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Luddite on an old computer.
George Rockwell and/or edscan
If you ever wondered what would happen if George Rockwell met edscan, today is your lucky day. The results of that experiment, below the fold.

Liberal moron

Why do you socialist keep supporting both homos and islamists? I dont get this. you do understand that you islamist pals hate faggots right? Do you think your mullahs are goin to put up with yuor faggy bullshit when the start running this country? LOL its going to be funny to watch you get stoned for being a fag! Your the most stupid person in the US!  I hope you get anal-raped in the ass by a gang of 50 muslims! Reality is that only CHRISTIAN people also put up with fags even if their sick in the head, muslims just stone and cut of hands etc. because only JESUS CHRIST teaches compassion while mohammed only teaches hate and terrorism and murder! So the next time you fags are whining about not having all the power and special priveliges you better also think about what woudl happen to you if you lived in muslim country. DEAD!!! So shut the fuck up and count your bkessings!

If only Jesus Christ teaches compassion, did you skip out that week's Sunday school?
Romney use of my name in Kos

This is to inform you that Mitt Romney has used my section of the Kos for political puroses.
He owes me and Kos for that use.
Amount:   $ 250,000. 00

Whatever the heck you might be talking about, you can keep my share of that booty.
You fucking pussies

If I'm so fucking horrible, ban me. Quit this pussy-ass bullshit allowing "trusted members" to remove my posts.

Markos Moulitsas, you are a fucking, sawed-off pussy. You are a disgrace to the word pregressive.

Thank heavens I'm not a pregressive, then!
The Blog

I'm curious....I am a conservative...that means that I'm for smaller government, less spending, less borrowing and less government intrusion in my life.

Your poser (not mispelled) is an irresponsible reporter.  If you are going to come on here and say that Romney is the biggest liar in presidential history then you need to put Obama's name right next to it.  If you want to be a responsible journalist then you need to cite both sides of EVERY story....It is people like you who are dividing this country and creating hate and dissention.  I wouldn't read a word of your crap ever again.  It's simple.  You are just a puppet for the democratic party.  I will ensure that word of your irresponsible journalism.  I would say some other things but I'm a gentleman and wish to see this country going in a different direction.  Get off the internet...your name says it all....


Pete Barron
Concerned citizen of what used to be the greatest nation on the planet but is now being torn apart by a far left wing bunch of idiots.

Have a nice life.  Obama will lose in November and then you will have opportunity to spew your hatred even further.  I want to say Fuck you but I won't.  Just know that the thought is there.

Oops, you forgot to cite both sides of EVERY story!
publish proof?

please publish proof that you're not a homosexual.


I like gay people. Does that work?

So Kaili, in one of her moments of genius, suggested I introduce edscan and George Rockwell to each other. For the uninitiated, edscan got banned from Daily Kos a couple of years ago for an anti-semitic screed, and his bizarre requests for reinstatement make frequent appearances in this feature. George Rockwell is a neo-Nazi who is, at any moment, threatening to sue me for being a Jew puppet, or demanding via Freedom of Information Act requests that I reveal the source of my Jew funding, or simply ranting against the Jews.

It seems they would be perfect for each other!

From: Markos
To: edscan, George Rockwell

Edscan, meet George. George, meet Edscan. Both you guys hate Jewish people, so you have a lot in common!

I just thought you should meet.

I heard nothing back for two weeks. Finally, they touched base this week.
From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

markos, this edscan person is obviously insane. he talks in rhyme and makes no sense. why do you keep company like that? and despite your claims, i think he is a jew. only a jew could be that weird.


An hour later:
From: edscan
To: Markos

Yesterday I received an  E mail from some
insane person, that, he noted, was referred by you.  He attacked me with various ethnic names such as Jew, etc. in a disparaging mode.  I am Irish German Catholic.   He said his name was Rockwell.
I have never heard of him.
I am trying to figure out how a note to you
tracks to a Nazi screwball that is calling me
wild ethnic names?
He referred to you.
Any ideas?

George thinks edscan is insane.

Edscan thinks George is insane.

Finally! Something we can all agree on.


This week's hate mail is

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20%345 votes
21%358 votes

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