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Jeffrey Golberg went to a Bruce Springsteen concert with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie did some really pathetic whining. Goldberg wrote an article about it for The Atlantic.  I offer this snippet for your enjoyment.

Despite heroic efforts by Christie, Springsteen, who is still a New Jersey resident, will not talk to him. They’ve met twice—once on an airplane in 1999, and then at the 2010 ceremony inducting Danny DeVito into the New Jersey Hall of Fame, where they exchanged only formal pleasantries. (Christie does say that Springsteen was very kind to his children.) At concerts, even concerts in club-size venues—the Stone Pony, in Asbury Park, most recently—Springsteen won’t acknowledge the governor. When Christie leaves a Springsteen concert in a large arena, his state troopers move him to his motorcade through loading docks. He walks within feet of the stage, and of the dressing rooms. He’s never been invited to say hello. On occasion, he’ll make a public plea to Springsteen, as he did earlier this spring, when Christie asked him to play at a new casino in Atlantic City. “He says he’s for the revitalization of the Jersey Shore, so this seems obvious,” Christie told me. I asked him if he’s received a response to his request. “No, we got nothing back from them,” he said unhappily, “not even a ‘Fuck you.’”
The rest of it is kinda crap, as Goldberg is dead set in making Christie the sympathetic hero of his piece.

I conclude with the spot-on summation of the piece from No More Mister Nice Blog:

The message is: If you're a celebrity, it's OK to be non-partisan, and it's OK to be pro-Republican -- but if you're pro-Democrat, you're an obnoxious out-of-touch Hollyweird elitist.

And if you're a left-leaning entertainer like Springsteen, you're supposed to do make bipartisanship happen all by yourself. In other words, you're treated just like a Democratic politician. The other side isn't expected to make conciliatory moves of its own.

Originally posted to SantaFeMarie on Thu Jun 21, 2012 at 05:47 PM PDT.

Also republished by DKOMA.

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