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As you are undoubtedly aware, recently the Supreme Court--led by Bush appointee Chief Justice Roberts--ruled Obamacare as Constitutional. FREEDOM IS UNDER ATTACK!

Most of us are legally compelled to carry auto, mortgage, and professional insurance policies; now a stratospheric 6% of the adult population will be forced to purchase healthcare insurance with crushing penalties of up to $95 in 2014. LIBERTY IS UNDER SIEGE!

Fellow citizens, this is the greatest injustice wrought on the American people since the War of Northern Aggression. Our only recourse is to elect Mitt Romney in November so we can repeal this hideous, un-American bill first conceived by the conservative Heritage Foundation. DEMOCRACY IS UNDER FIRE!    

Now Mitt should be very familiar with Obamacare--he passed a virtually identical plan as Governor of Taxachusetts in 2006. Repealing the law is of the utmost importance, and we can't afford to have Governor Romney change his mind (again) when it comes to the crucial issue of not providing affordable healthcare to all. Let's be crystal clear in our entreaty to Mitt. Look at the provisions of Obamacare listed below and mark which ones YOU would most like to see repealed on the first day of a Romney Presidency:

- Increased Medicare rebates for seniors
- Allowing children to stay on their parent’s coverage until the age of 26
- Eliminating lifetime maximum limits of insurance benefits
- Rendering illegal the ability of an insurance company to drop a client once they get sick
- Ending denial of coverage due to preexisting condition

Friends and Patriots, it sickens me to report that due to Obamacare, insurance companies already may not discriminate based on disability, or because the insured has been the prior victim of domestic abuse.  WHO DOES OBAMA THINK HE IS TO DENY INSURANCE COMPANIES THE ABILITY TO NOT COVER A WOMAN BECAUSE A SPOUSE BEAT HER!?! My heart aches for what has happened to our Republic, friends. You know what this is: SOCIALISM.

Did you know that if Obamacare goes into effect, Congress and Congressional staff will only be offered the same insurance people in the insurance exchanges receive rather than Federal Insurance? Citizens will no longer be footing the health care bills of our elected officials who strive to deny others coverage. How will our leaders lead knowing their insurance is no better than that of the common people?

It gets worse.  For years America has led the world in artificial tans, and now our supremacy is in doubt thanks to Obamacare's crippling 10% surcharge on tanning salons. Can our tanning industry survive? The one person most qualified to judge, Speaker Boehner, sure doesn't think so.

Proud citizens, I trust Governor Romney right down to his Celestial Undergarments, but let's face it: the man has a hard time making up his mind. Write him today and tell him unequivocally the American people will not stand for:

-Limiting how much insurance companies can spend on marketing, profits, and executive bonuses instead of actually providing healthcare services
-Rebates for those in the 'Medicare Gap'
-Lower costs through pre-emptive care on items like mammograms, colonoscopies and prostate screenings--none of which may require copays or deductibles

Think back to those dark days when President Clinton passed increased marginal tax rates on high-income earners. REMEMBER THE DISMAL ECONOMIC CLIMATE OF THE 90s THAT FOLLOWED? You'd think Obama would have learned--the Dow just barely tripled under Clinton's stifling tax increases--but now he wants to pass an astronomical .9% tax increase on the 3% of the populaiton who earn but $200k or more. That is almost one whole percent--ALMOST ENOUGH TO BUY 1 FIRST CLASS TICKET TO GSTAAD, all wasted on affordable healthcare for all, including provisions that:

-Increase the amount you can deduct from your taxes for medical expenses
-Offer tax credits for small businesses
-Mandate companies of 50 or more employees offer insurance plans

My conservative friends, these are perilous times.  Please, act now, before it’s too late. Think of the children. But not the children with preexisting health conditions,...don't think of them. And don't think of poor kids, or those with families that went broke paying out-of-pocket because they couldn't get coverage. On second thought, don't think of kids at all. Think of yourself. Think of yourself, unless you may one day get sick and need healthcare insurance.

Maybe you shouldn't think at all and just vote against Obamacare. It's what Republicans are counting on.

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