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First, let me say that I woke up to the same horrible news this morning as everyone else, and it weighs heavily on my soul.  I am not religious, but I wish to express that my thoughts are with all the families who have lost loved ones in Colorado today and all the friends, neighbors, co-workers, and the unknowable number of perfect strangers, whose lives will be less rich for the loss of these individuals who were simply trying to take part in a bit of summer escapism.  

With that said, the topic of my diary today seems extremely small in comparison to this tragedy in Colorado, but I have a few reasons for posting this today.  First, the absolute rudeness of this (others may not see it as disdainfully as I do), really pissed me off, and I need to vent.  Second, I want to make people aware that the swiftboaters are coming.  And finally, I thought more than once about posting this in light of what happened in the wee hours of this morning, but there’s a part of me that feels like this guy (in Colorado) did this for the attention (let’s be real, he picked a midnight showing of the most anticipated movie of 2012 to do this for a reason), and I think to some extent we have to continue to live our lives as we normally would simply as an act of rebellion against this kind of evil.  

So, here it goes.

I am a member on a social networking site that is geared toward gay, black individuals.  I’m not going to name the site, for many reasons, but mainly because that would be giving too much away about my personal business.  Anyway, one of the pictures on my profile on this site is the one that has Obama in shades, pointing and the text reads, “Sorry it took me so long to get you a copy of my birth certificate, I was too busy killing bin Laden.”  (I would post the picture, but I’ll admit I don’t know how.)  

So, when I woke up this morning, and logged in, I saw a message in my inbox, and I thought nothing of it, but when I actually read it I was floored!

Here’s the message:

I don't believe he was busy killing Osama. He got lucky. When an ex commander comes out of the Seal Team Six and says Obama is a hinder to the rules of engagement I believe him. You can't tell these guys not to have their weapons loaded in a war zone. That happens. It is wrong.
So, a couple things.  First, I had never contacted this guy before through a personal message, and he had never contacted me.  He made a comment in a forum about some youtube video about how ACORN was doing some nefarious something, and I commented IN THE FORUM, that if it was on youtube and about ACORN it was probably bull.  So, after reading this unsolicited, and unexpected message in my inbox I sent him the following message:
WTF? Don't send me anymore messages, dude. First of all, he gets credit for getting bin Laden because he gave the order and if things had gone horribly wrong he would've gotten the blame. Second, I don't give a good fuck what some right-wing ex navy SEAL who is posturing for political purposes has to say about the price of fucking tea in China. Thirdly, it is astonishing the extent the right-wing will go to deny Barack Obama credit for things for which he clearly deserves a great deal of credit; they let bin Laden walk away in Tora Bora and have the nerve to get upset when the man who actually gave the order that killed him gets credit for giving that order. Osama bin Laden killed three thousand of my fellow citizens and the son of a bitch deserved to pay for it, and Barack Obama gave an order that ensured that he did. Thank goodness for Navy SEAL Team Six, they are patriots who serve their country admirably. But that doesn't mean I believe, like some googly-eyed child, every word that comes out of every one of their mouths, especially when countless other military officials, high ranking ones, in the administration have paid the president effusive compliments when it comes to his handling of military affairs. Finally, I clearly don't have all the details, and neither do you or this ex SEAL, about what rules, particularly rules that aren't for public consumption, the Pentagon and the Commander-in-Chief have laid out for certain units to operate under, but it is the job of the Civilian Leadership of the military to set policy, and the job of the rank-and-file to follow that policy without complaint. That is the system the Framers of the Constitution set up.

And again, don't send me any more cold messages about politics to my damned inbox. Seriously, who the fuck does that? Keep that bullshit in the forums. Especially when it's this type of bullshit.

What's the point of this diary?  One, I wanted to make sure I'm not crazy, is this not rude as hell?  You don't send cold messages to people you've never really talked to before about politics, it's just not cool.  Especially on a nonpolitical website.  My mom always told me that politics is like religion, abortion, and sex, it's not something you open a conversation with when speaking to a stranger.  So, if you would, in the comments, help me out: Am I wrong?  Was this not rude?

Secondly, I want to make everyone aware that this ex-Navy SEAL guy (who is denigrating the president w/regard to one of his greatest political strengths) is probably going to be cutting ads soon and Sheldon Adelson will surely pay to have them aired far and wide.  So, let's get ready for that.

Finally, again, this is the kind of crap that annoys me, and so I wanted to vent.  So, there it is.  I welcome any and all comments.  

Update  Let me clarify the poll.  What I meant was: were the actions of the guy who sent me the message rude?  


Was this really rude?

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