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A man named Moe Lane... one of the spanking squires at Redstate... wrote the following after the Wisconsin recall election:

I would like to offer these words of comfort. When you progressive/liberal/Democratic activists look back on your quest to begin the Wisconsin recall movement, I want you to appreciate the amazing amount of work that you spent on it. You called. You networked. You wrote letters and blog posts. You contributed to opposition groups. You reached out, and found people like you, and you banded together to fight. You marched, and you stormed the state capital, and you were arrested.  And you kept going, and calling, and you put your time, your money, and every atom of your being on the line. For some of you, this was your finest moment. You fought for this. You fought so hard for this.  Oddly enough, I didn’t do any of that, but I won anyway. That’s because you suck, and I don’t.
Well, my friend...

You created an entire movement of crazy people who wore Revolutionary costumes through 90 degree heat and 2 feet of snow. You ran TV ads and radio ads and internet ads and ads you shaved into the backside of your platypus. You bombarded your Senators and Congressmen and Attorneys General with misspelled emails and profane phone calls. You went to town halls and threatened to shoot people... even shoot the President of the United States. You blamed old people and poor people and brown people... and gays (cause why not, right).  You worked yourselves into a rabid froth, then gloated and preened with your friends.

For some of you, this was your... well... moment.

And... you lost... 'cause the dude you were SURE was your guy... read the Constitution.

The only difference is... you won fighting to deny people a living wage... and I won fighting to prevent any American from having to go bankrupt over health care costs.

I'll let powers greater than me decided who sucks in this equation.

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