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Like many here, I truly enjoyed the notion that we could stop right wing billionaires from buying the upcoming election by getting "our" billionaires to pledge to match them dollar for dollar in this diary by Kos.  While it might be nice to see the Gateses and Buffettses (Warren and Jimmy) of the world pony up and perhaps see George Soros become the boogie man incarnate by actually donating to Obama (as many commenters noted), there just isn't enough cash on our side of the ledger.

And let's face it.  Liberals just don't roll like that.  We don't believe in talking points, lockstep voting, or sugar daddies hanging out in the POTUS's pocket--no matter what they're doing there or how much we might agree with them or their money.  I know...all ground covered in the voluminous and hilarious comments.

But here's a novel idea:  why not just prosecute some actual criminals who actually broke the law stealing billions from the rest of us...and are now shelling forth the billions electing RMoney and other corrupt and evil Republicans?

Wall Street, being mainly composed of greedy self interested narcissists who are your betters and have the leveraged stock portfolio to prove it,  saw Obama as the preferable alternative to Grumpy McDrinksalot...uh, John McCain....back in '08.  I mean, one of his campaign managers didn't even vote, those guys were so scary.  Extreme nutcase Religion and campaign finance reform on one ticket!  Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh Noes!  The prospect of life with McPain even scared our mighty Wall Street titans...even more than the prospect of (gasp!) regulated banking!

But this is '12 and they have one of their own--a real live inherited wealth vulture capitalist socialize the risk privatize the profit heartless bastard--positioned to step into the world's highest office ready to steal the Social Security Trust fund (otherwise known as The Last Huge Lump Sum of Money Left in the USA), eliminate their taxes completely, repatriate their lonely offshore cash, privatize everything, and turn the US Government into nothing but a giant Corporate Welfare teat (well, even more so than it is today), monstrous unfettered War Machine, and corporate collection agency (aka the IRS).  Why did Obama's people evah think they would do otherwise?

Because that's why no one's been prosecuted for the wholesale theft of 90% of the planet's wealth, right?  Obama thought Wall Street would back him again.  Right? Conventional wisdom?  I mean, he didn't really believe he was looking forward, not backward, did he?  I would like to think their was at least some enlightened self interest involved in the 2nd largest ignoring of the supremacy of rule of law in US history (after that torture thing).

I was reading the headlines the other day and it turns out, well, Wall Street prefers the vulture capitalist guy.  The Empty Suit.  Mr. Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.  The guy who's here to sell America for scrap and pocket the profit and to hell with the actual people who actually have to live in the hell hole they've created.  And Mr. Holder has allowed this by not seeking any prosecutions.....with our illustrious socialist Kenyan POTUS nodding and winking all the way to....DEFEAT this coming November unlike anything we've ever witnessed.  Probably the end of Democracy itself.  At least the beginning of decades of single party control.  However long it takes them to steal everything else and/or for some heads to show up on pikes.

(My plan might be to move back to the west coast and fan the flames of a secessionist movement: California, Oregon, and Washington become Ecotopia!  I mean, we're gonna need somewhere to live where the air is breathable, the water isn't full of fracking waste, schools teach, firemen put out fires without running your credit card first, police patrol, public parks exist and get maintained, and the government, you know, governs rather than forcibly probing women's private parts while codifying an extreme right wing religious orthodoxy on us unwilling unwashed masses.  End ramble).

So what's stopping the prosecutions now?  By all accounts, the cases against vast numbers of the Kings of the Universe could fill the dockets of our federal court system tomorrow if our elected Kings of Government would just grow a few pairs and get to it.  Imagine Judge Rakoff's lower Manhattan court bursting with Wall Street criminals, banksters, financial fraud artists...uh financial managers, hedge fund managers.  OK....I'm getting a little over excited.  I'll be right back. ...  Ah, that's better.  Had to take a cold shower.

So you say it's hard to get a conviction on these asshats.  I agree.  Especially after Messrs. Holder and the Kenyan guy let them walk off with all the money four years ago.  Lots of time to cover your tracks.  But who cares.  This is about keeping the too greedy for their own good asshats from giving their spoils to RMoney and buying the upcoming elections.  You know, hard testicle, thumb up your butt, punch you in the gut and run away POLITICS.  The nasty sh!t we will have to do to avoid the Kochpocolypse.

The nice part is this:  Even if those prosecutions failed, it would mean BILLIONS in legal fees going into the pockets of trial lawyers rather than into Gov. Etch-A-Sketch's Super PACs.  And for whom do trial lawyers vote?  Not the "tort reforming" to keep money out of the trial lawyers hands so they can't give it to Democrats party.  So There.  Instant transfer of BILLIONS from Republican coffers into those of the Good Guys.  

Oh, and we get some really favorable side effects to boot.  Like some of these scum sucking pension stealing homeless making whale sh!t at the bottom of the ocean MIGHT GO TO JAIL WHERE THEY BELONG.  And (gasp!) rule of law might return to our Ponzi scheme...uh, financial we could actually have some place to invest our surplus liquidity thereby granting us (you know, the 99.9% of us who don't fit into Zuckerberg, et al's definition of "preferred" investors who are allowed to know this crap has the value of used toilet paper) at least a 50/50 chance of, I don't know, profiting fairly without some turd biting JP Goldman Sucks Citibunghole market manipulating subhuman trashpile from the nether reaches of hell STEALING IT ALL.

And actual functioning non-Ponzi markets might lead to, I don't know, perhaps price discovery on the QUADRILLION DOLLARS of zombie assets sitting off the ledgers of the TBTF Banks (probably keeping all that expatriated cash company), thereby establishing some actual baseline so I can figure out how much my house is actually worth.  Oh.  And who actually holds my actual paper mortgage so, in the event that they went under, I would know who to stop paying.

Also, just think of the grand distraction of it all!  Imagine the Republicans and the talking heads and the living dead and the entire right wing lame stream noise machine shouting 24/7 about prosecutorial over reach and socialist Kenyan communist central government union thug bosses harumff how dare you prosecute the job creators!  

And now, here's some news about our marvelous green shoots tanking (by design) economy: [Crickets].  Perhaps even a story or two sneaks through the ether detailing how Republicans and Wall Street Welfare Queens are actually really no f*cking joke intentionally crashing the economy (AGAIN!) so they can blame it on the Kenyan socialist guy and get elected.  That's, of course, after they cleanse the voting roles of all those nasty brown skinned illegal alien welfare queen "people" who vote the wrong way.

I almost pee my pants when I think of the show trials.  Jamie Dimon in the Freakin Dock instead of having his whatsits licked by congressional Republicans.  Pinstriped Goldmann Suchs operatives in orange jumpsuits.  The NYPD could spend its time and resources beating up spectators watching the mass perp walks rather than OWS protestors.  (OK, it'd be the same people).

The prosecutions and instilled Climate of Fear on Wall Street could even lead to a stock market where people with cash to invest (capital) can find people with ideas that need investment cash (innovators) who make life better and simpler for all of us while employing our neighbors who spend their earnings in our small businesses so we can send our daughters to dance class and our sons to baseball camp thereby employing dance instructors and baseball camp, uh, people.  And so on.   You know.  The Eisenhower through Carter years. Not today's current criminal enterprise Ponzi scheme high stakes casino where pension funds and people's retirement nest eggs go to be stolen by criminals on Wall Street WHO SHOULD BE IN JAIL.  Right now.  Already.  

But I guess the most positive side effect of jailing the criminals who (possibly intentionally) crashed the global economy for their own personal gain might be....that people who went to the wall to support this President (and want to continue to do so) will feel like this President actually does care about our core values like fairness, rule of law, and democracy.

I would say to them if I had a bullhorn wired into their ears: Mr. Kenyan Socialist Guy President of the Intended States of AmeriCo....Mr. Attorney in General....Madame Chairwoman No Money For You Wisconsin.....Senator Who Gives A Flying F#$% about any of us (D-Marshmallow Fluff, inc.)....Wall St. isn't voting for you this time.  You will find no checks from the 10005 zip code in your mailbox.  They are investing their millions and billions into the Fox News Tea Party™ extremist fringe organized crime ring known as the modern Republican Party.

And you have no one to blame but yourselves.  I admire that you tried to make the system work in an honest way.  Really.  Someone had to see if there was any common ground at all between the parties.  There isn't.  The other side has lost its collective mind (anger and racism will do that) and finds itself in control of men hellbent on stealing everything for themselves and oppressing everyone else.  They are ruthless, lying scheming criminal scum who stole the global economy and robbed us all of a better future.  You may be playing 12th dimensional chess, but they just sprayed your board with an Uzi.  They aren't playing games.  They are playing FOR KEEPS.  

Now break out those handcuffs (OK, another cold shower may be in order) and let the show trials begin before you find a horse head in your bed!  Victory in 2012!

Oh, and when you're done cleaning up Wall Street, perhaps you could start on those torturers.....

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  •  Tip Jar (5+ / 0-)

    My name is Mitt RMoney and I'm here to sell America for scrap.

    by Man from Wasichustan on Mon Jun 18, 2012 at 04:31:05 AM PDT

  •  You can't prosecute a street. (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    coffeetalk, FG

    You prosecute people. People who actually violate criminal laws on the books. It's funny how, despite the endless calls here to throw Wall Streeters in jail, we never hear the names of the supposed perpetrators and the actual crimes they are alleged to have committed.

    •  Exactly. (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      doc2, nextstep, VClib

      If you can point to anyone where there is probable cause that they have committed a crime (there needs to be a name in that part), AND identify the crime (there needs to be either a federal or state statute involved in that part) and they are not being investigated and/or prosecuted, I absolutely absolutely would agree.

      However, being greedy and rich is not a crime.  You can't prosecute people for that.  

    •  I'm not the Attorney General but (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      it is quite apparent that crimes were committed, just as there were crimes committed by the torturers.  The problem is not probable cause, but rather a lack of will to prosecute for fear it would collapse the entire financial system.  

      Which, at this point, looks pretty inevitable anyway.  So thanks for that!  I'll do my next diary naming names, but others here and elsewhere have done so.  Perhaps I should have linked to them.

      My name is Mitt RMoney and I'm here to sell America for scrap.

      by Man from Wasichustan on Mon Jun 18, 2012 at 05:59:10 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Man from W - something from Eliot Spitzer (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Man from Wasichustan, nextstep

        I was watching a CSPAN panel where Spitzer, no friend of Wall St when he was AG of NY, made an interesting comment on the issue of Wall St prosecutions. To charge someone with a crime you have to prove criminal intent. At these big banks the senior executives have been trained to obtain opinions from staff lawyers, and high powered outside law firms, regarding any policy that is legally questionable. The actual written policy is then crafted following the outline from counsel. More junior people may stray from those policies, but the senior management has a paper trial to protect themselves. From Spitzer's view that creates a very high barrier to indict senior bank executives. I am not a lawyer so I don't know if this is a big deal or not. However, it is the only explanation that I have seen that made any sense.  

        "let's talk about that"

        by VClib on Mon Jun 18, 2012 at 06:06:38 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  I guess I didn't make my point clearly (0+ / 0-)

          First, the Dept of Justice files an indictment and empanels a Grand Jury to determine probable cause...if there's enough evidence to proceed to trial.  Any GJ empaneled for Wall Street would be residents of NYC, folks really pissed about this stuff.

          The gist of my diary (beyond a very healthy rant) was the prosecutions are enough, whether they succeed or not.  It's a mass transfer of cash from Republican supporting banksters and Wall St. types to Democratic supporting trial lawyers (90% Jewish New Yorkers who would probably answer this largess with political donations to their benefactors).  

          Is this fair?  No.  It's cut throat.  It's the strategy that no one dare name.  Especially someone like Eliot Spitzer trying to get back into the game.  But the current strategy (complain about the other side being flush with anonymous billions while they bombard the airwaves with their Kenyan socialist BS) is doomed to failure.

          We will lose in November unless we kick them in the balls repeatedly.  The Dems are bringing marshmallows to a nuclear weapon fight.

          My name is Mitt RMoney and I'm here to sell America for scrap.

          by Man from Wasichustan on Tue Jun 19, 2012 at 09:40:05 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

  •  I thought it had been determined (0+ / 0-)

    that something like  99% of the things done by people on Wall Street were immoral and unconscionable but not illegal.

    Not that they shouldn't be prosecuted for those 1%, of course.  Just suggesting the problem isn't as widespread as you believe, and prosecution would not be the panacea you claim.

    We'd be better off pressuring for legislation that would make doing those 99% of things illegal.  That would do far more to prevent another collapse than coming down hard on a few small fish who broke the rules this time around, IMO.

    "The future of man is not one billion of us fighting over limited resources on a soon-to-be dead planet. . .I won't go back into the cave for anyone."

    by Whimsical on Mon Jun 18, 2012 at 11:00:46 AM PDT

  •  they may have the money we hve the votes dont sit (0+ / 0-)

    it out get the vote they are depending on you being depressed by being outspent & feeling you lost & not voting just get out the vote tune out the ads. even msnbc are mitt romney cheerleaders these days. anything positive that the presiden does you will not know it unless you go to the web site. romney lies are not being challenged  & getting a hugh pass. this election will not be brought by adelson & romny's cronies who want to screw us. just get out & vote

  •  What do Adelson or Koch brothers have to (0+ / 0-)

    do with Wall Streeters? They are in completely different lines of business.

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