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Not too long ago the Chicago Police had set up blockades preventing marchers from
proceeding further

Occupied Chi Tribune @OccupiedChiTrib
RT @zdroberts: Police blocking protest at congress

Occupy Chicago ‏@OccupyChicago
Standoff at harrison and state as we try and march to Haymarket and meet our comrades. #CPD won't let us march west.

Joe Macare ‏@exileinflyville
CPD apparently asking for a leader to talk to at standoff. Are you going to tell them or shall I? #ochi #noNATO

Occupied Chi Tribune @OccupiedChiTrib
RT @jujueyeball #NATO3 MARCH IS THROUGH... after confusion headed to haymarket west on Harrison #NONATO #OCHI
A similar thing happened earlier today where police initially refused to let the protesters continue marching and then relented, according to tweets I've been seeing.

If they make it, which still seems to be in doubt,

Federal Cox @Federal_flashes
Police are trying everything possible to keep us from reaching the Haymarket. Helicopters, bike cops, riot cops, everything. #noNATO
Retweeted by Beau
arriving at Haymarket will be very symbolic; perhaps not of anti-war protests but in terms of solidarity.  Haymarket Sqwuare, of course, is the site of the Haymarket massacre where police were killed by bombs, then working-class protesters were killed by police, and finally innocent organizers were condemned to death and hanged by an oppressive state determined on revenge. The Haymarket massacre is the historical basis for May Day celebrations of worker solidarity (and more recently immigrants' rights) around the world.

And the latest...

Occupy Chicago ‏@OccupyChicago
March now passing Clinton and Harrison headed west. Looks like we may make it to Haymarket after all.
Retweeted by Beau
Stay tuned for updates.

4:55 PM PT:
Toaddio ‏@Toaddio
Hey @OccupyChicago CPD are using CTA buses to shuttle hundreds of cops towards Haymarket Square. They just turned North on Canal. 6:40pm

4:57 PM PT: Check out this updating account too from smoothnfellow, a Kossack near the action:

4:59 PM PT:
Siun ‏@Siun
@occupyChicago reports CPD readying pepper spray be careful out there
Retweeted by jenniedelicious

5:01 PM PT: There is a livestream here:

5:04 PM PT: Livestream is down.

5:05 PM PT:
johnknefel ‏@johnknefel
Lots of confusion at Jefferson & Fulton. Cpd blocked march, then opened up, still stalled here #nonato #ows
5:09 PM PT:
Gene Park ‏@Genespark
We are surrounded! Cops locked all exits!!! DANGER!!! #noNATO via @TwitPic

5:10 PM PT: Livestream is back.  Reports that three marches have joined up.  As far as I can tell from various tweets, they can't be very far from Haymarket Square.

5:11 PM PT:
Craig ‏@craigdotorg
Whose streets? No streets! Tear up the concrete! Just one of the many chants at #nonato

5:11 PM PT: Livestreamer thinks they are walking into a kettle and mass arrest.

5:12 PM PT: Livestreamer thinks marchers are walking into a kettle and mass arrest.

5:13 PM PT: Livestreamer says one march of 10,000 joined up with another march of unknown size.

5:14 PM PT:
Elle of Oakland ‏@OaklandElle
Approximately 4 busloads of cops @ Washington & Clinton. CPD & state troopers both.
Elle is on Occupy Oakland medic now in Chicago.

5:16 PM PT: Marchers now singing "Solidarity forever."

5:18 PM PT: Apparently another house is in the process of being raided.

jenniedelicious ‏@jenniedelicious
.@timcast and @Lukewearechange are headed back with stream. CPD white shirts standing outside, thinks they're waiting for them to come back.
5:22 PM PT:
whimgrrl ‏@whimgrrl
Sam: tweet: Police plan is to push protestors into Millenium Park according to police scanner!! #nonato (live at
Retweeted by jenniedelicious
5:28 PM PT:
Kevin Gosztola ‏@kgosztola
Confirmed: Place where @TimCast & @LukeWeAreChange staying raided. Young woman there, terrified, called @NLGChicago #noNATO
Retweeted by Horace Boothroyd III

1m Occupy Wall Street ‏@OccupyWallStNYC
Police attempting to block the march. Chants of WHOSE STREETS?! LIVE: #NoNATO

5:29 PM PT: Just heard a chant of "Let us through!"

Now "Whose streets? Our streets!"

5:31 PM PT:
MisSarah BunnyEars ‏@missarahnicole
Just reunited with the other group, trying to push through cops blocking our path
Retweeted by jenniedelicious

5m Tina Trubbel ‏@LadyTrubbel
Found the march. Police and DHS are lined up for miles.
Retweeted by jenniedelicious

2m jenniedelicious ‏@jenniedelicious
guys, i know you get tired of my #occupy tweets, but does it not bother you that media people's homes are being raided?

3m CrossXBones ‏@Cross_X_Bones
4 armed police boats on river in Chicago #nonato according to sources
Retweeted by jenniedelicious

5:35 PM PT:
Occupy Wall Street ‏@OccupyWallStNYC
Bike police attempting to cut off march. Arrests happening NOW: #NoNATO
5:38 PM PT:
allisonkilkenny ‏@allisonkilkenny
Cops started screaming "back the fuck up" and shoving press #nato #NONATO
Retweeted by jenniedelicious

1m MisSarah BunnyEars ‏@missarahnicole
bikes now being used as weapons and barricades. Fuck that! Mopeds please!
Retweeted by jenniedelicious

1m jenniedelicious ‏@jenniedelicious
I just saw an officer hit a protester by flinging his bike at him on your stream @missarahnicole

5:41 PM PT: Police seem to have given up on their blockade. Marchers are moving south.

5:42 PM PT:
whimgrrl Group succeeds, cop break line now heading South on State, energised #nonato #natocam #nato3
5:45 PM PT:
johnknefel ‏@johnknefel
Pandemonium on Wash as march is back in the street #ows #nonato

5:46 PM PT: Chant: "Slow it down and tighten up."  Generally a good idea.

5:48 PM PT:
Occupied Chi Tribune ‏@OccupiedChiTrib
RT @PennyRed Chants 'the whole world is watching!' #Chicago at least 4 arrests Including Laura Watts, the girl from the story I wrote today

5:54 PM PT: Well, I don't know if they ever got to Haymarket, but if they did they didn't stop and hold a rally.

Now they just seem to marching around pretty randomly.

6:14 PM PT:
Occupied Chi Tribune ‏@OccupiedChiTrib
RT @OchiProp Michigan and Congress is wide open for the march to GA at the horse now #OccupyNATO @occupychicago Info Booth is OPEN

14m ChiTownPhilly ‏@PhilipDeVon1
I've been arrested. Was trampled by #CPD and batoned in the groin. Bloody knees and elbows. I'm in a paddy in some alley w 5 others #M19

6:18 PM PT:
Occupy NCSU ‏@OccupyNCSU
“@PWeiskel08: Just overherd from a cops radio: "don't let them get to McCormick. That's our goal." #NoNATO March going down Michigan now.”
6:26 PM PT:
Occupy Chicago ‏@OccupyChicago
Tense standoff between protesters & police here near the Horse. #noNATO
6:36 PM PT:
Occupied Chi Tribune ‏@OccupiedChiTrib
Joel Handley just overheard a cop saying a dispersal order will soon be given at the Horse. #OChi #noNATO #anticap
Seems our livestreams went away.  There's another livestream in this diary

6:45 PM PT: Marching again, out of the square or very wide street where they were.

6:54 PM PT:
Occupy Oakland ‏@OccupyOakland
RT @Keyserxsoze Line of #CPD with no nametags, blacked out nametags, or covered nametags. #Shame? Or just expecting it?
7:00 PM PT:
Occupied Chi Tribune ‏@OccupiedChiTrib
So @dontbeaputz just overheard #CPD whiteshirt say to cop on horseback: "Let's surround 'em and lock 'em up." #noNATO #ochi
7:09 PM PT:
Eiko Huh ‏@BellaEiko
police line just formed, separating front of march from bulk of people” #NoNATO ( #OCCUPYSF live at
7:12 PM PT:
Sam Jewler ‏@LuddoftheFuture
Guy joined the march from the sidewalk saying, "I don't know where they're going, but this shit is once in a lifetime!" #noNATO
7:13 PM PT:
Occupied Chi Tribune ‏@OccupiedChiTrib
MT @dontbeaputz Cop who said "lock'em up" appears 2 b wishful thinking, another CPD's radio chirps "the mission is to let em march...' #NATO
7:20 PM PT:
Jesse Smith ‏@eastbayradical
HOLY SH*T: Reports that police scanner saying tear gas to be deployed in TEN MINUTES #noNATO (live at
7:23 PM PT:
Occupied Chi Tribune ‏@OccupiedChiTrib
RT @aaroncynic Marching south on lasalle towards #ochi HQ at jackson to cheers and honks from motorists #m19 #nonato #ftp
7:30 PM PT:
Occupied Chi Tribune ‏@OccupiedChiTrib
MT @OCPress Press liaisons on march say they are headed to Jackson and LaSalle where it all began on Sept. 23 #ochi #ows #noNATO #FTP
7:41 PM PT:
Occupied Chi Tribune ‏@OccupiedChiTrib
RT @StopMotionsolo after a short sit-down at jackson and lasalle we'rw blicked by riot police again #nonato - (9:27pm)
7:56 PM PT:
Anonymous ‏@YourAnonNews
RT @sabokitty Cops changing into civilian clothes to scout out location where anarchists are on Van Buren #nonato #ochi #ows

Originally posted to jpmassar on Sat May 19, 2012 at 04:47 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street and ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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