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I have a hunch that you right wingers who have the time to post on blogs and message boards about the evils of "Obamacare" are neither very rich nor very powerful.  You right winger bloggers and/or your children are statistically and unavoidably destined, just as everyone else in the middle class, to suffer a serious or even catastrophic illness at a time when you may have been laid off and lost your employer-supplied insurance, or perhaps are otherwise low on funds since illness and bad luck does not discriminate on the basis of class or political persuasion. In such circumstances, I assume you right wingers will voluntarily suffer and allow your children to suffer - and even die rather than ask the government to help.

I ask you right wingers now to take an oath that you will willingly allow your children to die of disease in the event that you or they lose  heath insurance and/or lack the funds for needed treatment. For example, treatment for leukemia costs about $20,000 per month for medicine. I want to see you right wingers openly swear to refuse help from the government if you happen to find yourselves  unemployed, and without health insurance. Or assume this hypothetical: You were laid off from your job and when you were uninsured, you and your family had a freak auto accident causing you to become crippled while your children became disfigured. Now I suppose if you had a spare $500,000 under the circumstances where you were uninsured, you might be able to afford the treatment and surgery  to avoid ending up a permanent quadriplegic yourself,  and to save your two  daughters from growing up to look like scary freaks with unremedied scars on their faces. Let me hear your pledge to not beg for your government to help you and your daughters because in your mind, it is more important to save money for those you have been hypnotized into calling "job creators" (who are in fact rich, and will never need government's help) than to use public money to provide you and your family with the money you would need in a situation such as that in my hypothetical.

I suspect that the very rich have brainwashed all of you middle class right wingers, and turned you into suckers  who robotically carry water for them, and who waste your energy arguing for their benefit (and for your detriment); and we liberals watch with pity as you suckers bellow  the lines written for you by the people you worship as "job creators," stridently telling all who will listen that it was a horrible sin against your God given liberty when the democratically elected officials of the  United States government reached the conclusion that the right to life and health should not be apportioned based on inherited wealth (e.g., Romney) or good fortune in business, or great athletic gifts, etc.; and that since all of the ordinary (i.e., not rich) citizens  (and their children) are equally likely (from a statistical point of view)  to get cancer, heart disease, spinal injuries, arthritis, diabetes, crohn's disease, etc. at a time when they are financially vulnerable, provisions should be made to cover the costs of essential health care for all of the citizens-even those who are too stupid to recognize the need for insurance or that the health, job and wealth they have today are ethereal.

Speaking of God given rights-let us agree that we can use the term "God" to refer to our birthright without arguing who gave us those rights. I can see why you hate us liberals. Unlike you right wingers,  to us liberals, our children are dear to us, and we prefer allowing government funds to be used to foster their good health, education and well being instead of  helping the "job creators" drain more money out of the ecconomy; and we do believe there is a God given right, but rather than it being to some vague (and in the case of what you call "Obamacare," a misapplied concept) of liberty, it is a God given right to live and be healthy, and for our children to live and be healthy. It also is a right to have illness and diusease treated as if we were rich.  Obviously, based on your arguments, you believe your God deprived you of those rights. I appologize for being blunt, but think your God sucks.

Now I know you like to talk about debt and burdening our children. How noble of you. Yet I must remind you that all of you right wingers thought it was just dandy for your children and gandchildren to pay the debt for an gratuitous and fraudulently induced war in Iraq as well as the other fiscal foolishness we saw in the time of Bush II that you all cheered. Let me confess: We liberals think it is ok to give our children life and good health today, even if there might theoretically be a debt to pay later since the alternative for them may be that there never would be a later. Right wingers-do you see the difference?

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