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         It sucks to be a victim. Even more so, when the person (Mitt Romney) whose company (Bain Capital) stole your company, destroyed your career and took your life savings is So Powerful - he's actually a candidate for POTUS. But, because he is SO powerful and has a such a lust for power & money - others are finally spreading the word. However, no matter how strong the victims evidence is (we even have confessions to acts of Perjury & intentional Frauds) - it is only True evidence - when somone else way more important says so.

         Just a few hours ago, Talking Points Memo (TPM) released evidence that we have been aware of for 11 1/2 years. That Mitt Romney "WAS" CEO of Bain Capital in 2001. Their source is non other than the irrefutable public docket records of the SEC. In the TPM wonderful article entitled "No, Romney Didn’t Leave Bain in 1999" it states;

"The gist of the disagreement comes down to this: There’s no question that numerous public filings and some contemporaneous press references say Romney was still running things at Bain after 1999. But his campaign insists that whatever securities filings may have said, in practice, he was so busy running the 2002 Winter Olympics that he actually had no role at Bain after early 1999. That’s possible in theory. But there’s no evidence for it besides self-interested claims by Romney. And there’s plenty of documentary evidence to the contrary. After all, what you tell the SEC is really supposed to be true".

Previous Details of Romney's Camp Lying About Bain Cap CEO status

       Here's our some of our previous Diaries (here) & (here) on this very issue with details of President Obama's Campaign website "Keeping GOP Honest".

       Next to the SEC proof, is Obama's campaign's link to the Washington Post Story appropriately titled "Cash, Advice on Tap at Romney's Old Firm". Where Mitt Romney's very own attorney (who is in charge of that surreptitious "Blind Family Trust" created in 2003) - states;

Malt [R. Bradford], who was designated by the campaign to address Romney's time at Bain, said Romney finally resigned and reduced his role at the company to that of a passive investor in 2001 when it became clear that he was going to run for Massachusetts governor after the Olympics. The campaign declined to comment further.

SEC Proof that Mitt Romney States he was CEO of Bain Capital 2001

         What TPM points out so clearly, is that Mitt Romney either lied to the SEC (yes, it would be Perjury) - or, Mitt Romney is Lying now. So, what is it that he could be hiding from so much (we have been telling everyone here for years - that it is the eToys case - but more on that in a minute). So, without anything else holding us up and the previous notes by Vanity Fair on Sankaty in Bermuda (another item we have barked upon forever) - you can go to the SEC filings in 2000 (here) & 2001 (here) to see items like this;


         Mr. W. Mitt Romney, in his capacity as sole shareholder, sole
director, Chief Executive Officer and President of Bain Investors VI, Bain
Capital, Brookside Investors Inc. and Sankaty Investors II and in his capacity
as sole shareholder, a director and President of Sankaty Ltd may be deemed to
share voting and dispositive power with respect to the shares held by CLEC
Direct pic link

What Mitt Romney is REALLY Hiding From in 2001

        For 11 1/2 years, we have been trying to get Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital indicted for the massive federal frauds in the eToys 2001 federal case. We not only have overwhelming & irrefutable proof - we also have confessions by Bain Capital's (secret) attorneys that they "intentionally" lied under oath. Then allowed those lies to stay in the docket record and take their chance on - whether or not - they would get caught.

      However, we have run into massive power centers so strong, that they actually corrupted the Department of Justice in Delaware. Colm Connolly  was a partner in the Bain Capital law firm until August 2, 2001 - when GWB nominated him for the position of United States Attorney in Delaware. You can go to the direct links of our color chart painting a clear picture (here) & (here). But the biggie issue is the fact that;

               Mitt Romney resigned as CEO of Bain Capital August 2, 2001

      All you have to do is Google/ Bing my name and Bain or eToys etc. You will see I've been fighting these bas'turds for over a decade. Sam Adams said to tyranny, cronyism & corruption - all one can do - is speak the truth Loud & Often.

                                     That is how I've been rolling for a decade!

Conclusion - Bain Capital 2001 Frauds has Romney Scared

  For some inexplicable reason, there's many Laser haters out there/ here. I really don't know why, I am a nice guy! Be that as it may, you can hate the messenger, but ignoring the message (which is getting vindication - over & over - again & again); would simply be foolish. Bain Capital perpetrated massive federal frauds by Paul Traub & MNAT - who confessed (in part); but got a slap on the wrist. This was because an MNAT law partner (Colm Connolly) was made the United States Attorney the very day that Mitt Romney resigned as CEO of Bain Capital. Who then refused - for 7 years - to investigate or prosecute his former partners & clients.

        Instead, everyone should be taking this bull by the horns. No one really listens to a victim. It is the cruel, inherent instincts within us. But the issues here are far more important than either you or I. This is a battle for the Presidency of the United States of America. If we don't nail Mitt Romney & Bain Capital for their bull [c]hit - Romney will continue his lying thieving ways right into the White House chair. Where he will pick his very own henchman as the Attorney General of the United States and make what Bush & Cheney did with Haliburton - look like child's play.

                        Then each and every one of U.S. will be his victims!


Do you believe Laser Haas now?

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