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This is a paranoid rant.  If you don’t like paranoid rants then I don’t think you will enjoy this.

Snowplows awaiting crowd control duty.

Yesterday I saw a report about how the city of Chicago planned on using snow plows for crowd control if big protests arise at the NATO summit.  It was on CLTV but I cannot find a link.  (How Solent Green of them. Food Riot )

Yet on this site there are still posters who continue to take the authoritarian line.  Still support the cops when they bust heads at the merest provocation.  Excuse them for corralling people into tight little balls and then arrest and beat them when the cops get pushed because the crowd has no where left to go.  Or when police almost run over a protester who gets in the way.  Or busts the teeth out of another’s head.

So god forbid those poor police who are in full riot gear, with guns and tasers and teargas and zip cuffs and LRADs and snipers and gunboats and helicopters and fighterjets and outnumber the protesters 4 -1 should get pushed a bit.  Forget about the security state that intercepts you cell phone calls, emails and almost all your electronic communication and implants agents into protest organizations,  I even suspect here, (If Kos was forced to give access to FBI, NSA or other groups would he be even able to tell us, and if not him what about the company serving the website.).

I find it highly unusual that before each event there are usually a few arrests of ‘violent protestors’.  Hell my neighbor even said he has pictures sent to him from someone involved that shows proof that they were collecting bodily fluids to throw at cops and yet we hear nothing on the news about that even though that is exactly the type of stuff they would air.  He is retired firefighter and is in the firefighter/police community.  I personally have had my virus blockers go apeshit when I went to a site showing the cops beating protestors.  But yet there are no arrests of groups that support killings of abortion doctors, burnings and bombings of clinics or intimidation of the people trying to use these clinics.  The media doesn’t even want to call that domestic terrorism.  But some guys with beer making equipment are terrorists.  Even if they were making Molotov cocktails is that terrorism.  Who were they terrorizing, the police, the 1% and world leaders behind their security cordon.  I mean what good is being a world leader if you can’t enjoy shutting down a freeway so you motorcade of black security vehicles can’t motor with freedom.  What good is power if you can’t use it to push around the proles.  Just give them their lotteries and greasy gin and keep them from revolting.

I seem to be going through the rage and frustration and bargaining of the stages of death.  Yet I don’t know what is dying.  My faith in the people of this site?  The belief that the democratic process is more than just a sham?  That America is ‘The land of the free”?  That the pen is mightier that the sword? That change can be done peacefully?  God I hope the Mayans were right.

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