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On How Many Fronts Can A War Be Fought?

The Republican party has declared war on virtually every segment of society in our country with the exception of one: the wealthy. There is the GOP War on Women, the GOP War on the Poor, the GOP War on Workers, the GOP War on Students, the GOP War on the Gay Community, the GOP War on Children, the list goes on ad nauseam (yes, it is spelled correctly). Willard Romney and Paul Ryan are the Republican war room generals, and together, could effectively take us so far back in time that, if successful, we will be able to effectively compete with countries as progressive as Afghanistan and Iran. In fact, if Romney, Ryan, and the whole Republican party achieve their economic goals, American Dreamers may just have to self-de'poor't.

Don't confuse self-deportation (for undocumented workers) with self-de'poor'tation. Self-de'poor'tation is the theory that if poor American citizens get SO bad off, they will leave the country. If the GOP is successful with their social agenda, we will drown in a giant pool of inequality and persecution for following our individual beliefs.

The Ryan Budget, which has been endorsed or voted for by virtually every elected Republican, including the GOP nominee for President, Willard (Why does that name evoke visions of rats?) Romney, draws the battle lines in stone. Some say that the stones on which these lines are drawn come from The Stone Age. The stones are meant to symbolize where the Republican relics hope to take us.

The War Plan, touted last year as "The Path To Prosperity", or in some circles, "The Highway To Hell", has evolved this year into simply, "The Ryan Budget". It is quite a piece of work! Ryan professes that it springs from ideas based on the teachings of his Catholic faith. Most of those who are Catholic missed the "Reverse Robin Hood Encyclical", more commonly known as "How Stealing From The Poor And Giving To The Rich Gets You To Heaven". Exactly which Pope wrote that one? Did Ayn Rand sneak by the College of Cardinals and become Pope, and somehow I missed it? Could be...

The GOP Generals And Their "Winning For The Rich" Economic War Plan

In order to pay for the important Romney/Ryan/Republican priorities:
•Almost $5 TRILLION DOLLARS in tax cuts for the wealthy and the biggest corporations
•$4 BILLION MORE DOLLARS in subsidies for oil and gas companies
•Special tax breaks for HEDGE FUND MANAGERS

there will be a few minor sacrifices that will have to be made by some of the citizens in this country.

The Associated Press, as well as Ed Schultz, have analyzed the Romney/Ryan/Republican budget and both hit most of the below points, minus the parentheses. Generals Willard Romney and Paul Ryan, with their Budgetary Bible, will cut:

•Education ( Wanna go to college? "Borrow money from your mom and dad!" said Romney. Hell! Willard and Ann had to live on his dad's stocks while they were in college! )
•Transportation ( Privatize Amtrak and don't fix any roads or bridges! )
•Food Inspection ( Salmonella and E-coli for dinner, cancer and mad cow for dessert, and we are none the wiser! )
•Medicaid ( Cutting 2 trillion dollars from health care for the poor over 10 years is actually a Paul Ryan Catholic value. Medical care that might keep you alive? Better to die and get to heaven sooner, right, Paul? )
•FBI ( Who needs 'em? Crime ain't so bad...)
•Homeland Security ( Thought the GOP was so keen on keeping the country safe. Costs too much, I guess! )
•Local Government Grants (If your city needs money, "Fohgettaboutit"!)
•National Parks ( What a waste of resources! Let's turn all that land into oil rigs! )
•Crop Subsidies ( No one needs farmers when we can buy food from China! )
•Housing and Heating Subsidies For The Poor ( Housing and heat in the winter are overrated! )
•Food Stamps (16 million starving kids are not a priority! They only have a right to be born, not to eat! )
•School Lunches ( Poor kids don't need food! They''ll never amount to anything, anyway! )
•Supplemental Security Income (SSI) For Very Poor Seniors And The Disabled ( Let 'em die...they're old and sick! )
•Unemployment Insurance ( Lazy bastards! Get a job! )
•Veterans' Pensions ( YOU made the choice to defend and fight for this country! That certainly doesn't mean we need to repay you in some small way! We'll just give you each a medal and say thank you...)
•Privatize Veteran's Medical Care ( You're gonna love those high deductible plans and the big co-pays! )
•Refundable Tax Credits For The Working Poor ( Self-de'poor't! )
•Medicare ( Vouchers are kind of like 'Groupon For Healthcare' ! Cool stuff! )
•Eliminate grants for Meals on Wheels (Poor seniors don't need to eat either!)

Republican governors have set the stages for battle. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who Romney has characterized as his "hero", along with Rick "Democracy is the Problem" Snyder of Michigan and Rick "Medicare Fraud" Scott of Florida started skirmishes in the states by cutting taxes for businesses and the wealthy. They financed these cuts by increasing the tax liability of seniors, firing hundreds of thousands of public sector workers, crushing unions, and slashing programs designed to help the poor, women and children.

The Wisconsin Republican plan has worked so well to help the economy in Wisconsin that Walker can now claim credit for the worst job losses in the country. And Walker is Willard Romney's "hero"...It is absolutely ludicrous that Republicans bemoan job losses in this country when it is Republican governors that are firing public sector workers by the hundreds of thousands.

Most Republican governors are following the GOP Path to Prosperity (firing workers always improves the economy), but Indiana's governor, Mitch Daniels, has been even more innovative. Along with incorporating the Path, Daniels has bumped it up a notch by selling off (leasing, actually) toll roads and bridges to foreign companies. According to Huffington Post Reporter, Dave Jamieson, "What can't be denied is that the road is getting more expensive to travel on. And no one knows how expensive it might get... Over the course of the coming decades, Hoosiers can expect to learn a hard lesson in compound interest, long after Gov. Daniels is gone..." While Indiana got alot of money up-front, that 75 year lease may cost Indiana drivers a helluva lot more.

Every state with a Republican governor at its helm is considering the sale of or has sold state resources to private corporations, many of them foreign: energy interests, toll roads, bridges, prisons, schools and public land, often without the knowledge or approval of state residents.

Governors are not the only Republicans intent on 'helping' the economy by ridding the country of unnecessary jobs. Don't forget the Republican Congressional push ( Darrell "Viper" Issa ) to get rid of the US Postal Service and roughly 200,000 employees.

The Anti-Social Agenda

This article doesn't begin to touch the social issues or the impact of the intended Republican rules for living, breathing and reproducing. Decide for yourself how you will live your life? Who you will love or marry? If you will choose contraception? Not if the Republicans have their way.

So many Republican moral rules to live by. The "freedom" offered by the Republican social agenda is a stifling choke-hold on anything that resembles free will. We're gonna love it!

Thankfully, The Rich Will Survive

Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman said, "War is hell!" !

One side has to lose.

These wars will claim many victims if they are won by the GOP. The rich will survive and make tons of money in the process.

What about the rest of us?

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