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I spent a little while at FR yesterday, boredom does strange things to me. And it was very enlightening. I realize that these are the far right fringe, but man do they hate Romney. They think he is worse than a RINO, they think he is a liberal democrat. And they have many of the same opinions of him that we do.
Here are some quotes about them sitting this one out. There is also chatter about creating a third party (wouldn't that be 4th? What about the Tea Party?) And they want a revolution at the convention. So without further ado, here are some quotes. Many of them were so hateful I couldn't bear to copy them, believe it or not these are the nicer ones.

"Listen, you must vote for Mr. Romney. I know, he’s not Mr. Reagan, but no one is."
Don't tell ME what I must do. Romney not Reagan? He's not even Bill Clinton, LOL.

Try as Romney may, he cannot get me to want to vote for him. He is a gay-loving, abortion-supporting world-class liberal, wearing Republican attire.

Romney, imo, is worse than a RINO. He is very scary!

"Just watched Romney’s speech at Liberty University. No matter how you feel about him, he did a fantastic job. Hit it out of the park."
I have no doubt he did. He's great at presenting the right face for the moment. Even his wife admits that.

Liberty University is in my hometown. I tried to watch a bit of his speech, but seeing him speak there made me slightly ill. I couldn't do it.

Unlike Obama, he can lie effortlessly without a teleprompter!

Well, not that effectively. I didn't realize how much of an idiot he is until his Michigan trees speech where he felt the need to explain that the ocean is salt water and the great lakes are freshwater (without sharks). He's got all the brains and half the charm of Joe Biden.

About 2/3 of the judges appointed by Romney in MA were liberals, many were Dem judges. Don’t count on a liberal like Romney appointing conservative Constitutionalists to SCOTUS. No way.


Get a clue -the RINO progressive foothold in the GOP is the more imminent danger. IF the GOP goes down then conservatives will have to start from scratch at the Presidential national level like they have already started doing right now at the State level e.g. the Tea Party. It is no simple disagreement that premises the Tea Party and the GOP being at odds -it is all about conservative principle that Romney severely lacks... IF the GOP did not a conservative problem there would be no Tea Party!

I am waiting for the actual convention. If the GOP does nominate Bishop Willard, then I am done with them at long last. In 32 years, I have voted FOR exactly three Republicans. President Ronald Reagan, Governor Mike Foster, and Governor Sarah Palin. All other votes were against the democrats. Too little for too long.
But I will wait for the convention.

I’m tired of this ‘Duo-Opoly’.
Nazi black vs Nazi white
Give me a break !!

Well, you can forsake your principles and vote for Romney and every other liberal/socialist candidate foisted upon you by the party.
I won’t. I am not sheep.

It’s going to be a long seven months with nothing to talk about except not voting ...

A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR EVIL.

A Romney victory means that the socialists’ takeover of both parties is now complete.

2012: I’m not voting for EITHER Democrat. Period.

I'm sorry to disillusion you, but "I'm not Obama" isn't enough. It won't wash. A poll worker in one of the primaries yesterday said they had trouble getting 8 or 9 voters all morning. People just don't like your boy. He has no personality. He makes Bob Dole look like a sparkling wit.

. I have no intuition of voting for Romney, he will either win by a landslide or lose in a blowout, but in either case I won't have affected the race in any way. What I will do is cast a vote in defiance of the GOPe that you seem so enamored with. The 2010 Election told them nothing, except they should marganilize those TEA Party rednecks before they upset their gravy train, and it appears that they manage that with ease.

If you waded all the way through this you deserve cookies. But I think the comments speak for themselves. Thanks for reading.

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