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U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
Time to beef up security, dude. (Reuters)
They don't like Chief Justice John Roberts anymore.

All the fun, below the fold!

you hate the USA but we WON the cold war!!!

open a history book asshole and look up "cold War". are we now communist? No, so please take your communist "presiden" and mail him back to cuba.we are not the Soviet union but we are the US of fucking A! you want some marxist paradise run by blacks and homos but  we want FREEDOM adn GOD (worst enemys of liberals)! Do you know we have 2nd amendment? so you can't put us into hitler-style concentration camps.We've seen Hitler in action so we know what happens when liberals run things.hitler is pretty bad for libs since he is proof of what liberalism does! The only people who vote for you are nazis and commies so enjoy your 20 % in Nov! I go to church, I own guns, I work for a living and I will NEVER live in the soviet union! Sorry libs!

Chief Justice John Roberts agrees we're all communist now. And he's white! You should try to impeach him.

Why are you liberals such idiots? It's really sad and embarrassing how you clowns continue to be brainwashed by your worthless president. Can't you think on your own? Oh wait, of course you can't because you liberal clowns are mindless robots programmed by your worthless president. Keep drinking the Nobama kool-aid losers............

Fox News viewers are more uninformed than people who don't listen to any news at all.

You were saying about "brainwashing"?

reinstatement unimportant......

My reinstatement is a pittance compared to what we have all discovered about Markos.
He is Not "one of us".
He is One of "Them".
Conmfirmed !

Damn. I'm busted.
NAZI supreme "court" SPITS on the CONSTITUTION!!!!!

Heil Hitler!!! Your fascist NAZI Supreme court has now thrown the US CONSTITUTION in the TRASH!!! The govt now has the LITERALLY UNLIMITED power to force the citizens tobuy whatever they want! Dont like guns? TOUGH!! Now we can makeyou buy them! We can also force you to buy cars, hats, and goddamn iphones if we want ACCORDING TO YOUR NAZI SUPREME COURT! There is now no more limiations on what the govt can do!Welcome to NAZILAND! The biggest NAZI traitor in the country is the lying,corrupt John Hitler Roberts! Roberts literally VIOLATED his duty to uphold the CONSTITUTION when he said the ObaNaziCare was UNCONSTITUTIONAL but still said the nazi law should stand?!!? How can something LITERALLY UNCOSNTITUTIONAL be law??? The answer is ROberts is a nazi who wants to destroy this country. Heres theproblem for nazi-Roberts: we all saw his betrayal of duty and we will all be witneses at his treason trial!!!And you wil stand byhis side! The people will not allwo "president" Obama and his pet judge Hitler Roberts to rape this country anymore!! I dont like romney but I will vote for him to stop the nazi regime of Obama&Roberts!!! Go to hell you nazi fuck and take Obamoron and Hitler Roberts with you!

Hey, here's an idea—why don't you guys try to impeach Roberts? We can't have any Hitlers on the Supreme Court!
justice roberts

justice roberts made omaba the largest tax hiker in history and said stated it is up to the public to vote in or out of omabacare ,basically roberts gave public to elect a decent person for president,but buttface omaba says it is not a tax but the court ruled is is a tax,the court screwed omaba twice,by getting voters to vote against omaba because no one insults the  united states supreme court,read it again.!!!!!!!!!

Ooops. You forgot to use the word "Nazi" in your email. Try again!

This week's hate mail is

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