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    Let me start off by saying Mitt Romney is a Pathological Liar.    

     The New York Times reports that the Romney's took a $77,000.00 Tax Deduction on their dancing horse, Rafalca.

The Romneys declared a loss of $77,000 on their 2010 tax returns for the share in the care and feeding of Rafalca, which Mrs. Romney owns with Mr. Ebeling’s wife, Amy, and a family friend, Beth Meyers.
    Here is an Image of 2010 Romney's $77,000 Tax Deduction for their dancing horse, courtesy of Diarist dmhlt 66.  The Screen Capture of Romney's $77,731 Dancing Horse Deduction from their 2010 Income Tax Returns is on page 193 of 2010 Filed Tax Return.

     Notice: Romney's 1/3 ownership of the dancing horse gave rise to a $77,000.00 Tax Deduction -- at a time when America is paying its Debt on Two Wars I don't think Americans should be subsidizing Romney's, apparently, very needy horse.

      In 2008 Mitt Romney gave 12 years worth of his Tax Returns to John McCain's campaign -- so why won't Mitt give the voters a chance to look at those same Tax Returns?

      Yesterday Mitt Romney would not give any details of which Tax Deductions he would eliminate to pay for his $5 Trillion Dollar Tax Cut.

SCHIEFFER: You haven’t been bashful about telling us you want to cut taxes. When are you going to tell us where you’re going to get the revenue? Which of the deductions are you going to be willing to eliminate? Which of the tax credits are you going to — when are you going to be able to tell us that?

ROMNEY: Well, we’ll go through that process with Congress as to which of all the different deductions and the exemptions —

    Notice three things:
1) Romney is not a leader as Mitt has no details of how to pay for his $5 Trillion Dollar Tax Cuts.

2) Romney is relying on Government to tell him what Tax Deductions to eliminate in order to pay for his $5 Trillion Dollar Tax Cut.

3) Mr. & Ms. Voter do not get to see details of Romney's Tax Cut plan because Romney admits he has no details for his plans and he can't even figure it out the details without the help of Government, Congress.    

     How ironic, the Republicans falsely accuse Democrats of passing Bills without knowing details of the Bill -- while at the same time -- the Republicans want voters to elect Mitt Romney without knowing the details of any of Mitt's Economic Policies.

     One reason Mitt Romney is not releasing his filed Tax Returns beyond 2010 is he is trying to hide the fact that he has made Millions off of Iranian Oil stock shares even though America has had sanctions against investing in Iran since 1979.

     Romney's 2006 Financial Disclosure show Romney invested $1.5 Million Dollars in Iran Oil , but Mitt's Iran Oil Investments, investments that, by the way, have allowed Iran to become a World Oil Supply Leader, were left out of his 2010 Tax Returns.  

       Romney's lawyer Brad Malt said he sold a lot of Romney's investments in time so that those investments would not show up on his 2010 Filed Tax Returns:

MALT: "I decided to remove any possible source of embarrassment ... it just wasn't worth it."

~Brad Malt, Mitt Romney's lawyer

     I guess Brad Malt did not think it would be embarrassing for Mitt Romney to take a $77,000.00 Tax Deduction for his dancing horse.  

     Apparently Brad Malt also did not think it would be embarrassing for Mitt Romney to stash Millions of Dollars in Swiss Bank Accounts and the Cayman Islands for the sole purpose to avoid paying Taxes in order to reduce America's Debt on two wars that his, Mitt's, Foreign Policy Advisers started when they worked for Bush/Cheney.

     Just like Mitt Romney does not want voters to see the details of how he made his Millions by getting a glimpse of his Filed Tax Returns for the last 12 years -- Similarly like Mitt Romney does not want voters to see the details of his Economic Policy.

      In my opinion, Mitt Romney is less trustworthy than Richard Nixon.  Romney lies about the most basic of things: "My real first name is Mitt."  He even lied about his living quarters in France.  

     Richard Anderson, who was a Missionary with Mitt in France, was contacted by the Romney campaign and told never to discuss their time in France with anyone.  

    Tearful as he described the house, Mr Anderson, 70, of Kaysville, Utah, said Romney aides had asked him not to speak publicly about their time together there.

~Richard Anderson Dec 15, 2011, in an interview with The Telegraph

    Personally, I don't give a damn if people deduct their cost of feeding, bathing and housing their horses when those horses generate income for them -- however, when you're running for President and your Economic Policy is a $5 Trillion Dollar Tax Cut then, by gawd, I expect to see details on which Tax Deductions that Presidential candidate will eliminate -- and, I would want to know if one of those eliminations be for feeding, bathing and housing your horse?

     So far, the only thing we know about Mitt Romney's Tax Plan is that he would personally benefit -- but America would not.  

     Someone should really tell the Republicans: Taxes pay for wars and when you cut taxes, you cannot pay for the debt on two wars that America has been saddled with since 2001.

     Taxes for the Top 1% and especially the Top 0.1% should not be cut until the Debt of two wars has been paid off.

     Republican talking-heads keep saying "Bush isn't on the Ballot" -- but they are wrong.  Bush is on the Ballot.  

     Bush is on the Ballot in November 2012 because Mitt Romney has hired almost all of Bush/Cheney Advisers. How can Romney expect to 'fix' the Economy when he has hired the same people who broke it.

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