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PPTS has seen a consistent success, as measured by one (the most important to me, as PD/Host) significant statistic. Every single week since our inception, this show has increased in the number of listeners. After 15 episodes, we are now over 3,000 listeners. It should also be noted that, every month since the show's inception, that listener count has consistently grown. A trend has developed, and identified. We want to continue that trend.

Many of those listeners are, thankfully, also Kossacks. As the show has developed, we have added a co-host/Producer, "Progressive Patty". It is her voice that listeners (as of Episode #15) will hear first each week. This is a dramatic improvement value for the show! It is she who monitors, and prepares every live caller each week. It is she who cares for our live chat room each week.

PPTS also has collected to the fold a new, and ridiculously qualified Research Director, "Progressive Becky". It is her work virtually every "off-air" moment which makes the next show, and future shows, and follow up from previous shows, possible. Because of her, this show provides factually based, statistically driven episodes. Her expertise is in research, not in topics. She is very, very good at it. We are very lucky to have her volunteer services available to us each and every week, and especially in light of some pretty intense RL circumstances. While you will most likely not see her words here, have no doubt that you will most certainly see her work in the group diaries--regularly.

For reasons unique unto themselves, each of which I have accepted as reasonable, these pseudonyms were created to protect their real identities only. Interestingly enough, neither of these dedicated associates actually IS a Kossack, but rather dedicated, committed and engaged Progressives in their own communities who give of their time, talent and treasure to the show because they do truly believe in the show, and what it is we are attempting to do.

Their work for, and on the show is completely transparent, visible, obvious, and unimaginably treasured. It is because of their dedication that I have considered making the show a permanent fixture, not only over at Blog Talk Radio (BTR), but here at The Daily Kos as well.  

Follow me just below the squiggledoodlethingey fold, and I will explain, and ask for your support, your help, and your participation.

In the latest (and final) iteration of PPTS, I have created a PPTS group here at the Great Orange Satan. It is only appropriate that the activities which originated the need for this program should come full circle, and find a home here as well.

The show actually does have its own Blog, and it's own members, supporters...and even it's very own nation! The show deserves, I believe, a presence here at the true home of PPTS. Today it has one. I have created a KOS group for the show. You will find it here.

I will admit that, if there is one glaring deficiency in PPTS, it is in the work of its host. Beyond that, other and usual "beginning" obstacles, difficulties and road bumps have been pretty well overcome.

One remains, but that is the fault of equipment which I own. This is the equipment I own, because this is the equipment I can afford. It's good equipment, don't get me wrong. Without it, the show simply could not happen. I am grateful to have it, because I can participate through PPTS with the local, state, and national dialogues which are so imperative in our current times.

Some of the difficulties were initially overcome by upgrading the show itself within the Blog Talk Radio network itself to allow live callers, and a live chat room. This upgrade necessitated a monthly cost which I could begin, but cannot sustain on my own. For that purpose, the show had a fundraising event. That event had one donation, from a Kossack, that helped to pay for one month's costs. We do not have independent funds to sustain the costs the show does incur each month. Therefore, I fear that my intention of having only one annual fundraiser for the show must be set aside, in favor of at least another fundraiser here at the show's home. More on that soon.

The show depends upon the support of its listeners to continue to exist. Listeners should support the activities they not only agree with, but contribute to by their listenership. This I believe. Had I wished to splat my voice across the air waves for my purposes, I would have created an entirely different show, and show format, I can guarantee you. Such was not the case with PPTS, which began to give Progressives an outlet within the national dialogue. That, I absolutely DO believe to be correct.

There have been requests to post the show here. Why? I don't get it. Every single episode of PPTS is archived (a benefit of the upgrade) on the show site, and is entirely available (as the numbers are proving) to anyone, globally, with an internet connection. Posting episodes here would be unnecessarily repetitive, in my view. So, for any show, from episode to our last episode (#16),  just go to the show site and scroll down to the episode you wish to hear, and click. Easy-peasy.

However, we WILL report here, weekly, with two reports. One will recap the latest episode (as requested by Kossacks--which is why we are doing it, btw). That update will be posted on Tuesday of each week, and will hopefully encourage the response, and activism of Progressives. The other, filed here each week on Thursdays, will highlight the show's next episode. I will explain the title and nature of the coming episode, and why I believe this episode should be realized. Hopefully, with a little advanced warning, you too will want to listen in, call in, and chat. PPTS is on the radar of the other side already. While I find that some perverse confirmation of the show's intent, it also highlights the necessity of having more Progressive voices to counter the tomfoolery. I hope yours will be one such voice.

I need your help, if you are willing to give it. I would love for Kossacks to join this group, and offer not only comments to show posts, but diaries (either by writing specifically for this group, or in response to the episodes from your own Progressive perspective where YOU live) as Editors of this group.

If you would like to help PPTS, one way is to help us with relevant information. You can do that by becoming a member of this group, and sign up as an editor. That would really help a lot.

The first diary, specifically for this group, will appear within the next 24 hours, and will "open" with the final list of opportunities that anyone can use to participate with/in/for the show. That will include a site where you, or anyone can donate to help keep the show not only on the air, but relevant to the current discussion. Yes, I hope you will do that. I do not apologize for asking. I hope you will take no offense in my asking. Any amount will help. Sustaining memberships for monthly donors is available. Memberships for your gifts are possible, as well.

That's only reasonable, to me. I do believe in the show, what it stands for, and what it can provide to an important national dialogue by offering the unique Southern Progressive voice.

I hope you will, too. The motto for PPTS is the same as my own personal motto, and I offer it to you now:

"What are YOU going to do about it?"

Originally posted to An American Citizen on Wed Jul 11, 2012 at 02:18 PM PDT.

Also republished by "Progressive Politics:Tennessee Style" (PPTS), Three Star Kossacks, and Southern Action.

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