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Weather affects us all!
With the new Image Library feature, available to subscribers/Lifetime Members (Hey, that's ME!), one of the options now available to me is to download my own personal photos (jpeg, gif, png) files for use in both diaries and comments.

I brought this one from my personal computer to this diary, for instance.

A. I opened a new diary.

B. I clicked on the Image Queue, located on the right side of my options sidebar (right) of the new Diary page.

C. I clicked on "Upload Files".

D. I chose this picture from my personal computer files.

E. The picture downloaded to MY image library.

F. I created the caption "Weather affects us all!

G. I created a use w/attribution license.I chose to embed the pic into my Diary--A Word. All images will embed to the diary at the top of the intro box. You have size and wrap options available. Depending on the size or wrap option you choose, the image will load according to those choices. But it will ALWAYS load to the top of the intro box.

H. Also notice the permission/attribution to the original photo itself, at the bottom left of the image. That's where I purchased it from. That has to stay in the photo when it appears.

So now, I will play with  few photos, etc. from my pc to examine their utility with this feature, just below the squggledoodlethingey fold.

PPTS Logo, created by me for the radio show.

The logo for "Progressive Politics:Tennessee Style" (PPTS) radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

NB: This diary is a reaction to the release of the new Daily Kos Image Library feature today. It is a result of the excellent diary explaining the basics of the new technology by Kos himself today.

Okay, I think this is completely awesome! In previous PPTS posts/diaries, the logo has come in very small, and all squished (yes, fellow Kossack, you may use my terminology, too!) up. Following the steps outlined in the intro, the image came into this diary at the top of the intro box. (I hadn't seen it yet.) But, it was in "Lightbox" format. That is a change to it's natural pixellation, yet the total size of the new image is LESS than it is on my PC.  

I also made the image useable only by myself. Who else would want to use the logo I created? If someone does, they can ask me. I do not yet know if this option makes the image "Rip-Proof" on Kos. My presumption is that it does. But, I also notice other photo enhancement here that is not (purposely, I might add) on the original image. If I had gotten the image from another source where it currently resides (not on my PC, but rather from photobucket), the image would look very nearly the same, but with different colors. The image uploader also sharpened the image, changed the parameters OF the image, while keeping the dimensional perspective ratios! That's just very cool!

The final thoughts on putting this image at this point in the Diary. I was also able to manipulate the caption after placing the image here, by adding italics, bolding and a link. That is really helpful, too.


Let's try another, shall we?

Okay, this time I kind of went nuts! I uploaded all the picture files from the last episode of PPTS on Sunday, July 15th, 2012. Five images came into my library for this diary. There's a lot to say about this.

Firstly, the very best part of any diary is the words you put into it. Everything you add to the words should enhance the value of the words. Period.

Sometimes, adding with careful diligence, appropriate images to your words:

1. Adds interest for your reader in the words you write, especially if the image corresponds to the text in your diary.

2. Images can add "overall" value to your diary because the correct images, used in the correct way, at the correct moment in your diary will add appeal for the overall diary to your reader. Visual appeal is only a part of that added value. Sometimes, the image (especially if a .png file that is a chart or graph, for instance) can add value via explanation that the eye can process. Some folks learn best with pictures, not words. If your reader "understands" your diary, he/she will most likely appreciate your work on a new level. They will most likely comment on, or perhaps even recommend your diary. If the reader perceives that yours are diaries they can "get" they may follow you.

*3. Images are a very strong spice. Use them sparingly, appropriately, and judiciously. Adding even one relevant image to your diary can do much, and say much to your reader. Longer diaries can be "broken up" into smaller parts with the judicious use of images.

4. Yes, Virginia. Size matters. Breaking up a longer diary with "Lightbox" sized images does not replace the horizontal line, or the ### symbol commonly used by writers. It unnecessarily lengthens the diary. For many users, it can also significantly lengthen the amount of time required for your diary to load so that the intended reader can evaluate your words. A small, right-aligned image may do the trick. It can also provide a visual sense of balance to the entire diary, making your work more appealing, and more accesible to your reader.

So, let's look at the images I uploaded together, shall we?

The first was this one:

One of the world's most famous Institutions of Higher Learning on the planet, King's College, in England is home to some of the most world renowned music educators and students.
Man, I put a lot of work into preparing this photo for this diary. It didn't show up the way I wanted. I learned a lot, tho. For instance, the Description of the image shows up as a 'alt' tag. This means that my amazing description of the subject of this photo (King's College) will show up for those readers who cannot see images in Kos diaries. I need to remember this. It's a long description, and I'm not sure how to "see" what those readers who cannot see the image will see.

It says: "One of the world's most famous Institutions of Higher Learning on the planet, King's College, in England is home to some of the most world renowned music educators, musicians, and students."

I will try another layout now for this image:

ONe of the world's most famous Institutions of Higher Learning on the planet, King's College, in England is home to some of the most world renowned music educators and students.
Center Layout
Not quite what I wanted. I'll try again with the Lightbox layout:

ONe of the world's most famous Institutions of Higher Learning on the planet, King's College, in England is home to some of the most world renowned music educators and students.


When I first created this image with my camera, it was a fixed ratio pic due to the position and orientation of the camera. When I loaded it into photobucket, I played around with changing the size, dimensions and ratios. The pic became distorted and unrecognizable. So, for now, it remains a very small pic. But look at the three images for a moment.

They have changed. Look at the colors, and the definition. They are all different. I like the "look" of the first one, so that is the one I will place in this diary. (I'll leave the other two so you will understand the explanations. Here are the other images I uploaded:

What do we put into our brains?
How we learn.
The title of this one explains how it was used in the latest PPTS episode: "How We Learn". I chose this one to be an image that text wraps around. You can do this one of two ways:
The ultimate goal of education's institutions.
Education's Goals
1. Write the text you want the image to enhance. Place the code at the beginning of the text you want to enhance.

2. (What I did for this example) Place the image where you want it to appear. Sometimes this is a more important aspect of image placement because you may be seeking to "balance" the diary's visual effect. That was not actually my purpose here. I was just trying things out.

The Diploma image is one that will be used in the final diary to offset the new discussion regarding the ultimate goal of any educational institution in America.  Look for it in the completed diary.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
Many diaries for PPTS will have this particular image. We have done three series' on this activity because of its importance to Southern Progressives--and our nation. This is their logo. The use of the image in the diaries is to mentally remind our readers of everything this corporation should mean to them. Think: "Danger, Danger Will Robertson", or something.

One of the things Episode #17 of PPTS particularly addressed was the notion of education by censorship in America today.

The goal of some education, and some educational institutions is not to inform or enlighten, but rather to censor through learning.
How some Institutions educate today in America
There are many institutions, both public and private who hold this paradigm as a central, or core philosophy of their curricula. Examples currently in use....Hopefully, the image supports and further strengthns the argument.

Here is a pictorial representation of the entire argument visited in Episode #17 of PPTS.

There IS a problem with Public Education in America today.

Naturally, it would have a predominant role in the diary itself. There are reasons the image is the central, or core focus for the reader. Cartoons tell stories, or give speeches in single images. I believe this one does a very fine job of explaining the position of the Southern Progressive when it comes to Public Education in America today. It illustrates the problem, and even invites the reader to understand the proposed solution, before the first word is written. This could be a blurb photo for the "Prep Diary" for Episode #17 as well. Repitition within the diary is not such a good thing. Either the image is appropriate where it is, or it isn't. Don't be a lazy diarist--or illustrator, either.

But repitition ACROSS diaries can be amazingly valuable to the diarist, the group, or DK itself. For instance, each episode of PPTS also has two DK Diaries, an entire entry in the show's "official" diary, a tweet campaign, a FB campaign, and other social media campaigns which bring listeners, sponsors, members and donations to the show.

Having a central or core image for each episode is now a much greater possibility with the advance in DKOS technology. I'm going to learn how to use it that way.

I hope that you will, too.

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