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We've heard from Weatherdude that he will have to pay steep tuition to keep up his studies.  You all know that he's a great writer.  He writes lots of weather diaries, and some other diaries that are also interesting to read.  He's studying political science, a field not well known for graduates finding work that makes it easy to pay off student loans, and gets out in three semesters.

As gratitude for a job well done over the years, I proposed a fundraising diary to raise some money, and he accepted.  

If we raise $15,000 to $17,000, Weatherdude will not have to go deeper into debt to finish his education.  That is pie-in-the-sky, I know.  If we raise less, well, everything helps -- he'd be happy with "less than a fraction of that".  Again, please note that he is studying political science, and to add another Kosmopolitan to fight on our side during the political battles is almost beyond price.  

I have to move to a cheaper apartment in a less convenient neighborhood next month so that my income meets my expenses, but even so I found $10 to give.  Most of you can probably find something to give as well.

If you appreciate his work and would like to help him get through school, please send Weatherdude a gift showing your gratitude in monetary form.  His PayPal address is

UPDATE:  Rec list!

UPDATE:  Just a reminder that even $6,000 would pay a lot of tuition and Weatherdude has said that a fraction of the $16,000 would be great.  

For most of us, even $6,000 is a whole lot of money.  But please remember that it's not a lot for the Heritage Foundation, who recruits wingnuts out of college.  It's not even a lot for many of the parents of the liberal folks who are working unpaid internships on our side of the aisle in hopes of becoming the bankster-friendly "liberal"  on CNN some decade.  For us, we should do what we can.  

UPDATE:We raised $508.67 as of 9:32 AM PDT (12:32 PM EDT)!!!

Originally posted to Yamaneko2 on Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 07:08 AM PDT.

Also republished by Community Fundraisers, Cranky Users, and DK Grants.


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