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    People really show their ignorance when they say spectacularly stupid shit like, “I didn’t come from a monkey, god made me,” or, “I don’t see any half-monkey, half-people walking around,” or, “how come when I go to the zoo you don’t see any monkeys turning into people?”  

     They say these stupid things because they don’t understand basic science.  First of all god didn’t make you, or anybody else for that matter.  Your parents fucked.   It’s called biology.   Your dad got too excited and forgot to pull out, it happens to the best of us.   What semen didn’t end up running down your mother’s leg and onto the back seat of her car eventually made its way through her vagina and through her cervix to her uterus, or her fallopian tubes, for fertilization of the ovum.  The fertilized egg, after being successfully implanted, underwent a period of gestation and then nine months later you got your first “Slip ‘N Slide” experience down your mother’s birth canal and out her wet hoo-haa.

     Is this shit not taught in school anymore?  God made you?  People who believe patently ridiculous things should shampoo my crotch.   If you believe that, then you might as well believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, the Boogey Man and unicorns.

     But then again we are talking about people who think monkeys should be turning into humans over-night.  The fact of the matter is humans, monkeys, African apes and Asian apes, all have a common ancestor that lived about 12 million years ago from which we have all evolved, and have been evolving ever since, and it’s as simple as that.  I understand that this topic is in and of itself highly complex sometimes, and it is indeed hard for people to wrap their brains around things that have taken place over literally millions of years.  The human mind has difficulty understanding things that are very large, or very small, or things that take place over huge expanses of time.  But it is a fact, we are related to other primates on this planet, and we have all evolved from a common ancestor, and evolution by natural selection is a reality.  The molecular evidence alone is astounding.  We have more in common with chimpanzees on the molecular level than any other species on earth.  Ninety-eight percent of our genes are identical to that of chimps.  

    We’re also related to broccoli.  Food for thought.

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