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On the Friday morning after the Supreme Court upholds the Obamacare,  June 29, 2012, at 7:36:46 am EDT a CSPAN Washington Journal caller Charles from Wallkill, New York (70 miles North of NYC) actually was yelling about this decision.  The Host is Susan Swain and the guests are Robert Barnes and Susan Dentzer.

I created a transcript of the 2 minutes call.  It pretty well sums up the sum of all the conservatives fears.

1.  Degenerates will drive up health care costs for all of us.  We shouldn't have to pay for any degenerates who will not change their bad health behaviors.

2.  He's against anything that sounds like a tax.

3  He's afraid that his health care will be cut so others, who are much less worthy than him, can have better health care than he has.

4.  All government workers (21 million) in the USA have elite health care and elite lifestyles.

5.  This will take away what little freedoms he feels he has.  The government is becoming like the Third Reich is Nazi Germany.  He also mentions Gulags.  So somehow the USA is becoming fascist (ultra-right wing) and communist (ultra-left wing) state at the same time.

It's worth a look.  He was very emotional and very loud and nearly hyper-ventilating.

This call took place about 18 hours after the SCOTUS health care announcement and he was very shocked.

The discussion:

Susan Swain said:

"Wallkill, New York up next, Charles, Republican, good morning".

Charles from Wallkill, New York said:

"Good Morning, there is so many points that you guys have just lit up. ah, you know, ah, I called originally to say that this is somewhere between, ah, ah, mental gymnastics and sophistry on behalf of the court, there reputation, or, ah, you know, or standing politically, should now trump my civil rights as a citizen of a democracy, that's number one. We are not Switzerland".

"Number two. We are not a homogeneous society, we are a Quilt of Multi-Culturalism that no longer allows our democracy to function the way is was originally intended to. OK, we have no national ethic, therefore we cannot have one modality on something as, as, as universal, and as complicated as health care".
"Number three, I shouldn't have to pay for the degeneracy of people who do not take the most modicum and humble, ah, ah, you know, exercises in protecting their health, and this is a complete affront to me".

"Also, if it's a tax why am I being taxed on something if I don't buy it. And today the, ah, politicos are already calling it now a penalty. Okay, so the mental gymnastics of this alone exposes it's perversion and it's duplicity".

"This is completely Un-American on fundamental principles, and I don't care a farthing about my health care, okay, if it means you have to sacrifice your freedom and your rights for self-determination".

"This in not Nazi Germany, this is not Switzerland, and that comparison is like drawing a comparison between little Israel defending it's airports and the country as big as ours".

"It is a misnomer, it is a straw dog, it is mental masturbation, and it is insane. And we better get a grip on where we are going because all we did here was legitimize the elite status of the government workers to grab more of our money to pay for their elite lifestyles. They won't have to worry about their health care, they won't be told they can't go see a good doctor, it'll be the other people, people like me that are told you go to the right, you go to the gulag, and maybe you'll see a doctor and..."

Susan Swain said:

"Charles I'm going to interrupt you her before you need a doctor cause you're getting more would up. You made some important points here".

Originally posted to Churchill on Mon Jul 02, 2012 at 04:30 PM PDT.


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