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If you think Obama is a Kenyan you are a racist redneck.

Simple. Deal with it.

Mitt Romney can't say Obama is a Kenyan. Mitt Romney is less of a man than John McCain is. At least McCain was man enough to tamp down the crazies on his side. McCain had some honor left, not so Romney. Romney is so desperate to get to 50.1% that he will pander to every wild conspiracy theorist, every racist, every homophobe and bigot out there without actually saying anything, because that is what Donald Trump is there for. Donald Trump is Mitt Romney's personal racist redneck whisperer, he's a one man national southern strategy, and since Trump is accountable to no one but himself he can "Go Rogue". At this point Donald Trump is doing a Sarah Palin impersonation in a bad wig. And Romney is giving Trump the go ahead nod to do so.

There is a reason why so many Republicans are birther-curious, it's because that is what the GOP base wants to talk about. Mitt Romney doesn't want to talk about Obama being a Kenyan, but Romney loves it when Trump does, because that signals to all the racist rednecks who agree with Trump that it is safe to vote for Mitt Romney, and Mitt Romney is okay with that. After all, he has to get to 50.1% somehow.

Now, I'm not saying that if you disagree with the Obama Presidency you are a racist redneck. I am saying that if you disagree with the Obama Presidency because you think he might be from Kenya, you might be a redneck.

More rant below the fold . . .

Ok, if you think Obama is from Kenya you are a redneck, acting out of what is undeniably race based impulses. There, I said it. If you think Obama is going to take your guns away, you might be a redneck. If you think Obama is a secret muslim socialist, you might be a redneck. Mitt Romney will never correct your delusional fears, no matter how publicly embarrassing they might be to his campaign, that is why Trump has been unleashed. Trump can be ridiculous, so can every secretive SuperPAC helping Romney, and Romney can pretend to be clean and above it. Mitt Romney is willing to go lower than John McCain who unleashed the unscrupulous grifter Palin on us in the first place. That's pretty low. At this point, Trump is a one man southern strategy swiftboat screaming YOU LIE, KENYAN across America with a Vote Romney bumpersticker on the starboard bow, and Romney must let Trump "go there" to motivate an ignorant, racially resentful older base who would never be convinced to raise taxes on the working class to cut taxes for the rich otherwise.

So Donald Trump now plays the role of Romney's racist redneck whisperer, to justify and normalize their insane birther conspiracy theories and to motivate them to vote out of hate and fear for Mitt Romney against "The Other". Mitt Romney, a candidate who stands for rich people and nothing else, who has been all over the map from pro-life to pro-choice to pro-multiple choice. How else did you think the GOP was going to fire up a mostly xenophobic, religiously extremist and authoritarian low information consuming rural base without the good ole reliable GOP southern strategy? Mitt Romney has the charisma of a sleeping John Kerry and he has about as much in common with the average American as Draco Malfoy, what does Mitt Romney have to offer the average George W. Bush voter other than the same policies without the cowboy hat or a practices Texas accent? Enter Donald Trump, the racist redneck whisperer. He's like Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman if she were a traveling snakeoil saleswoman who wore a Confederate flag as a cape. What other appeal would guys like Trump or Romney have for voters who have seen their wages remain stagnate as their jobs were sent overseas or dismantled by Wall Street, these are two Wall Street guys who like firing people unless their asses are properly kissed. So Romney talks the technocrat talk because that is the only thing he is good at while Trump whispers sweet kenyan nothings into the ears of the press, and Sean Hannity claps like a trained seal as Trump pollutes the national dialogue with kenyan chum for the bottom feeders who are motivated by the idea of kicking the kenyan usurperer out of the White House, but don't call them racists or their fragile delicate feelings will be hurt and they will send you violent hatemail calling you a fag who will burn in hell. Writing this is my vent, I grew up among rednecks, almost all of them good people, but some of them are people who don't like black people and never will, and that bothers the piss out of me. What Trump, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the billionaire financed propaganda machine does on a daily basis is reinforce the notion that black people are lazy and abusing welfare, and that is bullshit, pure bullshit, but the racists eat it up and then vote based on that to keep the black welfare queens and latino immigrants and whatever else from living off my dime, so they vote against welfare and socialism while their own towns fall apart and their wages stay shit and they work dead end jobs with no job security while the bills stack up, and the whole time they curse the black people in their town or the "Mexicans" or the gays or the unwed pregnant mothers or whatever else they blame, but it is funny how they never blame the multi-millionaires like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Donald Trump or Willard Romney, they will never blame these people because they are nuerologically hardwired at this point to hate through long term media exposure to repeated messages, from Reagan's Philadelphia, Mississippi speech to today's birther rants, blaming black people for everything is just what some people do, and Mitt Romney doesn't want to pander to that too openly but he NEEDS the racist people to get to 50.1%, so that's where Donald Trump steps in, and Fox News and Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Brietbart's old crew and Michelle Malkin and Pat Buchanan and ALEC and David and Charles Koch and The Heritage Foundation and The Club for Growth and CrossroadsGPS and FreedomWorks and The American Enterprise Institute and The Cato Institute and The Hoover Institute and The Chamber of Commerce and a million other shady groups you've never heard of and all of these wealthy individuals and business groups who have all the resources in the world, they all come together with a single focus and the best they can come up with right now is Donald Freaking Trump and Obama's birth certificate again? And they would so much rather you blame the poorest people you know who have a different skin color or nation of origin or sexuality or use of her vagina, just hate them, not the rich guy who some how got way richer while your standard of living stagnated or deteriorated, blame the black guy, Donald Trump whispers, because of Socialism, or something, oh and he's a kenyan.

Riiiiight. But racism has nothing to do with it.

Lawrence O'Donnell commented on this last night, which somewhat inspired this rant, but I think he said it best. LOD said that we shouldn't call it the Southern Strategy anymore, we should call it the Trump strategy, how to get stupid racist people to vote for stupid rich people. They could make it a reality show where Trump is the boss and no one has any job security or ability to negotiate for better wages and our whole family lives in one room with no social safety net at all, I call it "The Gilded Age Apprentice"

Vote Mitt Romney. He's white and confused, just like you.

The good thing for Romney is that he doesn't have to marry Trump's flirtation with birtherism. Again, I'm amazed that I find myself praising John McCain, but at least McCain tried to keep the irrational hysteria of some of his supporters off the stage. Some, mind you, not all of it. Romney's version of Palin, Trump the racist whisperer, has something in common with the Palin's though, in that he too will be rich when all is said and done, and if the lovechild of birtherism and Romnesia produces an unexpected offspring, Trump, like the Palin's, will say they had never planned for it at all.

Dear Republicans, I see what you are doing . . .

Rant off

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