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I'm back home in San Diego after another successful Netroots Nation. I had a great time, it's always nice to meet people face to face even if it's only for a few days each year.

I flew in to Providence on Tuesday so I could help out on Wednesday and do a little exploring downtown. I wanted to share some of the pictures I took while in Providence with my iPhone, some are from the conference others while out walking around, going to lunch etc...

To enlarge the photo click on the Image on Photobucket link provided below the picture.

Netroots Nation 2012

This was the view from my hotel room at the Westin. I took this Wednesday morning. The shot is made from three High Dynamic Range (HDR) pictures stitched together.
(Image on Photobucket)

I'm a craft beer enthusiast so one of my first stops was to have lunch on Wednesday at one of the brewpubs 2 blocks from the convention center. Trinity Brewhouse, good beer and decent food. If I lived in Providence this would be a regular stop for me I'm sure.
(Image on Photobucket)

Rhode Island IPA
(Image on Photobucket)

Packing the Swag Bags Wednesday afternoon. This is 4 images stitched together.
(Image on Photobucket)

This was less than half of them. 3 pictures stitched together.
(Image on Photobucket)

Herding Liberals to the Cheers & Jeers Dinner at the Union Station Brewery Wednesday night.
(Image on Photobucket)

Here is a 180 degree 3D panorama I created using Photosynth while at the C & J Dinner. You can check it out by following this link.

I took this shot of the Biltmore and the next two shots on my walk back to the hotel after the C&J dinner. The clearing storm and evening light combined for some great picture taking opportunities.
(Image on Photobucket)

The Providence Convention Center, our home for #NN12.
(Image on Photobucket)

Inside the convention center.
(Image on Photobucket)

Bill in Portland Main blowing up the Kiddie Pool
(Image on Photobucket)

Thursday: How Progressives Get Narrative Wrong, and How to Get it Right
(Image on Photobucket)

Thursday: Agitation and Inspiration: The Power of Art and Cultural Organizing
(Image on Photobucket)

Thursday: California Caucus
(Image on Photobucket)

Thursday: The Battle for Congress: Q&A on the 2012 Elections
(Image on Photobucket)

Thursday night: Laughing Liberally
(Image on Photobucket)

Allan Grayson at Laughing Liberally
(Image on Photobucket)

Here is a 180 degree 3D panorama I created using Photosynth while at Laughing Liberally. You can check it out by following this link.

Friday: What Progressives Can Do to Stop the War on Public Education
(Image on Photobucket)

Darcy Burner
(Image on Photobucket)

Elizabeth Warren
(Image on Photobucket)

Friday: Working on this diary
(Image on Photobucket)

Friday: 2012 and the Military Sexual Trauma: The Women's War
(Image on Photobucket)

Friday: Iran 2012: Iraq 2003 All Over Again?
(Image on Photobucket)

Saturday: Morning News Dump with Liz Winstead, Shannyn Moore and Cliff Schecter: Guest David Shuster
(Image on Photobucket)

Saturday: Paul Krugman
(Image on Photobucket)

Saturday: Netroots for the Troops. Stuffing the boxes.
(Image on Photobucket)

Saturday: Howard Dean
(Image on Photobucket)

Almost back home
(Image on Photobucket)

I've already booked my room for #NN13 in San Jose, have you?

Originally posted to Bob's Blog on Tue Jun 12, 2012 at 10:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by DKOMA.

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