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Scott Walker has been busted for lying again. This time his closest friend Timothy Russell has confirmed the governor is in fact stonewalling prosecutors.

Timothy Russell, Scott Walker’s closest aide and good friend snitched on him and confirmed that Walker has been stonewalling prosecutors. As you may recall, Timothy Russell was arrested earlierthis year for stealing money from “Operation Freedom,” a program for veterans and families.

This revelation indicates two things and neither look good for Scott Walker. The first, Timothy Russell is now cooperating with prosecutors. The second, Scott Walker is a target of the current John Doe investigation.

Even if Scott Walker wins, which I am praying and working hard to make sure that he doesn’t for the sake of workers’ rights and justice, it would be a pyrrhic victory for Walker
If Scott Walker were to win the recall election, he would likely be indicted shortly afterward. Scott Walker has remained consistent in his stance that he is not a target of the investigation. He’s been quoted as saying this as recently as yesterday.
Here he denies that he is the target of an investigation:

Also from the Bloggingblue (H/T: Cream City)

As a kind of adjunct element of the sprawling John Doe investigation into Walker’s behavior as county executive, an investigation that already has produced almost 20 indictments and three convictions, the state has charged Russell with embezzling over $20,000 from the Operation Freedom accounts. In essence, he took money that was meant to take the children of the war dead to the zoo and took himself to the Caribbean and to Hawaii. If convicted, Russell is looking at 10 years in prison and $50,000 worth of fines. Courthouse sources say that the prosecutors are using these charges — on which Russell appears to be in serious danger of being convicted — to leverage testimony from him about what he knows regarding Walker and the John Doe investigation, which concerns Walker’s alleged use of his job as county executive for campaign and other political purposes. What Russell knows is presumed to be considerable and more than a few people around the case believe that, if Russell should flip on his boss, that would pretty much be the ballgame. Walker would have to start drawing on the $100,000 he’s got in his criminal defense fund. There is nothing that Scott Walker has done that Tim Russell doesn’t know about.

Originally posted to Shawn on Mon Jun 04, 2012 at 03:33 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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