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     In a rare audio tape of Karl Rove talking in his sleep, Rove said,

    "Wisconsin recall was an experiment for us Corporate Thugs.  By taking over state airwaves and spreading lie after lie after lie about unions - we knew we could buy the election, we just didn't know how much money we'd have to spend so we overcompensated and pumped $31 Million Dollars into Wisconsin."
    Rove goes on about his true love for Collective Bargaining:
    "Our obvious goal is to have Corporate Control over American Workers and maintain Lobbyist Loopholes.  Ha ha ha, those dumb voters are so stupid they aren't even smart enough to realize:
 Lobbyists = Corporate Collective Bargainer
   Nice to see Rove supports Collective Bargaining.
    "... $31 Million dollars in Ads demonizing Collective Bargaining for 'the People' has ensured us that Collective Bargaining for Corporations, through Lobbyists, stays intact and remains the most powerful force in America."
    Rove on taking American Tax Money & giving it to Corporate Thugs:
    "What we've learned from Wisconsin recall is that Corporations can Collectively spend $31 Million to con those dumb, ignorant, hayseed voters so we can keep giving American Tax Money ($90 Billion Taxpayer Dollars Yearly!!) to our beloved Corporate Thug bosses.  
     Imagine that!!! Corporations spend a measly one-time $31 Million dollars to reap $90 Billion YEARLY!! That's one hell of a Return on Investment.
     ... and the best part: those voters are too stupid to even realize they've been had."
    There is static on the tape, but Rove can be heard muttering about his "check list" for November election.
Check List for November election:
- The word liberal isn't destructive enough:
 let's keep the mantra "liberals are marxist, communist, union-thug, who hate freedom."

- Educated voters are our biggest opponents: we must ramp up our efforts in calling educated people elites, snobs, arrogant.

- Chant this lie over & over:
"Liberal, marxist, communist, union thugs want to steal your tax money and put it in our failed education system."

- hmm ... $31,000,000 x 50 states = $1,550,000,000

- Those dumb hayseeds like the word "Freedom" so we'll replace the word "Capitalism" with "Economic Freedom."

    At one point Rove is praying to his God and says:
   "I thank and praise my beloved God Almighty Dollar for keeping the Justice Roberts' US Supreme Court Corrupt.  Thanks to buying off: Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito & Kennedy: Both Domestic and Foreign Corporations can anonymously spend as much as they want in order to buy America's elections! Anonymously ... How sweat is that!"
    Rove mutters and says:
  Controlling and manipulating those yokel voters is as easy as giving candy to a baby.  It won't be long before Corporate thugs own this country and have those filthy Americans working in sweatshops along side their grimy children -- like the good old days of 1920's -- before those pesky unions got congress to eliminate child labor."
   The tape ends with Rove screaming:
    "Long live Corporate Welfare!!!"
    I would like to note here: Factually, Politicians do give Corporations over $90 Billion Taxpayer Cash/Subsidies Yearly.  The rightwing CATO Institute booklet "CATO Handbook for Policymakers:
CATO Institute Handbook for Policymakers:
Page 4:
     "The federal government spends about $90 Billion Annually on Corporate Welfare. That includes direct cash payments to businesses ..."

Page 6:
     "Cato Institute report in 2007 found that the federal government spends $92 Billion Annually on corporate welfare"

~Rightwing CATO Institute Handbook for Policymakers

     (The only substantiated fact in this Diary is that Politicians do give $90 Billion Taxpayer Cash/Subsides to Corporations yearly.  No tape of Karl Rove talking in his sleep has been found - so this Diary is mostly satire.)

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  •  Some Republican are just crazy (0+ / 0-)

    They complain about  future  budget crisis ,but they also believe the rapture will  come  in thier life time,  if they truly believe Jesus will return in thier lifetime , government  spending should be the last thing they should worried about

  •  Too bad, you know this is how he thinks. (0+ / 0-)

    When are Americans going to realize that they are being had?  The only way to fight this is to make lying deadly.  I know that is hard for politicians, but when politicians can lie with impunity, the opponent is placed in defense.  Take offense and swear ads are true and hold others to swear their ads are true also.  Then lies can become transparent issues and possible to offset the lying money of SuperPACs.

    "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength", George Orwell, "1984" -7.63 -5.95

    by dangoch on Wed Jun 06, 2012 at 08:20:51 AM PDT

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