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A logo change just for tonight...I'm sure Miss Rachel will forgive me. ;D


As some little bird may have told y'all last week, this Friday {yes, the 13th :D} is my & my dearly beloved's 10 - year wedding anniversary. Tonight will be the only diary for this week because we'll be getting ready to head out of town tomorrow night & will be in Memphis, TN the rest of the week. No Graceland tour this time...once was ENOUGH. ;D

So, tonight's diary will be peppered with sappy wedding pics, stories, and music in addition to "normal" diary fare. A link to the entire PhotoBucket album is here. How 'bout some wedding cake?


By the way, this cake was made by my Culinary Institute of America pastry chef trained SIL - 3 flavors...vanilla, chocolate, and lemon. YUMMERS! :D

How 'bout some "this day in history"? On this date in 2004, a Senate Intelligence Committee report concluded the CIA had provided unfounded assessments of the threat posed by Iraq that the Bush administration relied on to justify going to war.


A gal can dream, can't she?! Let's go back to more happy thoughts. :)


A big number of birthdays for today are equal in the wiener department, so let's move to SPARK. :D I've had some tasty pie in my life but DAMN! Considering the climate in Alabama on a whole host of subjects, the Virgin Mary might want to change travel plans. How 'bout one of these recipes to make beer not taste like how horse pee smells? Stimpy would be all over this weather maker - or breaker!

Finally, I can only imagine the hilarity at my wedding had we had this beverage option. ;D


On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Thurston/Lovey 2012" - Congress is going to debate yet again the abortion ban for our nation's capital. Remember, it's all about jobs jobs jobs! The House is going to try to repeal "Obamacare" AGAIN since it worked so well the last time since it, too, is all about jobs jobs jobs. And, it would seem the presumptive MENSA nominee has more coin outside of this country as opposed to in the country he wants to be POTUS of.
{Damn sound keeps cutting out on my show feed}
Today, President Obama proposed a 1 - year extension of the GWB tax cuts for only those of us earning less than $250K/year - which I'd wager is the majority of y'all reading tonight. MENSA folk want EVERYONE to get a tax cut; they'd really really like it if the cuts for the super rich became permanent. The tax cuts for the rest of us are negotiable. Some lady in a blue dress (no, not Monica) asked for a VIP entrance to a Mittens fundraiser this past weekend. She & those like her can stick her VIP up her ASS. Aren't there usually a lot of rich folk in the Hamptons? Why are these rich folk such a big damn deal? OOOooooo...I will take that red Ferrari that was mentioned, though! :D Some folk at that fundraiser don't think college students or nail techs are smart enough to know what's going on in the world to vote. Yea, well, neither are tea baggers, but I'll let them vote if they're eligible.

[OK, I'm going to try restarting my computational machine to see if the feed improves. I hopefully won't miss too much.]

"Tipping Point?" - We get Richard Engel coming up? Kewl! If I missed a guest in the last segment, please let me know. Soldiers are beginning to defect in Syria or are not showing up for their expected service. Well, they will all be dead soon if Assad has his way. He won't stop until everyone's dead. And, Richard's in studio; it's good to see him safe! :D He was IN SYRIA?! I didn't think the government allowed any journalists there.

{Audio is still cutting out; my computer's about to sprout wings. *&^%$#@!} In the meantime, here's my Dad & I on July 13, 2002. :D


"A Tale of Twin Cities" - Oh, there's Senator Kennedy back in 1980; I don't remember it much while it was actually happening but have sure seen the speech a whole lot since then. :) Back in 2008, the MENSA folk got together in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area & showed their little 9/11 snuff film. Remember that? *&^%$#@! Ron Paul had some sort of "shadow convention" at the same time that was a big 'ol hit. He's gonna have another shadow event down in FL but might not be quite so well attended; a whole mess of Ron Paul folk will try to probably make mischief in Tampa! ;D If he gets a plurality of votes in NE, he'll get to talk for 15 minutes & have his name put in for nomination. Mittens will just LOVE that! He'll blow a gasket or something! ;D

"Wedge of Allegiance" - I like WEDGIE of allegiance my own self. ;D And, there's MA - home of the Kennedys, the ORIGINAL tea party, and lobster rolls. :D Mittens is getting dissed in 1 of his home states although we've not heard word one about his time as Governator during the campaign from his pie hole. ;D

{{{I'm giving up the ghost on the mystery of the craptacular feed for tonight's show. If y'all could catch me up to speed in comments, I'd appreciate it.}}}

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Jul 09, 2012 at 06:51 PM PDT.

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