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For three months now, "Progressive Politics: Tennessee Style" (PPTS) has been reaching out to Southern Progressives to inform, educate, highlight, and motivate activists, activity and activism across the Southern United States. We have grown to a volunteer staff of three, and have grown from seven listeners on our first live show to more than 1,100 listeners as of our last episode.

I believe the show has value, and can make a difference. We have seen response to, and as a result of our episodes.  It is a beginning. What follows is a report on the show's activity thus far, and an appeal for your help to see it continue. It could well soon end. Follow me just below the squggledoodlethingey fold, and find out why, and what you can do about it.

This entire idea began as a response to some rather severe "Southern bashing" going on around here. The one valid point which came from several conversations was that Southern Progressives were not making their work known to the greater Progressive movement.

PPTS began as (at the least) a potential response to that valid sentiment. I chose to begin the show to offer that voice for Southern Progressives that could reach out to, and even possibly match up, align with, and speak to the greater Progressive movement here at GOS and (dream on!) the country's more Progressive thinkers, activists and thought leaders to identify and unify potential progressive actions.

With the results we have seen on, and as a result of the show, I feel my thesis, while not yet completely tested, has much more than shown validity. For that, for the guests we have had, and the interaction we have experienced, I feel justified in the initial attempt. The result of these outcomes is that the show has grown. We now have a volunteer staff of three: myself, our show's producer, and an amazing show researcher who is coming onboard. However, to grow the show's potential capability beyond the very small footprint with which we began, the show has also incurred some on-going costs. Even these minimal costs have more than stretched my personal budget, as my limited disability check does not allow for margin.

So, the crunch is on. I need to know from you, the reason it began, what your wish for the show is. To continue the show, we must ask for regular volunteer donors, or those who would be willing to pay for our episodes. We do not ask for income for ourselves, and would never do so. We just ask for a "Zero Sum" result to the personal accounts which provide the show. I cannot yet set up a separate donation site for PPTS because my personal banking account is already taken by PayPal. We hope to, in the short-term future, establish an account for the show through NationBuilder that will accept donations. That also requires a monthly charge, however. The longer term decision would be made to create a 501(c)(3) for the show which would "concretize" the show for the foreseeable future. That will cost almost $900 alone, well more than my monthly income will permit. The monthly costs for the show, to date, are nearing $100. That is for the show hosting itself, and the support of it through NationBuilder. The positive side of that is that, via NationBuilder (minus fees and charges) we could directly accept future donations onsite.

I'm not sure how to proceed, but I do know that if a significant amount of donations do not come in immediately, the show will have to fold. I'm by no means married to PPTS, but with the positive results we have seen from it, it is absolutely my personal belief the show should continue, and grow. Progressives across the South are beginning to realize that there truly is power in speaking truth, and especially when we speak truth to power. I do have enough experience to know that when such results present themselves, one of two things can happen. Either those who endorse, support and encourage this show will support it with just a little of their time, talent and treasure, or the view is mine alone, and the show should go dark.

There is also the reality that, with each passing day, the Progressive South comes more and more into play for the 2012 elections. I'd really love PPTS to be a force to bring Southern States into the "Blue" Column. I know that both Kentucky and Tennessee could do that. VA? NC? FL? TX? Possible. Six months ago, they were given up. Today? They are moving. Every hand, even a wierd little radio show could help. Why not?

We need a minimum of $500 right now to bring the show current, plus a minimum of $100/month in ongoing donations to keep PPTS on the air. I need your help, if you agree with my beliefs. Your donations would go far in this particular battle. I encourage your comments, suggestions, and recommendations for episode topics, special guests, etc. But, I need your donations for the show's survival. Will you help us?

If so, please send your donations:

**via PayPal to (my personal PayPal Account through my professional writing home),

**donate now onine at NationBuilder,

**or snail mail to:

Attention: Progressive Patty, Producer
212 Stonewall Drive
Columbia, Tennessee 38401

Just make your checks payable to "PPTS" (Without quotes) and we will process them. All donations, once the NationBuilder (NB) site is active, can be tracked from there via the Donations page. This site IS completely transparent, and all donations will be available for online research (just sayin'). I researched the three most-recommended sites: ActBlue, DemocracyEngine, and NationBuilder. NB has plugins for the other two, while the same cannot be said for either ActBlue or DemocracyEngine. It seemed natural, plus NB is the most reasonably priced for the services provided. It also seems to be the most likely candidate for future campaigns.

I hope you will agree with me that this effort has some long-term potential. The heart is there, and the time is now. The issues could not be more important. I hope you will help. It begins with the poll. We'll go from there. Thanks for all the support you have shown the idea, the show, and the thousands of Progressives who have found our work helpful. We appreciate it.

Sincerely, for the show,

Bud Fields

9:27 AM PT: 23 minutes, and our fundraiser is on the rec list! Okay, that's just AWESOME! Somehow, that makes me feel that $12K IS possible. Thanks, Kelley and crew!

10:06 AM PT: Join us live this evening, Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 from 7-9 PM (Central Time) for a Fund Raising Celebration Show! We'll track our progress to the $12K annual budget goal, share stories from our listeners and fans, and just generally have a great time together. Call in at (347) 426-3348 to chat with our special guests and host, and join us in the always-lively chatroom during the show!

10:25 AM PT: You can also follow the show on Twitter @tnprogressive, or join our fan page on FaceBook at

4:49 PM PT: We'll be LIVE, on the air in TEN minutes for our two hour special episode. Join us at and join in the fun.

7:17 PM PT: We just finished a great show! You can listen to it at and see how your participation with your dollars can keep and grow this important activity. Some have said the show is too new to be supported. Some have said the show is too ambitious. Many have said "Thank You!" for the show, and the episodes. But the show cannot be, without your help. Please donate, and help us BE the change we seek. Thank you to all who have, are, and will be helping us with this fundraiser. So far, I believe we are at the same point in our funding as we were when we began today, although I could be wrong on that. I'll check in with our masterminds, and report donation totals when I have them.


Bud Fields

Originally posted to Community Fundraisers on Wed May 30, 2012 at 09:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by J Town, Southern Action, Nashville KosKats, Daily Kos Phazebook Progressive Social Networking Group, and Three Star Kossacks.


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