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given the hamstrung economy, it's probably natural that some folks thought it would be as easy as mom's apple pie to make the first [cough]hawaiian[/cough] to reach the white house a failed "one-term president". not that they haven't been relentlessly tarring him as an "inadequate black man" since the 2008 primaries or "the black jimmy carter" soon afterwards — just to be on the safe side, i guess.

yet somehow, despite obama's being "a milquetoast democrat", the conspiracy theories, quasi-scandals and political obstruction and outright sabotage just don't seem to be working. also too, the inability of the 2012 GOP heir-apparent to lay a mitt (pun intended) on the "teleprompter-in-chief" — and his loud whining about it — probably hasn't been a big booster for GOP morale.

it's funny, to hear america's fiercest freedom-fighters tell the tale, how the person they bemoan as "the most incompetent president in american history" can be also the most ruthless cutthroat on the planet whenever they need him to be ...

Obama could go on a killing spree and he'd still get a majority of the vote. (chris s)

Obama could commit a cold blooded execution style murder on the front lawn of the white house in front of 5000 witnesses, and our elected representatives would not raise a FINGER for fear of political retribution. (Safrguns)
Obama could rape and kill a white woman on the steps of the White House and his favorability rating amongst blacks wouldn’t dip below 60%. (Maverick68)
Unfortunately, if Obama was the Democrat nominee, he could rape and kill a ^black^ woman on the steps of the White House and still carry the black vote on Election Day. (AuH2ORepublican)
Obama could murder Bill Cosby on TV and blacks would still give him 95%. Monolithic. (Wyatt's Torch)
If Obama decided to shoot black children for fun and entertainment the black community would shrug it off... whatever principles they had - - are gone... (GOPJ)
He could have shot Trayvon Martin and he would not lose the black vote. (mylife)
Apparently, Obumo could be outed as a part-time actor in child porn flicks and he still wouldn’t lose the majority of the black vote. (bossmechanic)
Zero could make a gay porn tape of himself and a Catholic priest getting it on and the black community would still vote for him in overwhelming droves. (reagan_fanatic)
He could announce that he was once abducted by space aliens and many of his supporters would just shrug. It’s all about race and always has been. (Misterioso)
The truth is there probably isn’t anything other than switching to the GOP that could prevent Obama from getting at least 85% of the Black vote. (Impy)
Gadzooks! You could catch The Obamanation in bed with a dead White hooker...  and a live Black 9-year old boy and the Left would still vote 100% for him, all while claiming he is a greater President than Washington or Lincoln-- (Bender2)
FAIL ..... dead white woman = two bonus points. One for the stringy-haired beast b*tch, and one for her man, whose woman you defiled and murdered. Two points.

The live black boy is just bonus points, too, but only at Man's Country. You have to explain to the straight brothers, though, that you were just giving him strong guidance on coaching on how to grow up to be a beautiful black man. (lentulusgracchus)

Obama could get caught with Barney Frank under the desk in the oval office providing a service and America could care less. (hosepipe)
Even if omullah took a Cub Scouts patrol of a dozen eleven year olds to bed for a pedfile gay party and killed them all with date rape drugs, nothing would stop his reelection. (FlyingEagle)
Obama could be urinating on Torahs on national TV and he will overwhelmingly carry the Jewish vote. (FormerACLUmember)
Obama could proudly proclaim himself a Marxist while on national TV and it would have very little negative affect on him. (unkus)
The corrupt media will black this all out. Obama could murder someone and it would not be covered on NBCCBSABCCNN. (nhwingut)
Obama could burn the nation to the ground and kill all the children, and no one would care. (IbJensen)
Obama could nuke Omaha without MSM even reporting it. (NoLibZone)
Obama could eat puppies and it wouldnt matter (recent scandal) , he could burn villages and christian churches and it wouldnt matter (odinga affair),

the MSM designated King of America is untouchable (rider)

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