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I know this isn't much of a diary, but I just want to get this out there. Nancy hit this one out of the park. (h/t Andrew Sullivan):

Pelosi: What a great victory!

Congressman George Miller: You bet your ass [it is].

Pelosi: I did.

Also, too, she's wearing the same purple pumps today that she wore when Obamacare passed.

What a classy lady!

Update: Since this diary is on the Rec List (however temporarily that may be), let me throw some love to EclecticCrafter and his/her daughter, who commented below:

My favorite quote of the day?
" The votes are in.  I still have health care"  
-- text from my 23 year old daughter with two part time jobs and still on parental health insurance.
Seconding a gilas girl, that is definitely comment of the day material! Congratulations to ElectricCrafter and their family!!!

Update II:  Because it was Andrew Sullivan who pointed me to the quote, let me offer his final thoughts on the SCOTUS decision. For the uninitiated, he is a conservative who is mostly supportive of Obama but can be harshly critical (like many kossacks in that respect <3).

My take on this morning's drama: for millions of people, this will mean one thing. They will have an opportunity to purchase healthcare that would otherwise be denied them because of a pre-existing condition or simply lack of means to buy it. This has been done through the private health insurance sector along lines many Republicans were proud of until very recently. And this is a good thing.

The fact that there is no constitutional issue in doing this federally, as opposed to by the states, also removes Mitt Romney's only argument in defense of his own almost identical law in Massachusetts. And so the GOP candidate will be running against his own record in his own state on no rational grounds whatever. And against a Chief Justice appointed by George W. Bush.

But that matters less to me than that someone in America who once had to suffer in silence may now get some help to tackle her health issues. For me, that's a moral principle. Much more needs to be done, specifically in restraining healthcare costs and reforming Medicare. But the core beginning of this process will be getting everyone in the same boat. That now seems unstoppable. So Obama's first term remains historic. And his re-election to cement this change essential.

Couldn't say it better myself.
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