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Community in a quilt....

Our friend, Regina in a Sears Kit House, is very ill -- and I've been asked by a number of her friends to put up this diary to focus loving energy her way.  She's had pneumonia, and treatment for the infection has exacerbated another condition she has, commonly known as Lyme Disease.  It's a complicated situation so I'm including her description in the blockquote below.  But the gist of it is that, right now, Regina is very, very sick, exhausted, and feeling frustrated and isolated.  She needs a loving {{{{hug}}}} from us, her Kossack tribe, and positive thoughts for her return to health.  Let's lend her some of our strength!  Envision her in good health, send her your love.

Regina's words follow:

I have reactivated Borreliosis (known inappropriately in the US as Lyme Disease), Babesia (typed as NW acquired) and Bartonella. The reactivation occurred as a result of taking antibiotics for Pertussis (based on symptoms) and secondary pnuemonia. I have not treated much since intense IV treatment amiliorated most symptoms and syndromes as of 2004. While the spirochetal infection can be reduced significantly, it is difficult to eradicate.  Like Syphilis, over time, slow replication continues and as long as there is no immune system event, a person like me can function fairly well, as I have done for the past several years.

Concurrent with this outcome I have intensified symptoms consistent with MS, the most prominent set is called by the odious term "MS Hug". Waiting for results of MRI of thoracic spine taken late last week.

The good news is that my medical team concurs that the Central Nervous System symptoms are a treatable version of Borrelia-induced MS syndrome, along with resurgence of previous syndromes, especially Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyagia.

Once the imflammation cascade this "accidental" treatment has caused is calmed down, I will restart targeted oral antimicrobial treatment and prep for IV treatment. It will be a long and in the beginning miserable haul, but as I have personally recovered in the past, I have no doubt of my potential for improvement.

I plan to put up a quilt diary for Regina in a Sears Kit House in the near future.   This diary is get her some immediate and much needed community love.

Thank you for your kindness.  Namaste.

Originally posted to Sara R on Mon Jun 25, 2012 at 01:59 PM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets , DKOMA, PWB Peeps, and Anglican Kossacks.

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