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The bitter defeat in the recall of S. W. (hard to say that name without gagging) was almost unbearable to watch. Much of Wisconsin is hurting. The supporters of the people of Wisconsin are hurting. I share that pain and revulsion. Many I know are reacting with understandable anger and utter discouragement.
Another response is shutting down and looking away. These are normal reactions to defeat and loss. It will take time to come back fighting, but fight we must!

Welcome to the world Wisconsinites. Revolution and bloodshed rocks many people in our small world. But you are to be admired and should be proud. Your protests and marches, which commenced roughly 16 months ago, were astounding. They were also a demonstration of democracy and standing up against lies and Walker’s et al efforts to crush the people, the people that make Wisconsin great. Face it, you were outspent and out maneuvered. Apathy and ignorance is also a factor in the defeat. Will it help then, to join that crowd of uninformed or uncaring?

Hang onto the wonderful gains that have been made. The taking of the majority in the Senate counts (despite the obstruction of the demand for a recount). It will cool Walker’s jets some. And the great leaders in Wisconsin who work for the people are still with you. They are not giving up the fight, despite the fact they must feel dejected too.

Realize that Wisconsin and our entire nation have been under attack by the super rich without the knowledge of most Americans. It has been done stealthy; All the while, turning the vast majority of us into wage slaves with barely time to look up from our rushing treadmill. Yes, we are now more aware of the powerful influence and giant mouth, money has grown and calls ‘free speech”… which is no longer free. It has seized our very democracy; Along with some on the Supreme Court. The world’s corporate overlords have swallowed governments whole. They have been working at buying governments and crafting ways around international law for many, many years. It is bleeding the world body. Assassination is not out of the question. (see Apology of an Economic Hitman).  They operate worldwide and state by US state. Wisconsin is a front in this war with many fronts.  Major change against these forces will take time and continued efforts. Now Occupy has taken root and offers us opportunity to talk about issues that were unspeakable in past years; Capitalism being a critical issue that must be debated. Corporate profits are ruling the world and their attempt at global take-over has only strengthened; the sacred trinity of capitalism being 1) privatization 2) deregulation 3) cuts in social spending. Sound familiar?

It seems wise at this point to broaden your image and regain perspective. Roughly 16 months ago, you took to the streets, as did the people of Egypt. They have not been able to take a breath since they began their revolution. However, they did manage to rout Hosni Mubarek, put him on trial which ended with a life sentence. They elected their first parliament within the last five months as well as began the democratic process of electing a new president. That election is taking place as I write this very day.
Hurrah you say? Quite the contrary. They have lost everything in the last weeks. One third of the newly elected Parliament was throw out as ‘illegal’ (just two days before the presidential election) as per Egypt’s military rulers, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). This shut down ALL of the operating government. Another committee was to craft a constitution. Not gonna happen now. So there is no constitution. The presidential election itself is a planned disaster in the making. Out of many candidates, only two were left standing, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, Morsi and wait for it….
Hosni’s last Prime Minister, Shafik. The Supreme Council decided Shafik was able to run despite a law to block all of Hosni’s buddies from running for office. So it is an election of the least worst. Here is the real kicker. One and all on the Supreme Council were appointed by Hosni himself. The military has wrested complete control once again.  Sounds akin to total defeat, but the Egyptians are not giving up. They are still on the streets, some organizing a boycott of the election, confusion, fear and fury abound. Downhearted and in disarray but not defeated. They are still fighting.

So be kind to yourself and recount your victories as you regroup and re-energize. This leads me to share a little known secret. If you are pissed, use it, don’t lose it! Anger is an oft misunderstood emotion that is considered ‘negative’. Not true! It can be a destructive force but only if you let it. The truth is that anger is an extremely renewable source of energy. Have you ever gotten ‘good and mad’ and finally taken action to change what needed to be changed?
Get good and mad at the very moment you are able to ease up on your grave disappointment. (Have you heard the term “Wiskochson” yet? That might raise you ire.)
You cannot be silent. You have been a state leader in the nation and you still are. The nation needs you now more than ever.

Please allow me to share one further encouraging thought by way of a quote:

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS.”    Mahatma Gandhi

On Wisconsin! On with regaining democracy and restoring the rights of the people!

Originally posted to boty on Sun Jun 17, 2012 at 03:33 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Progressive Hippie, and German American Friendship Group.

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