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Got a call from a friend I hadn't talked to in a while the other night, and near the end of the conversation the inevitable Indiana tag appeared, "So, you're still for that Obama guy, huh?" (snicker)

Me: "Absofuckinglutely! Why, what's your beef with him?"

Her: "He's a joke."

Me: "No really, what exactly do you have a problem with?"

Her: "He's making America socialist!"

Me: "In what way?" (killing myself with anticipation)

Her: "Well..."

She rambled along with all the usual trope about the deficit (hitting them with Bush keeping the wars off the books always throws them for a loop on this one) and a couple of viral emails that were supremely easy to crush, finally settling on the ACA. BINGO!!

"I remember when you were in college, you didn't have health insurance 'cause you were over 21 and your folks couldn't keep you on theirs. Don't you think that you'll feel better when ** goes to college that you can keep him on yours until he's 26, especially considering he (and you) will probably need to go for a couple extra years just to be able to afford it?"

Nerve struck.

"When you didn't have insurance, you used Planned Parenthood same as me. Don't you think it's a good idea to keep supporting that program, and to not charge women more for their insurance when they get it just because they're women?"


"And give me a call in August when you get that check from your insurance company refund."

Her- "Check?" (perked ears)

Me- "Yeah, see President Obama and the health care experts he consulted in building the ACA thought it was wrong that insurance companies only spent 45 - 65% of the money they took in on actual health care for the customers and the rest on administrative costs, including very generous bonuses. Now at the end of the fiscal year, they have to send you a check for the difference. That is at least 80 percent of the monthly premiums should go to health care and 20 percent to administration."

Her: By way of hubby in background "I still don't like the way he looks."

Me: "That's 'cause you're a bigot **, and there's nothing President Obama can do about that."

I think I may have if not changed, def turned a mind in the right direction. Give it a try, 'cause we HAVE to have his back on this one.

Note- Most of the facts can be found here, the rest ya'll know 'cause you're smart.

Crossposted at The Political Carnival.

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