redact, also  means that they have read through them.  One can only speculate  what they are going to do with the information gleaned from the files.

Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser, stated that she knows “way too much about these women.”

embedding Operation Rescue's own video so you can see what they've done
and what we are up against

A report has been filed with the KCK police and the FBI.  Security tapes are being reviewed.

10:44 PM PT:

Newman said the man who gave Operation Rescue the files found similar, unredacted abortion records last summer and turned them over to the governor's office, attorney general's office and the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, which licenses medical professionals. He said the state did nothing with those records, so the informant brought the latest batch to Operation Rescue.

-- HuffPo
edited to add Cheryl Sullenger's statement

10:59 PM PT: in answer to whether this is Phill Kline

"The State of Kansas owes former Attorney General Phill Kline a huge apology. It turns out his investigations of abortion clinics for not reporting child sex abuse was completely justified, according to documents we now have in our possession," said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

"We call on Attorney General Derek Schmidt to reopen Kline's abortion clinic investigation to ensure that young women and girls are protected from sex abuse. Right now, clinics like Central Family Medical are ignoring possible abuse and are handing victims back to their accusers for more abuse, just like these same people did in the Estrada case in Wichita a few years ago."


"If Kline's investigations had been allowed to continue, we might see better protections for young women and girls who suffer from sex abuse. Instead we have abortion clinics that ignore abuse and refuse to report suspected cases. This situation is intolerable and must be investigated by authorities. Rape victims deserve better than to be given abortions then handed back to their abusers," said Newman.

-- Christian Newswire

All that concern trolling just melts your heart, doesn't it. /snark

11:07 PM PT:

The attorney for the clinic fired back, saying the allegation that child sexual abuse cases weren’t reported to authorities was untrue. She said any clinic documents Operation Rescue claims to have were either falsified or stolen from a locked trash bin.

-- SacBee

Originally posted to Clytemnestra on Sun May 06, 2012 at 08:54 PM PDT.

Also republished by Pro Choice, Sluts, House of LIGHTS, and Abortion.

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