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This morning, during a DGA presser, Maryland Governor O'Malley introduced a new line of attacks against Mitt Romney : He pulled the Palin Card.


As you all know, in 2008, the McCain Campaign vetted Mitt Romney for VP and asked for his tax returns. According to various books, including Game Change, Mitt Romney sent many years of tax returns to the McCain Campaign. But after receiving them, the Campaign thought that Mitt Romney's tax returns would be too damaging to John McCain if he was picked to share the Republican ticket in 2008. So they went for then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Yeah, Sarah 'I don't read newspaper' Palin was chosen over Mitt 'I know how the economy works' Romney.

So it's not a surprise to see Governor Martin O'Malley leads the charge with this new line. O'Malley, during a presser in Virginia, warned American voters to be suspicious of the fact that John McCain had rather picked someone like Palin over Mitt Romney :

Via Buzzfeed

"What about running for the office of the presidency this year makes it less important than the job that he didn't get over Palin the last time around?" O'Malley asked BuzzFeed, referencing the 23 years of returns Romney allowed McCain to examine while he was being vetted but hasn't released to the public.

Pressed in an interview at the National Governors Association meeting here whether there would be anything in those returns that would disqualify Romney from the presidency, O'Malley said he doesn't know — and that's why Democrats want to see them.

"But why would you pick somebody — why would you pick Palin over Romney?" he asked.

"His failure to release those is a bit of an implicit admission of...guilt," he added, portraying Romney's own individual wealth as the result of the trickle-down theories he advocates for the rest of the country. "There might not be anything illegal about any of it, but it's certainly not a good economic theory — unless you're a Romney."

Good point. Why would the McCain Campaign consider Mitt Romney as frontrunner then suddenly drop him as fast as they could only after receiving his tax returns ? Unless of course there was something in it deemed as too damaging for McCain. Even more damaging that Sarah Palin and her stupidity.

Is Governor O'Malley right?

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