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Obviously, there has been much discussion and analysis of the quandary Mitt Romney now finds himself in . . . but it occurred to me that the best part of this is actually not what Mitt Romney isn't saying, but what he is saying.

Mitt Romney's dogged determination that he was NOT associated with Bain Capital, the firm he founded and the entire basis of his business expertise, during the period starting after February 1999 and extending through 2002 is basically an admission on his part that the things that Bain Capital did during this period were bad.

And with that simple admission, he has ceded quite a bit of territory to President Obama.

He has denied himself the "attacking capitalism" line, because his actions are just screaming out that he is ashamed of what occurred. That there is something unusual about what occurred. That he is willing to risk his entire candidacy in a desperate attempt to escape association with what occurred. And in so doing, he has in effect, self-deported himself from the mainstream of America and made himself a pawn of the Obama campaign.

One of the central things required to make people vote against their own interests is to convince them that everything that big business does is ultimately for the good of everyone, and that big business is so very complicated, only the chosen few can possibly understand. But in the case of Bain, it is difficult to explain how closing plants and outsourcing jobs is a "good thing".

And even though the Romney campaign is trying valiantly to once again bamboozle us all with BS, their statements and their body language give them away. . . even us non-business types can understand that . . . fear . . . avoidance . . . dishonesty.

Even the desperate attempts by the corporate media to dismiss and repair the Romney campaign's bungling attempts to explain away the unexplainable only serve to dig the whole deeper . . . and expose the empty, craven nature of the "news" that most folks no longer trust anyway.

The Obama campaign's release of two commercials this weekend which seemed to have almost anticipated Mr. Romney's whining and disingenuous responses even before he gave them are simply the cherry on top, or to keep with our 11 Dimension Chess Analogy . . .


Edited to add: Thanks to all who took the time to read and rec this . . . much appreciated!

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