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"Welcome to the rest of our lives" is the latest video from someone who should be one of the world's most important videographers, Peter Sinclair (or Greenman3610).

Peter has, for years now, focused his efforts on confronting global warming denialism and providing stark evidence of the truth that shows denialist arguments to be deceptive fraud.  His "Climate Crock of the Week" have become must watching for those actually concerned about understanding the truth about fossil-foolish anti-science arguments.

"Welcome to the rest of our lives" does not present denialst arguments, doesn't deal with Republican anti-science syndrome hatred of a livable environmental system, doesn't dissect poor science, but provides an overview of the situation of where we are in terms of current weather conditions and changing climate ... and links what we are seeing today to what will happen in the future.

In contrast to George Will's flippant assertion that this is simply "summer" in action, the truth is simple.

Look out the window.

You see climate change in action.

There is nothing in this video (after the fold) that is news to me -- nothing -- yet it literally brought tears to my eyes in frustration over the utter inability (unwillingness) of our (local, national, international) political / economic / social systems to deal with climate change in anything approaching sane approaches and fear as to where we are heading.

This is a 8:30 minute video ...

It is 8 minutes and 30 seconds of must watching and listening ...

I cannot say that you will be glad to have watched this ...

But you should ...

[Consider taking a second and uprating the video on youtube]

This is truth about the world that we have created for ourselves and a dire foretelling of where we are going ...

The most terrifying element: "Welcome to the rest of our lives" is an optimistic perspective.  

Decades from now, the heat wave of 2012 will almost certainly look to be a "cool" summer ...

Unless we have significant change, Exxon's CEO's comment that "we will adapt" to this "engineering problem" with "engineering solutions" might be the best we can hope for -- as we drive ourselves into a dystopian future that will represent a potentially unstoppable downward spiral for human civilization.


PS:  For a video providing stark reality as to climate change, this PBS News Hour item on Texas water merits watching.

Originally posted to Climate Hawks on Mon Jul 09, 2012 at 09:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by DK GreenRoots and Climate Change News Roundup.

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