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He is the epitome of suckage.  He is suckitude incarnate.  The man is a bad person and a shitty American, a lousy Governor, a sleazy businessman with little or no ethics, a cowardly bully, a thieving scumbag, and a compulsive liar with no shame.  He has no ideas, he lies whenever it suits him, he thinks he's entitled to take whatever he wants from other people, and he has personally destroyed parts of the American economy and thrown families into poverty to benefit himself.  Patriotism, accountability, benevolent vision, and service to a cause greater than himself are completely alien to this singularly soulless viper of a pseudo-human being.  There's no reason to consider him worthy of public office in general, let alone the Presidency of the United States.

Mitt Romney is the guy who steals waitresses' tips off tables as he's leaving the restaurant.  He is the guy who tells kids half his size to "quit hitting yourself," but starts whining and complaining when someone bigger than him confronts him.  He is an absentee slumlord.  A vulture-robot whose only skill is in destroying other people's hard work to make money for himself.  He would sell the floorboards from beneath his own feet just to spite the future, and he will laugh all the way to a Swiss bank with the proceeds of a liquidated American Dream if he has half the chance.

The United States of America is not a nation to this man, and certainly not a family.  It's simply his dinner trough - the environment in which he feeds off the fat of the land, sucking up what hard-working Americans are powerless to stop him from stealing.  His extravagant lifestyle is subsidized by taxpayers thanks to decades of the trickle-down economics he not only supports, but considers insufficient.  He thinks you owe him more money for the privilege of paying for his lifestyle, and he will reward you by firing you, sending your job to a foreign slave with no rights, and selling the government as his personal property.

An alliance of bigots and thieves backs him so they can divide and conquer this nation once and for all.  They do not want a better world for anyone, just more power for themselves, and they hate the fact that America is better than them.  It burns them to the core that we actually believe in things like freedom, human rights, equality, and opportunity for all.  People like Romney will never stop being compulsively driven to destroy our ability to live by those values, because as long as anyone has a chance to prove themselves worthy of this country's highest aspirations, people like them who can't even comprehend what this nation is about will always look like what they are - rotten apples.

You suck, Mr. Romney.  You...SUCK.  You are the Bad Guy in this election.  You are part of the problem.  Stop pretending you're better than Americans because you're such a rat the only way you can succeed in life is by stealing the livelihoods of defenseless people and making this country poorer.  You are beneath us - way, way beneath us - and the fact that we are better than you is the only thing you have to teach us.  Lesson learned.  Now why are you still pretending to be a presidential candidate?  

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