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I want to begin tonight's diary with an announcement. The level of attendance in this diary series no longer justifies doing this diary every night. For whatever reason, TRMS diaries don't & never did attract the attention & dialog that the Countdown diaries did. It does take a degree of time & energy to do this diary every night even though it is a labor of love. I AM NOT TOTALLY QUITTING THIS SERIES, but I no longer plan to post one every night, and I can virtually guarantee I won't post one on Friday evenings...except for tomorrow night 'cause I'm throwing a birthday par - tay! :D

The best way to know I plan a diary for a given night is through the following means: (1) follow me on teh Twitter @FOOLeader (2) follow me on teh Twitter @TeamOlbermann (3) check out postings on Facebook if you're a Facebook buddy (4) check out postings in 1 of the "open threads" here at Daily Kos. I hope you all can appreciate & understand the decision I've made.

It's time for "this day in history." On this date in 1994, four men convicted of bombing New York's World Trade Center in 1993 were each sentenced to 240 years in prison. 4 terrorists convicted in an American civilian court, and they haven't busted outta jail or nothin' - go sparkin' figure! Bob Dylan is 71 today! Wow...pinning down a favorite song is damn difficult, but these 2 are right up there for me.

Now, it's time for SPARK! :D Add this concoction to the list of flavored booze. You'll probably be surprised at the person who cares to update his alumni profile. Finally, someone's an awfully big fan of that Thanksgiving WKRP episode!

On with The Rachel Maddow Show...

"Changing the Subject" - Mittens' bullying of a presumed homosexual got shoved off the front page in favor of President Obama's marriage equality announcement. Mittens laughed while claiming he didn't remember he did it. Classy, huh? Then, there's the whole Seamus on the car roof thing. There's a new "get to know Mittens" video now. There's a grandson on "crazy hair" day. Really...a cutie story about hair hijinx?! BRILLIANT! He had a photo - op at a school and made a doggie alliteration funny. Is he that tone deaf or just damn dumb or just so damn out of touch with life & consequences?? $HIT! President Obama's hot & heavy in going after Mittens for his economic spewage. Mittens for the longest time just wanted to talk economics, so President Obama's obliging. Now, Mittens is on the education memo. O...K... This has to be the clip about telling students to "shop around & get a good price." He mentioned getting a break if you served in the military; neither Mittens nor the Mittens sons have served. However, they didn't have to worry about shopping around. Mittens did get a lovely welcome at that school today from Philly's Dem mayor & a few friends. :D Mittens doesn't think classroom size means a thing; only students with 2 - parent homes with "good" teachers. I tell ya' what. Let's stick Mittens in a classroom with about 30 elementary school kids & see how well he does. He'd do what Seamus did on the top of the MittensMobile! Mittens also wants to bring back the banking middle man to student loans because banking middle men are stuck selling pencils on street corners. Huh? What? Bank dudes AREN'T selling pencils on street corners? Golly! The savings doubled grants to college students who otherwise couldn't afford to go to college. Lamb Chop is beginning Casual Friday the night before in studio! :) Mittens folks have been trying to make hay out of a VP Biden Gaffe memo? I've said before, I'll take a gaffe guy over an amoral sadistic S.O.B. like the last "VP" we had. Rachel & Chris discussed the whole unemployment rate memo that she brought up last night. If the rate under President Obama is over 4%, he's a colossal failure. If the rate under a Mittens administration (*&^%$#@!) hovers around 6%, THAT' both hunky & dory. 

Marriage equality on Maryland's ballot has a slightly better chance of bucking the losing streak to this point because of a MASSIVE shift in African - American approval.

"All the Marbles" - Nice segment title...hopefully, Governator Scotty will lose all his marbles AND THEN SOME on June 5! Union membership has plummeted in the last 50 years or so...except in the public sector. Well, MENSA Governators couldn't have THAT! Governator Scotty now has the worst jobs record in the country. His recall defense is outspending the Dems 25 to 1. Wow... *&^%$#@! 91% of MENSA folk in WI say they will absolutely vote; the percentages for Dems & "independents" are around 83%. State Senator Jon Erpenbach's back after a long absence! He's probably been a little busy. :D The money really isn't doing much for his "warm & fuzzy" numbers. National Dems are finally FINALLY beginning to get their $hit together there. Most of Governor Scotty's coin has come from outside WI. Ya' know, the Green Bay Packers need to be out there campaigning for Mr. Barrett - or at least against Governator Scotty! Now, THAT would drive Dem turnout, I'd think!! Give away free foam cheese hats, and y'all are THERE. :D

"Thank You & Welcome Home" - We've had parades for returning Iraq War vets in St. Louis, Houston, Fayetteville, etc. We need to remember & honor all vets & their families on Monday and every day for the sacrifices made to ensure our freedoms.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Thu May 24, 2012 at 06:59 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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