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Land of Enchantment's rec'd diary regarding a rather bizarre encounter at NN's Native American Caucus with a woman later identifed as Anne Sorock piqued my interest.

What purpose could there be for this sort of juvenile stunt?

After reading Ms. Sorock's tweets where she rather weakly complains of being bullied and seems to assume that anyone who  attends NN is on the payroll of DKos I further wondered "Who is this Orly Taitz wanna be?"

Follow me across the orange cloud and you'll understand why Ms. Sorock had no respect for "those" Native Americans...

Ms. Sorock, along with Yvonne Ralsky, comprise the working body of "The Frontier Lab".

Whilst I will provide a bit more insight into exactly what their agenda is, upon initial review what popped out at me was this item from their "Research" page:


When the pioneers, pathfinders, traders, and entrepreneurs came to the American Frontier seeking their destiny, the rough conditions and necessity for inventive survival formed the values that make up our unique American composite character. Native Americanism, a brand essence study of our country, captures and examines that American composite character and offers insights as to why it formed, how it is different from other free-market cultures, how to communicate to Americans exemplifying this character, and what values they are seeking from their political and cultural leaders.

(emphasis added) Research

Ms. Sorock doesn't believe that the participants in the Native American Caucus are deserving of respect as Native Americans...that honor goes to the white settlers who came after. In a slick little media marketing ploy (which is her speciality) Ms. Sorock takes their rightful "Native" status and slaps it onto the european adventurists as if it is nothing more than a bumper sticker to be used for her and her kinds extreme political views.

Of course Ms. Sorock would treat a gathering of Native Americans with disdain as that is what she feels for their place in our society.

The Frontier Lab itself is an almost amusing little organization seemingly trying to wrap itself in thoughts of the Old West and Manifest Destiny.

It identifies itself as non-partisan though that seems to be another attempt at creative branding.

It's Home Page lists the following members of the Board of Directors:

Bob Beauprez: A former Colorado Congressman who lost to Bill Ritter in a battle for the State Governor's office. An extreme far-right hawkish representative (who received multiple deferments to avoid service) Mr. Beauprez now spends his time in Lafayette, Colorado writing for far-right publications.

Jack Fowler: Publisher of the National Review. The same Jack Fowler who referred to Occupy participants as "...a bunch of doofuses". Who speaks at Tea Party rallies...that Jack Fowler. Tax Day RallyOccupy Street Theater

Brad Thor: Author, Brietbart favorite and Glenn Beck Golden Boy.

Brian Wansink: A specialist in consumer behavior and marketing (See a trend here).twitter

Ms. Sorock's co-worker, Yvonne Ralsky, reveals all the intellectual integrity and balanced approached towards life and others we have come to expect from the Tea Party.

Ms. Ralsky's tweets reveal a Brietbart fan who seems particularly fixated on petty comments regarding our First Lady's mission to encourage healthy eating. Ms. Ralsky has been, and may still be, the Executive Director of the Sam Adams Alliance, which has been reported to provide 75% of the funding to the conservative group American Majority. Ms. Sorock is also listed as staff with that group. Sam Adams Alliance.

Is it not surprise that such a non partisan group, whilst supporting far right wing functions and mouthpieces, would write regarding the Occupy Movement:

"While their signs and rhetoric might decry crony capitalism and bank bailouts, their values reveal self-centered and fear-based motivations. When understood at the deep values level, the similarities drawn between everyday Americans' desire for fiscal responsibility and Occupy's signage appear superficial and hollow. Anyone who would market American freedom to this disinterested and differently motivated audience fails to realize that Occupy wins when America loses. They are going short on America," concluded Sorock.

The Frontier Lab

So yes, there was an agenda, it didn't involve looking for any truth, any deeper understanding. It was simply a publicity stunt by a group of individuals with no respect for individuals not like them.

A rather oddball connection I found in my meanderings. California Walnuts employ Dr. Wansink as an "expert"...and Ms. Ralsky just happens to be "nominated" as a health nut. "Nut" perhaps, I have no idea of her physical condition. I do wonder if the California Walnuts organization understands that individuals associated with their brand are supporting behavior such as we observed today with Ms. Sorock.

**May I ask that each individual who feels compelled to respond to this diary to be sure and spell out Anne Sorock's name when referring to her inane behavior. This will allow the diary to better "brand" her ridiculous actions when individuals use the net to try to find out what sort of individual she truly is. Thank you.

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