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(Adam B and President Obama)
This really happened. That's me in the middle.
Less than two hours ago, here in Philadelphia, after the President spoke at a fundraiser here at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute, he worked the rope line.  I wasn't expecting that.  So I had to think fast as he approached. And, as best as I can remember, here's how it went:
Me: Mr. President, can we talk about my grade?
The President: [Reaches his hand out; we start shaking.] Hey, good to see you. What are you doing now?
Me: Practicing law here, and I'm also helping run Netroots Nation.
The President: I think we both got a little grayer.
We both laughed. He moved on. (He's a little busier than he was then, and even then he was working three jobs.)

Look, gang: we've all had our disappointments in the past three and a half years, but remember how far we've come.  Remember how much he's accomplished from the economic calamity in which he inherited the President.  And remember the alternative.

As Van Jones put it Saturday night, we've got two jobs: we have to reelect the President, and then we need to build a strong, independent progressive movement to ensure that our concerns are heard and responded to.  But first we have to reelect him; if Romney is elected, then there's no one in the White House who will ever listen to us, and no chance for progress.

I'm fired up. And ready to go. Are you with me?

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