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"President Obama is simply a bad bet, no matter what you believe." That was the concluding statement in today's diatribe by Will Cain on the CNN show, "Your Money." Link Here. The subject of the discussion was how the economy is "Heading over a fiscal cliff."

Cain's diatribe :

Listen to this: Pascal's Wager. What he said is, "In a debate between whether or not God exists, and atheism, only a rational (er, uh) irrational man would choose atheism. There is no up side. There is no win if you're right about atheism. You might as well believe in God, regardless of the truth."

What I am going to tell you is, regardless of your economic philosophy, you might as well vote for Mitt Romney. Here's why, if you believe austerity is the way to economic growth, cutting taxes, cutting government spending, well, you've got to vote for Mitt Romney, right, because that's what he said he would do.

But if you believe that stimulus is the way, government spending ... the way to economic growth, well you've got to vote for Mitt Romney, as well. Why? Well President Obama says he believes in stimulus, he can't deliver it. Ali, he's had three years and he's not been able to put together another fiscal stimulus package. While Mitt Romney says he believes in austerity, I think there's a chance he doesn't.

I think there's a chance he doesn't. I think there's a chance he has no interest in short term government spending cuts, and you might as well take that probability chance. You might as well find out. Mitt Romney, he may believe in stimulus, and you know what, he could actually get that through Congress. Because he could call it infrastructure investment, combined it with tax cuts, and maybe actually get it through Congress.

President Obama is simply a bad bet, no matter what you believe. That's what I think.

(My transcription, errors are unintentional)

You don't often see such a naked partisan attack on TeeVee, outside of Faux News.

Cain started his diatribe by setting up an argument comparing God versus atheism to Mitt Romney versus President Obama. It's plain who he thinks should be equated to God.

He says that you should believe in God (Romney?), regardless of the truth. This appears to be a subconscious confession that Mitt Romney is not too friendly with the truth. He later states, "Romney says he believes in austerity, I think there's a chance he doesn't." Cain is calling the man he recommends for President a liar; this is not a subconscious confession. This is an outright statement that you can't believe Romney; even on issues as fundamental and important as how you should save the U.S. economy from ruin.

Cain then almost admitted why President Obama has not "been able to put together another fiscal stimulus package" in the past three years. Congress. He suggests that Romney might be lying about his basic economic philosophy, but that would be a good thing ... Romney might actually get stimulus through Congress, with tax cuts, of course.

Why does this guy get face time on a national TeeVee show, anyway? He is apparently not too bright, and he is obviously unethical, as evidenced by his endorsement of someone for President of the United States whom he doesn't trust to tell the truth, even on important issues.

I could go on, but I think this clip shows, on several levels, what is wrong with republicans.

I usually turn the channel when I see Will Cain's face on the TeeVee machine. Watching this crap spew forth reminded me why I do that.

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