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A short while ago, I wrote up an idea for an ad I'd like to see. I was hoping someone might run with the idea, but I realize that that someone's gonna have to be me.

A lot of my videos are pretty political, but this one is the most pointed, partisan one I've done. I'm a bit trepiditious at going this far out on a partisan limb, but I think the story is important, and too little understood.

For those with trouble seeing embeds, the direct link is here

And the transcript:

There's been a lot of talk recently about Bain Capital and Mitt Romney's history running the company, the companies they bought, the workers who lost their jobs.

But that's how business works, right? I mean, I feel bad for the workers, but it's not like Mitt Romney invented the


Besides, it's not like it affected me.

Except that it did.

See, when Bain took companies like Ampad and Armco steel into bankruptcy,  they shorted the companies'

pension funds, forcing the federal government, meaning you and me, to pick up the tab.

All these people going on and on about Bain fail to mention that it really did affect you. If you pay taxes.

I do. And I always thought the money was going to things like schools and roads and making sure the people

who fight for us have the right equipment.

I didn't know that my money was cleaning up the messes made by pirate financiers like Mitt Romney.

Even before he ran for office.

I'm US taxpayer Louie Ludwig and I approve this message.

Bain, to many voters, is an abstraction, a story from long ago that might have affected some workers in towns they never heard of.

But there's an angle to the story that impacts every US taxpayer, one barely mentioned, save by a few journalists like E.J. Dionne and Pete Kotz of the Village Voice: the unfunded pension obligations Bain left in their wake, obligations that had to paid by all of us.

It is my hope that, as this aspect of the Bain story gets wider play, people will better understand how predatory capitalists like Mitt Romney really affect their lives.

Because the Bain story is about more than Ampad or Mitt. It's about all of us.

Update (kind of): There have been many good suggestions for rewrites/retakes. Me, I'm a produce-and-publish guy.

I'd like to know your opinions, hence the poll. Should I take it down and try to make it better or leave it up and and move on?

Originally posted to Crashing Vor on Fri May 25, 2012 at 08:33 AM PDT.

Also republished by Protest Music.


Take it down and rework it or leave it up and move on?

7%12 votes
92%144 votes

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