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Though much of the news is about Romney getting booed at the NAACP Convention today, not available, except on the convention webcast site (hope someone makes it into a youtube) is the man who spoke after Mittens.

We've seen photos of the faces in the audience while Mittens patronized and dissed.  Mallyroyal asked us to caption one.

But no where in the press have I read even one reference to the powerful preaching of the Rev Dr. William Barber, President of the North Carolina NAACP.

It isn't even easy to link to.

You have to go to the livecast archive, and once you get there, to the Plenary Session: Civic Engagement (Mittens spoke first) click on the link to "Introduction of Panel" Reverend Dr. William Barber, II. which is in a smaller box on the right below the main screen.


Thanks to dewtx we have video!

Rev. Barber gives a history lesson, brings the crowd to their feet, and tears Mittens a new one.

*I have found no transcript—but even if I did there is no way that words on a page can capture the cadences of the black church and the power of his activist preaching.

* We have a transcript now thanks to TrueBlueMajority (see below the fold)

His sermon had one main message, "if we ever needed to vote we sure do need to vote now".

Do yourself a favor and listen to this brother.

I'm pissed cause as usual, Romney gets a photo op, and the activist message of black folks is ignored.  

If you have never heard him preach—here's a short sample:

He was one of the strongest voices in NC against Amendment One.

November 12, 2011 - Reverend Dr. William J. Barber responds to a proposed North Carolina constitutional amendment that would restrict the liberties of minority couples in the state. This video is an excerpt from Dr. Barber's keynote address at the 2011 Equality North Carolina Conference which took place on the campus of UNC Greensboro.
So if you get a chance—go listen.

I'm headed back to listen to it again, and praying someone will find a way to get his message out to folks who didn't hear him today.

Transcript provided by TrueBlueMajority

There are a couple of words and names I couldn't figure out, and I am getting sleepy now.  But this speech was so inspiring I just listened to it over and over and made this transcript in the hope that we can get some attention for this diary and this speech tomorrow

Put it in the body of the diary if you want.

    The Rev. Dr. William Barber, II
    Charge to the 103rd Annual Convention of the NAACP
    July 11, 2011

    Good morning, NAACP
    we certainly thank God for his grace
    and to our Chair who has called us to be the face of hope
    our President and CEO who has charged us to remind ourselves
    that there are more with us than there are against us
    to all the members of the National Political Action Committee
    and to all the members of the staff
    and to our vice chair and this convention chairman

    Why are we here this morning in this plenary
    and not in a workshop on voting rights?

    In the testimony circle of my faith tradition
    the saints often declare
    if we ever needed the Lord we sure do need him now
    I want to in the tradition of the hip hop tradition
    sample from that faith tradition and say
    if we ever needed to vote
    we sure do need to vote now

    for us the right to vote is not just a constitutional matter
    but a right borne out of struggle out of sacrifice
    and a gift from the God of justice
    who 2600 years ago had his prophet say to every nation
    you must do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before your God
    and 2000 years ago had his Son say
    that the least of these must be at the center of public policy

    think for a moment where we are in the time in which we are in
    and you will understand why
    if we never ever needed to vote we sure do need to vote now
    here we are today, Sister Dukes
    393 years since the first ship landed in Virginia to bring slaves
    here we are Sister Coleman
    where 242 years ago Crispus Attucks was the first African American
    to die fighting for this country
    236 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence
    225 years since the Constitution was adopted
    225 years since we were fractionized in that Constitution
    and called three-fifths of a person
    183 years since Mexico outlawed slavery
    and 176 years since Texas revolted
    because they wanted to keep their slaves
    163 years since Harriet Tubman escaped slavery
    160 years since Frederick Douglass
    since somebody just quoted him
    actually delivered in his...
    actually delivered in his 4th of July speech
    that America's July 4th celebrations were fraud bombast hypocrisy
    until America did right by the sons and daughters of slaves
    149 years since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation
    147 years since the end of the Civil war
    142 years since the ratification of the 15th Amendment
    118 years since the riots of Wilmington North Carolina to stop black political power
    108 years since the riots in Springfield Illinois
    68 years since Smith v. Allwright opened up primaries for black people
    68 years since Primus King was denied the right to vote in Georgia in a primary
    58 years since Brown v. Board of Education
    57 since the brutal murder of Emmitt Till
    52 since the sit ins in Greensboro organized by A&T and Bennett students
    46 years after Barbara Jordan was the first African American to sit in the Texas Senate
    48 years since Fannie Lou Hamer said there comes a time
    when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired
    51 years since Dr. King said to the AFL CIO
    that the only voting bloc that could transform america
    would be for blacks and labor and poor whites and latinos
    to learn how to work together

    49 years since the murder of Medgar Evers
    49 years since the March on Washington
    49 years since the bombing of four girls in a Birmingham church
    48 years since the signing of the Civil Rights Act
    47 years since Bloody Sunday
    47 years since the Voting Rights act
    47 years since Malcolm X was killed
    44 years since students at South Carolina State were massacred
    44 years since the assassination of Martin Luther King
    44 years since the signing of the Fair Housing Act
    43 years since conservatives dismantled the Office of Economic Opportunity
    43 years since my parents fought to integrate public schools

    3 years since Barack whose name means Praise the Lord
    was sworn in to be President of these United States

    8 years since James Johnson was wrongfully incarcerated
    6 years since John [Menier?] was wrongfully incarcerated
    One year since Troy Davis was murdered by the state
    4 months and 11 days since the shooting of Trayvon Martin
    4 months since the secret documents revealed by the National Organization on Marriage
    that they started the same sex marriage fight not for moral reasons
    but to split the black and LGBT community
    in order to defeat President Obama
    We have been through too much
    and seen too much
    and fought for too much
    If we ever needed to vote...!
    that's why you're here

    but there's one more piece
    not only have we been through too much
    there's still too much to fight
    27.4% of African Americans in poverty
    12 million children red yellow black and white in poverty
    27 million Americans unemployed
    14% of African Americans unemployed
    49 million Americans uninsured
    1 out of every 5 African Americans uninsured
    one million African Americans incarcerated

    Politicians can say "elect me and I'll take your healthcare"
    "elect me and I'll take your voting rights"
    "elect me and I'll take your social security"
    "elect me and I'll resegregate your public schools"
    "elect me and I'll ignore your poverty"
    and still get votes!

    Here we are
    22 million African Americans eligible to vote
    and yet 8 million didn't vote
    1% of the population controls 42% of the wealth
    10% of the population controls 93% of the wealth
    117 days until election day

    and across this nation there are tough times
    we've seen an implosion of our economy
    despite the evidence there are those who want to give pity to billionaires
    and inflict more pain on the poor
    we see politicians that pander to bigots and race baiting
    those who have been forced to get on welfare
    never in history has so much money been spent to resist equality
    the gross sums of money being spent to take us backwards
    is lewd, is pornographic is blatant and is arrogant

    these are troubling times
    corporation are treated like people
    people are treated like things
    banks get bailouts from loans with our money with no interest
    and the banks turn around
    and lend us our money back to us with interest
    these are critical times
    and if we ever needed to vote
    we sure do need to vote now
    I don't know if Republicans are going to show up
    I don't know if Democrats are going to show up
    but the sons and daughters of slaves we better the hell show up!
    That's why we're here

    Our parents did more with less than we have today
    with less they beat slavery
    with less they beat Jim Crow
    with less they beat lynching
    with less they beat the KKK
    with less Harriet Tubman got 500 slaves out of slavery
    she didn't have email
    she didn't have text facebook
    she didn't have [???]
    she didn't have texting
    she even know what Twitter was
    she didn't have a car
    but she had faith in God
    a 38 pistol on her side
    moss on the north side of a tree
    and a north star in the middle of the night
    she did more with less
    we must do more with more

    so from now until November
    email everybody you know
    tell em to show up
    cause if we ever needed to vote,
    we sure do need to vote now
    text everybody
    tell em to show up
    myspace everybody
    tell em to show up
    take some of them friends you don't need to have off Facebook
    and get some real friends up there
    tell them to show up
    call everybody you know
    knock on everybody's door
    I don't know how to tweet
    but my children or daughter can tweet
    I told them to tweet tweet tweet,
    tweet tweet
    tweet every body you know!
    because God is not going to do for us what we can do for ourselves
    if we ever needed to vote,
    we sure need to vote now

    and when we do Leon what we are supposed to do
    God will show up
    God will bless our efforts
    he always has
    he always will
    when we work our faith
    miracles and movements
    faith is what you believe about God
    works is what you do because of what you believe about God
    faith without works is destitute and devoid
    but faith with works is dynamic and can change a destiny
    whenever we work our faith, God shows up
    when Moses stretched out his rod
    God showed up
    the wind came down
    the Red Sea opened up
    Pharoah was brought down
    when they marched around Jericho
    God showed up
    walls fell down
    when David threw the rock
    God showed up
    Goliath came down
    when Daniel
    went in the lions' den
    God showed up
    the lions calmed down
    when Esther
    went to see the King
    God showed up
    evil plans were turned around
    when a woman
    touched the hem of his garment
    God showed up
    blood disease slowed down
    when a boy
    gave the lord fish
    five loaves
    God showed up
    and a buffet came down
    when Jesus went to the cross God showed up
    Satan's kingdom was torn down
    early Sunday morning resurrection happened
    and the angels had a holy ghost throwdown

    when Thurgood Marshall went to the supreme court
    and America's segregation was brought down
    when Rosa Parks sat down
    God showed up
    Jim Crow had to step down
    if we vote
    the tea party will be voted down
    every time we put our faith and our works together
    evil is shut down
    God shows up!
    I got a question for the NAACP
    Do I have a witness?
    Won't God show up?
    Won't God show up?
    Won't God show up?
    What's in your hands?
    What's in your hands?
    Use what you got—
    God will give you what you need!
    Won't he show up?
    Won't he show up?
    If I was in North Carolina I'd say say yeah
    say yeah
    say yeah yeah yeah yeah
    now tell your neighbor, "neighbor
    if we ever needed to vote
    we sure enough sure enough sure enough
    need to vote!
    right now!"
    and God!


    While you are standing, get out your cell phones
    and text somebody right now
    and text them, if ever needed to vote
    we sure do need to vote right now
    in fact stand up when you text them,
    so the whole world can see

    or tweet tweet
    tweet, tweet it, tweet it!
    if you ever needed to vote
    if we ever need to vote
    we sure do need to vote right now
    cause God will not do for us
    he just won't do it
    what we have to do for ourselves
    but if we do our part, God will show up
    won't he show up?

    now, as you are seated
    in the tradition of faith that I am in, we have a charge
    but after the charge there is never a walking away
    the charge gives us clarity about "why"
    but there is always a strategy session on "how"
    cause we have to hook excitement to the strategy
    so now the strategy...

    he introduces the panel

Originally posted to Denise Oliver Velez on Wed Jul 11, 2012 at 08:30 PM PDT.

Also republished by Black Kos community, Barriers and Bridges, History for Kossacks, Invisible People, and I Vote for Democrats.

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